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Active Therapy

SET OF ACCESSORIES supplied with
Moving Rota (code 01348)

Fixing bolts and screws are not included in the supply




The Moving Rota’s accessories allow
performing a wider range of exercises
compared to the wall-mounted version

72 ÷148

72 ÷ 148



This instrument is for shoulder and elbow rehabilitation in cases of stiffness, impingement
syndrome and pre- and post-surgery treatment. It has a metal frame and a height-adjustable wheel
to meet the patient’s size or depending on the exercise to perform. It can be easily moved by an
operator. It comes complete with a set of accessories, including: a handle, a knob, a forearm
support, a flywheel mass, an elbow rest support and a front handgrip.
Mainly used to perform active exercises, it can also be used to do passive/self-passive
mobilization and proprioceptive exercises. Patients can start with free exercise and then, by
means of a clutch, gradually apply a wider resistance.
By using this instrument, the therapist can avoid the most repetitive work: the
physiotherapist programs the sequence and intensity of the exercises, while the patient can
check the range of motion reached at each repetition and is therefore motivated to commit
The recovery of range of motion can be monitored with a quick and extremely reliable assessment
by comparing previous and following results.
The “Rota” comes complete with a manual and a videotape, suggesting a set of exercises.


It is a device for performing shoulder and elbow
maintenance exercises in the event of fracture outcomes,
less serious impingement syndromes and rigidity caused
by arthrosis. It consists of a wall-mounted metal frame
featuring a height-adjustable wheel depending on
patient’s size or the exercise to perform. The instrument,
derived from the “Lapidari’s wheel”, is fitted with a
handle and knob to perform a wider range of exercises.
Patients can work both sitting and standing, start with
free exercise and then, by means of a clutch, gradually
apply a wider resistance. By using this instrument, the
therapist can avoid the most repetitive work while the
cooperative patient performs the activity in a totally safe
way. The “Rota” comes complete with a manual and a
videotape, suggesting a set of exercises.
A set of accessories can be ordered (code AC0008) to
increase the number of exercises offered by this device.

Transferring the Moving Rota





“Arm cycling” exercise
This exercise is still effective today for three main reasons: it stimulates the whole kinetic chain, spontaneously combines external
rotation and abduction movements and, finally, it is performed with minimal learning effort by the patient.

Let’s think of having the wheel in front of us, with the patient standing on our left side.
The patient moves the wheel clockwise with his / her let upper arm.
Source: excerpt from “Rota” user manual

Message to all
those interested:

1) When the handle reaches the wheel
top, the shoulder reaches its maximum
abduction: therefore, the previous
phase consists in the “shoulder
abduction” (north-west quadrant).
2) Going on with the rotating movement
from the wheel top, the handle comes
to its farthest point from the user;
the shoulder bends forward and the
elbow extends. This quarter of circle
corresponds to the “elbow extension”
(north-east quadrant).





3) From that distance, the handle comes
to the lowest point of the wheel;
the elbow starts bending while the
shoulder decreases its flexion; this is
the phase of “elbow flexion” (southeast quadrant).
4) From the lowest point of the wheel,
the handle reaches the closest point to
the user; the elbow bends further, the
shoulder extends or moves in a way
similar to the extension: this is the
phase of “shoulder extension” (southwest quadrant).


Examples of Use for the Wall-Mounted and the Moving “ROTA”

The moving “Rota”
facilitates the most up-todate rehabilitation methods:
it allows the physiotherapist
to teach how to stabilize
the scapulothoracic joint
during the active movement
of the gleno-humeral
joint, which is controlled
by the device; it allows
activating the whole kinetic
chain since the patient
can work while standing;
it assists in performing
proprioceptive exercises; it
allows extrarotators to be
trained during an abduction
movement, which can be
generated nearly without
involving the deltoid
muscle, thus avoiding non
functional positions.

The “draining rack” exercise
External rotation and abduction
combined in several degrees. Passive
exercises: they can replace the electric
mobilizer in post-surgery treatment.
Active exercises: external rotator
strengthening can be achieved during
an abduction movement with minimum
stimulation of the deltoid muscle.

This videotape describes a range of exercises for
use with the “Rota”. Italian – English edition.

