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Please could you not send any more emails as it is clogging up our system.

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Subject: Summary
Good Morning Andrew,
Do you need the proof of ID & address today before you can get on, or do you trust me enough to
send the first letter off for now? As always, I can come down if you need me for any reason.
Please don't be too frightened by the big mass of stuff that I've sent over. Most of it probably is not
that significant, but on the other hand, its volume, in the context of a hastle free investment via an
agent, which takes a night to put together, I suppose does give a flavor of the situation which I have
been trapped.
Firstly, the proof of cost is before the numerated bunch.
Between this and the numerated bit is all of the forex trading stuff, but there is a copy of my banks
respective 30k odd and of the E2k for the solicitors there as well.
The numerated section goes through everything, except for the aformentioned proof of payment.
There never was a specific RKR reciept that I can find or remember.
Hopefully the titles of the emails will assist you
Not wanting to state the obvious, the initials indicate names of people, with the sender being the first
They are in strict chronological order
There is an error with 19 and 20 having been allocated twice mistakenly
Nr.2 never would send. It had the floor plans of the apartment, but only very zoomed out.
Similarly the Ts&Cs and LoI wouldn't go though, but you had been sent that one, so now you know
where these missing ones fit in
It may be of interest that very recently, as you will see they have sent an email alerting me to their
new, and I quote "disclaimer", maybe this will be of some use.
Call me if yo need anything,
Needless to say, you probably won't have to really look at this stuff.
Thank you,


0207 502 61 18


077 514 666 52

skype:- t0mcahill

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