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The OxyIsland is an aerator,

bio-remediator, and habitat
creator for lake remediation.


Blue Planet Environmental Inc. (Blue Planet) offers an alternative to standard
aeration systems that are costly and only effective at oxygenating the surface
of water. BPE is pleased to introduce an aesthetically pleasing aeration system
for backyard and commercial ponds. Four of Blue Planets patented h-Unit
aerators are embedded in a floating wetland-style biofilter that acts as the
perfect growing medium for plants. The OxyIsland successfully, and naturally, removes organic pollutants from the water by providing a place for
beneficial bacteria to thrive, while oxygenation occurs to accelerate biological breakdown of unwanted and odor causing chemicals. The root systems
of the housed plants also absorb nutrients from the water, so they never need to
be fertilized or watered.
BPEs technologies are natural and environmentally sensitive systems providing aeration solutions that are efficient, chemical free, scalable, durable,
and have minimal maintenance.

The OxyIsland is available for all pond sizes, and many different ones can
be rafted together to form an archipelago.Blue Planet can custom design
OxyIslands for your unique pond and use.
Unlike traditional aerators in which the bubbles rise to the surface and burst
Golf Courses
immediately, the OxyIslands h-Unit technology increases the contact
Residential Communities
time that the bubble is touching the water, improving diffusion of oxygen into
Commercial Complexes
the water. Oxygentated water is then pushed downwards out of the h-Unit
Aquatic Life Support
towards the bottom, getting the oxygen to where it is needed most.


Good water quality is an important component to any healthy water body. Dissolved oxygen (DO) is used within water bodies by aquatic organisms, such as fish, and by microorganisms. Microorganisms require DO to decompose organic material, such as leaves, fertilizer and nutrients contained in runoff. If there are large amounts
of organic material present, these microorganisms proportionally consume the DO present in a water body.
Algae blooms occur as a result of nutrient pollution in the water body. When the algae die, microorganisms decompose the dead algae, consuming the DO. Without sufficient DO in the water, fish kills may occur. Aeration
can also prevent algae blooms in two ways: 1. By allowing beneficial bacteria to thrive, which outcompete algae
for nutrients, and 2. By allowing the decomposition of nutrients, which thereby remove the algaes food source.
By aerating your water body with Blue Planets OxyIsland, it provides the DO for a healthy ecosystem
to thrive and allows microorganisms to break down the organic material present. OxyIslands can reduce total suspended solids (TSS), reduce the likelihood of buildup of silt which would lead to dredging,
reduce foul odors, reduce algae blooms, reduce fish kills, and eliminate the need for chemical applications to the water body.
Blue Planet stands behind its commitment to provide environmentally responsible products to the global marketplace.The OxyIsland is chemical free and requires little to no maintenance. Plant and enjoy.


A Regenerative blower - Located on shore in a weather-protected enclosure
B Sinking air line - Delivers air to the islands
C Floating recycled plastic matting - Provides medium for plants and beneficial bacteria to grow in
D Blue Planets patented h-Unit aeration technology
E Air stone within h-Unit
F Plants - Provide additional nutrient attenuation and biofiltration of water
G Anchor line - To secure island in place and prevent rotation



Kit Includes:



1 OxyIsland

2 Blower
3 Sinking

1 Regenerative blower on shore blows air through sinking air line to the island(s).
2 On the island, the air is distributed to Blue Planets patented h-Units embedded into the island.
3 Air is bubbled through an air stone, creating fine bubbles that rise upwards pulling water with it.
4 An air lift is created by lifting the bubbles and water above the water level. The momentum of the water
then forces it to fall back down the other h-Unit tube.
5 A counterflow is produced: water is flowing downwards, while air bubbles are rising upwards. This entrains
the bubbles in the water column allowing for increased contact time with the water. Increased contact time
allows for increased diffusion of oxygen into the water.
6 As the bubbles escape, the h-Unit provides off-gassing of unpleasant odors from gases such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell), sulfurous gases, and methane.
7 Oxygenated water is pushed out the bottom of the h-Unit, bringing oxygen down to the bottom of a water body where it is needed most.


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