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Come to the feast of heaven and
earth, come to
the table of plenty. God will provide
for all the we need. Here at the table
of plenty.
1. O come and sit at my table where
saints and sinners are friends. I wait
to welcome the lost and lonely to
share the cup of my love.
2. O come and eat without money.
Come and drink without price. My
feast of gladness will feed your spirit
with faith and fullness of life.
3. My bread will ever sustain you
through days of sorrow and woe, my
wine will flow like a sea of gladness
to flood the depths of your soul.
4. Your fields will flower in fullness.
Your homes will flourish in
peace. For I, the giver of home and
harvest will send my rain on the
Lord, Have Mercy
Glory to God
THE SEED (for offertory of
communion) 198
1. The Bread by your hand was once
a seed twas sown. Then grew and
yielded on the ground, and gathered
all for men.
2. The wine by your cup was once a
vine that crept. It grew to bear good
fruits for men: a symbol of your
CHORUS: Of that seed we eat your
body, our bread of life. Of that vine
we drink your blood, the wine of
new covenant.
3. Accept Lord we offer these seeds
and vines of life. Expressions of our
gratitude, we consecrate to you.
(Repeat Chorus then CODA)
CODA: The wine of new covenant
The seed and vine of life.
In Bread We Bring You Lord
1. In bread we bring you Lord, our
body's' labour
In wine we offer you our spirit's
We do not ask you, Lord, who is my
But stand united now, in one belief.
For we have gladly heard your
Word, your holy Word
And now in answer, Lord, our gifts
we bring.
Our selfish hearts make true, our
failing faith renew,
Our life belongs to you, our Lord
and King.
2. The bread we offer you is blessed
and broken,

And it becomes for us our spirits

Over the cup we bring, your Word is
Make it your gift to us, your healing
Take all that daily toil, plants in our
hearts poor soil,
Take all we start and spoil, each
hopeful dream.
The chances we have missed, the
graces we resist,
Lord, in thy Eucharist, take and

death that brings us life paid the

price to make us one.

When We Eat
Our Father
For the Kingdom
Lamb of God

Coda: As we share in his suffering

we proclaim Christ will come again
and will join in the feast the bread
around the table of the king.

Communion Songs

O Sacred Heart! O Love Divine!

Do keep us near to Thee;
And make our love so like to Thine
That we may holy be.

Heart of Jesus, Hear

1. Teach our hearts to love like
Love of God most high!
Sacred Heart of Jesus, keep us by
your side!
2. Save us all from death and sin,
Our King crucified.
Crowned with thorns and sorrow,
You give us new life.
Ref.: Listen to our prayer!
Heart of Jesus, hear!
Make us always yours, and hold us
ever near.
Wherever we may go, whatever we
may do,
Sacred Heart of Jesus,
We place our trust in you.
3. Grant us grace and all good gifts,
Heart of Christ, our Lord.
Make your holy presence
Our home evermore!
4. Fill us with your light and life.
Guide us in your ways.
Justice, peace, and mercy
Rule us all our days.
Behold the Lamb
Behold the Lamb who bears our sins
away slain for us And we remember
the promise made that all who come
in faith find forgiveness at the cross.
Ref.: So we share in this bread of
life and we drink of his sacrifice as a
sign of our bonds of
peace/love/praise around the table of
the king
2. The body of our savior Jesus
Christ torn for you and we
remember the words that heal the

3. The blood that cleanses every

stain of sin shed for you. Drink and
remember he drinks deaths cup that
all may enter to receive the life of
4. And so with thankfulness and
faith we rise to respond and to
remember our call to follow the
steps of Christ as his body here on

Sacred Heart

Heart of Jesus hear!

O heart of Love Divine!
Listen to our Prayer;
Make us alway Thine.
O Temple pure! O House of gold!
Our heaven here below
What sweet delight, what wealth
From Thee do ever flow.
Heart of Jesus hear!
O heart of Love Divine!
Listen to our Prayer;
Make us alway Thine.
O Wounded Heart, O Font of tears!
O Throne of grief and pain!
Whereon for the eternal years,
Thy love for man does reign.
Heart of Jesus hear!
O heart of Love Divine!
Listen to our Prayer;
Make us alway Thine.
Ungrateful hearts, forgetful hearts,
The hearts of man have been,
To wound Thy side with cruel darts
Which they have made by sin.
Heart of Jesus hear!
O heart of Love Divine!
Listen to our Prayer;
Make us alway Thine.