01448 “ROTA” GUIDE
The pictures above refer to the
“Rota” moving version.



This manual explains how to use the device
through a set of exercises. Italian – English


Active Therapy

Equipment with 2 pulley systems and 1 central wooden
wall-bars suitable for rehabilitation therapy, even of
wheelchair people. Adjustable working load with weights
from 1 kg up to 20 kg.
Painted steel frame, full-length height-adjustable pulleys,
sliding along chromium-plated rods.
Dimensions: 122 x 33 x 220 (H) cm

Equipment with one pulley system, suitable for
rehabilitation therapy, even of wheelchair people.
Adjustable working load with weights from 1 kg up
to 10 kg.
Painted steel frame, full-length height-adjustable
pulley, sliding along a chromium-plated rod.
Dimensions: 25 x 33 x 220 (H) cm


Bench with painted steel frame, reclining and
padded top covered with washable leatherette.
It can be easily disassembled.

Bench for abdominal exercise, steel frame,
padded top covered with washable leatherette.
It can be attached to the wall bars. Neck pad
and adjustable foot block



75 . 1 pc set per type 3 pcs set 08350 GUTHRIE & SMITH Treatment table for pulley therapy. Dimensions: 78 x 69 x 51 H cm Trolley (empty) for the pulley therapy set of items. Table board with tilt-adjustable head and two separate sectors. High-density foam padding with washable leatherette covering. Painted steel frame with three removable parts with grids for hook fastening. Epoxy-painted steel frame mounted on four castors. Dimensions: 62 x 45 x 95 H cm 3 pcs set 08090 ARM STRAP 08091 LEG STRAP 08200 THIGH SUPPORT 08210 HEEL SUPPORT 2 pcs set 08220 ANKLE SUPPORT 07930 HANDLE 30 m 07970 HANDLE WITH RINGS 5 pcs set 07955 PULICAR 08035 0.5 KG BAG 08045 1 KG BAG 08055 2 KG BAG 08065 3 KG BAG 08075 4 KG BAG 08085 5 KG BAG 3 Rehabilitation 08300 PULLEY-THERAPY SET 07920 S-SHAPED HOOK 07980 NYLON CORD 5 pcs set 07940 SNAP HOOK 2 pcs set 07990 TIE ROD 07950 PULLEY Picture above with codes to order 1 piece per type. It can be efficiently used for cervical traction and pulley therapy. Two shelves with raised edges and three pegs for bag hanging. See the number specified in the picture.Includes all the following items (one or more pieces). Dimensions: 208 x 80 x 72 / 216 H cm 07910 ACCESSORY GRID Painted steel frame with wire net for attaching the hooks to be combined with the wall bars.

. coordination.C.C. smoother and less taxing. pathological and emotional mechanisms of the sufferers of such pathology. easier.C. The Continued Intensive Rehabilitation method originated 76 from the Russian school of rehabilitation . recovery after a spinal cord injury is a rule. ) has been specifically devised for an active training (muscle recruitment and strengthening.but subsequently moved away from it. but it also allows the Patient to assume various postures. proprioception. post-traumatic issues.. type of job. In particular.S. motivation.Active Therapy The training equipment called M.. emotional. or Stazione Riabilitativa Polifunzionale R. and with the option of axial suspension to help movements and achieve the widest possible joint ROM. while still following a sequential protocol.. which can .) in R. and so on). not only makes the Therapist’s job more practical. (Continued Intensive Rehabilitation) exercises.S. whatever the degree and level of the injury itself (. perform exercises using weights and balance weights.R. not an exception. The M. This motor rehabilitation is intended for the neurological pathologies. In addition to their individual challenges. expectations. This method is developed in such a way that the various rehabilitation treatments. (Multi-functional Rehabilitation Station for Continued Intensive Rehabilitation. Long studies.R. CONTINUED AND INTENSIVE MOTOR REHABILITATION R. Only by respecting these characteristics and the physiological posture can we achieve appreciable results that last over time. Every therapy programme has to be tailored to each person. careful observation and direct experience with Patients helped realise that the rehabilitation result cannot be achieved with “motor training” only. never appear to be strict and/or fixed.which is mainly based on the “mechanical” aspect of mobility ... Wise Young). – Prof. inter-personal issues – behavioural.I.I. The performances obtained are the result of several factors that can be CHINESPORT • REHABILITATION and MEDICAL EQUIPMENT found in the complex physiological. balance. it applies to spinal cord injuries in the post-acute and stabilised stage. who is seen as a whole (pathology.. all Patients also have enormous functional potentials.I.

stretching (for 30-60 minutes depending on the type and site of the spinal cord injury. oedema. The R. Functional potentials are down to the amazing plasticity of the central nervous system.S. The Patient is treated by a Therapist on a one-to-one basis for about 3 hours – Walking (between 5 and 30 minutes). orthostatic hypotension. if possible even if they are walking with the aid of small splints below the knee and at full load (Patient’s weight on lower limbs). prevention of hypokinetic pathologies and of the most frequent complications related to the current pathology (bedsores. ACCESSORIES LB2312.R.The Continued Intensive Rehabilitation consists of three steps executed during the same training day: Osteo-articular Kinesytherapy: joint mobilisation. Physiotherapy – massage (for 30-60 minutes). electrostimulations (10 minutes for each muscle zone). By aiming at this objective. depressive syndromes. the Patient will also achieve other benefits such as: remarkable improvement in their quality of life. etc.’s main objective is to increase the Patient’s functional capabilities to the maximum. BASIC STRUCTURE Adjustable arms (AC0101) 1 pc 2 pc 2 pc 3 pcs 2 pcs 10 pcs 2 pcs 1 pc 2 pc 1 pc 1 pc Rehabilitation only be developed based on how they are influenced by the stimuli arising from motor rehabilitation and personal motivations. the CNS can identify specific motor strategies by selecting the best series of actions to activate all the muscles involved in performing a complex movement.W3 BOBATH RIC TABLE LB2712. Basic Structure 4 pcs Strap 240 (AC0015) Movable crosspiece (for sides) (AC0102) 2 pcs Twin fixed footboards kit (AC0109) Longitudinal pulley (AC0104) 4 pcs Handles (07930) Transversal pulley (AC0105) 4 pcs 40 cm Chain Bobath feet-side fitting 2 pcs 110 cm Chain Bobath head-side fitting 2 pcs New design spring clips Swivel pulley (AC0103) 6 pcs New design S-shaped hook Upper longitudinal member 1 pc Bar with Chinesport hook Structure frame 2 pcs Pillow (code 09600) Movable upper crosspiece 1 pc Pillow (code 11250) Loading cells unit 1 pc Set of leather items Strap bars (AC0009) 1 pc RIC0100 M. With its unexplored and complex mechanisms. tendon retractions. drug treatment can be reduced or stopped). Motor Rehabilitation – active exercises (about 150 exercises always performed in an active way. electromassage (15 minutes for lower limbs). tendon retraction and spasticity).R.C. with all the variations needed to personalise the rehabilitation programme). spontaneous fractures. breathing problems. maintaining muscle tone and mass and reduction of spasticity (in some cases. 3 Set of Components for the M.W3 BOBATH RIC TABLE with Trendelemburg AC0100 STATIC STRUCTURE KIT 1 Manual standing with sling AC0106 SLIDING SEAT KIT AC0107 VERTICAL FOOTBOARD SYSTEM AC0108 HORIZONTAL FOOTBOARD SYSTEM AC0109 FIXED FOOTBOARD 02000 STATIC STRUCTURE KIT 2 Mobile standing AC0110 HINGED FOOTBOARD AC0101 ADJUSTABLE ARM AC0111 BAR HANDLE AC0102 MOVABLE CROSSPIECE FOR SIDES AC0103 SWIVEL PULLEY AC0104 LONGITUDINAL PULLEY AC0105 TRANSVERSAL PULLEY AC0112 ARM PEDAL SYSTEM AC0113 LEG PEDAL SYSTEM AC0114 FOREARM SUPPORT AC0115 BARS STORAGE BOX AC0116 ACCESSORIES STORAGE BOX 09600 WEDGE PILLOW 11250 LEG PILLOW SET OF EXERCISE STRAPS 77 .I.S. magnetotherapy (40 minutes).).

therapy at the Centro Giusti for 3/5 weeks (to check on Patient and R.I. therapy for about 3/5 months (the rehabilitation programme is handed over to the Patient on discharge and will be followed daily with the Therapist trained at the Centro Giusti and with the support of all the necessary R.C. Lazzeri CENTRO GIUSTI Private Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Via del Gelsomino. smoother and less taxing. and with the option of axial suspension to help movements and achieve the widest possible joint ROM. This: 1) makes the Therapist’s job more practical.C. therapy and to advance the R. Source: Dr C.C. . The training equipment (R.centrogiusti.C. .C. therapy for about 3/5 months (the rehabilitation programme is handed over to the Patient on discharge and will be followed daily with the Therapist trained at the Centro Giusti and with the support of all the necessary R.Outpatient R.Outpatient R.C. proprioception.I.Outpatient R. EXAMPLE OF ORGANISATIONAL PATTERN (used at the Centro Giusti in .C. 2) allows the Patient to assume various postures. rehabilitation programme – the home Therapist is required to attend during the last week).I.I. balance. to be performed during home care). easier.Home R. . . perform exercises using weights and balance weights.I. RIC method reference centre) . Arcangeli Dr G.I. therapy at the Centro Giusti for 3/5 weeks (to check on Patient and R. coordination.Active Therapy It is advisable to plan the duration of the rehabilitation programme according to a continued and progressive format in order to try to achieve the desired objectives. material).I.C.C.I.I. material). (muscle recruitment and strengthening.C. rehabilitation programme – the home Therapist is required to attend during the last week). Following this organisational pattern Tilted pelvis Quadricep 78 CHINESPORT • REHABILITATION and MEDICAL EQUIPMENT Lower limbs adduction/abduction over time will ensure that the desired objectives are met and that the Patient’s maximum functional potentials are achieved.A.I.C. 60-64 50125 Firenze www.I. Method Multi-function Station) has been devised to perform the active exercises under the R. therapy at the Centro Giusti for 15 weeks (the Patient’s own Therapist is required to attend during the last 3 weeks in order to learn the R.Home R.I.C. and so on).C.I.C. therapy and to advance the R.I.

Rehabilitation 3 All-fours position Erect rachis extension Pelvis tilting Large dorsal muscles Quadriceps pedals 79 .

and facilitates sport practice. a handle provided with a small motor generates a series of pre-defined regular and incremental vibrations that stimulate some “old” parts of the human body called baroceptors. as they acquire more tone and flexibility.Active Therapy the smart fitness partner Open carry case B9005VIS BAG 1 Carry case with vibration kit This is an innovative training method as it is combined with localised vibration. These are sensitive to changes in blood pressure and can adapt accordingly. When the muscle is working. as they become less prone to osteoporosis. mobility and walking coordination. It is possible to carry out a localised workout in a completely different way between right and left limb. With this vibrating device. and on the circulatory system. This type of rehabilitation helps improve muscle flexibility. exercises of shorter duration but greater intensity have a positive effect on the bone. This means that all the variable load workouts can be integrated with the vibrating action for an improved lengthening of the various muscle groups (differently to what is achieved with weights only). Therefore. a 12V power supply unit. the combination of muscle work and VIS system produces optimal results on the muscles. The kit consists of: a vibrating handle. VIS can be fitted to wall bars or other stable structure as well as to the isotonic machines in the 80 Equilibrium range. a spiral wound electrical wire. on the bones. CHINESPORT • REHABILITATION and MEDICAL EQUIPMENT B9004VIS BAG 2 As item code B9005BAG 1. resistance and speed. but with two handles and two vibration generators. A regular use of the VIS improves muscle power. and between leg and arm. . an electronic control unit. muscle and joint structure.

as it provides the possibility of performing a great number of exercises aimed at improving strength as well as for rehabilitation. Dimensions: 207 x 129 x 208h cm Weight stack: 90 kg (n. and this allows for performing various movements/exercises with comfortable grip. Examples of exercises with the VIS system applied to Cable Cross 81 . The frontal access to the equipment has been made easier so as to facilitate access by wheelchair users as well.Rehabilitation 3 SE005VIS VIS CABLE CROSS With vibration system. The exercise arms can be positioned at different heights.5 kg + 8 x 5 kg + 5 kg crossbar) Overall weight: 170 kg SE005 CABLE CROSS Same as item code SE005VIS. 6 x 2. The Cable Cross is a complete gym in itself. but without vibration system. This equipment for the training of all muscle groups both in the upper and lower limbs by means of handles provided with VIS (code B9004VIS-BAG 2) represents the evolution from the traditional cable cross system.

Active Therapy the smart fitness partner SE006VIS VIS LEG PRESS With vibration system. independently moving footplates. Equipment for the training of the lower limbs provided with footplates equipped with VIS (code B9004VIS-BAG 2). It has a compact frame with easy access to the seat. Dimensions: 79 x 218 x 150h cm Overall weight: 200 kg SE007 LEG PRESS Same as item code SE006VIS. which makes the Leg Press particularly suitable for rehabilitation use. Dimensions: 115 x 218 x 208h cm Weight stack: 160 kg (n. 15 x 210 kg + 5 kg crossbar) Overall weight: 400 kg 82 CHINESPORT • REHABILITATION and MEDICAL EQUIPMENT . adjustable backrest. Progressive resistance system using elastic members. but without the vibration system and with added weight stack for isotonic as well as progressive work with elastic members.

6 x 2. 17 x 5 kg + 5 kg crossbar) Overall weight: 190 kg BH006 MULTI-FUNCTION BENCH Bench with adjustable backrest and seat.Rehabilitation 3 SE001VIS VIS CHEST SE003VIS LAT VIS With vibration system. Ergonomic seat. Ergonomic seat with adjustable backrest to optimise the joint mobility range of the exercise. Dimensions: 157 x 158 x 173h cm Weight stack: 60 kg (n. Equipment for the training of the pectoral muscle group by means of handles provided with VIS (code B9004VIS-BAG 2).5 kg + 8 x 5 kg + 5 kg crossbar) Overall weight: 150 kg With vibration system. Option of performing the movement in alternate mode to further stimulate the coordination ability. Equipment for the training of dorsal muscles by means of handles provided with VIS (code B9004VISBAG 2). Dimensions: 93 x 137 x 242h cm Weight stack: 90 kg (n. Dimensions: 59 x 129 x 50h cm Overall weight: 35 kg 83 . Option of performing the movement in alternate mode to further stimulate the coordination ability.

The magnitude of effort. The swinging arm can be used from both sides. 07466 ADDITIONAL SUPPORT Additional support for using both limbs (right and left) . 1 kg each. by a gas spring servoassisted with a mechanical limit stop. extension strap and lock clip to secure feet. Practical and adjustable padded rollers to secure legs. The 90° backrest can be positioned horizontally.Active Therapy Left limb rehabilitation Knee rehabilitation in prone position Lower limb rehabilitation 84 CHINESPORT • REHABILITATION and MEDICAL EQUIPMENT 07465 ARTI REHAB Multi-purpose chair for the rehabilitation of upper and lower limbs and muscular exercises. range of movement and point of application can be controlled individually. supplied. in order to allow exercising the limb in prone position. Resistance is applied by 5 weights.

equivalent to a patient’s height of about 140-190 cm.100 cm long.2 Standard: Classification according to 93/42/EEC Directive: Class IIa Weight: 14 Kg Knee 08390 FISIOTEK 2000N This device allows the knee and hip to be mobilized through flexion-extension movements.5°/ sec.5 to 3. 01838 FISIOTEK 2000E This device allows the knee and hip to be mobilized through flexion-extension movements. equivalent to a patient’s height of about 150-200 cm. Functions programmable via a fixed keyboard. speed from 1. training time. Programmable functions: knee flexion-extension range from 5° to 110°. The limb positioning area is on top of the device and is adjustable to the size of the patient’s limb. speed from 1. Can accommodate limbs 32 . A movable keyboard allows patients to start and stop movement by pressing the relevant keys. force 0-40 Kg. as measured from the greater trochanter to the malleolus.46 cm long. training time. respectively.5 to 3. pause during flexion Rehabilitation The Fisiotek 2000 equipment line is operated by a direct-current motor controlled by a micro-chip card.5°/ sec. force 0-40 Kg. Programmable functions: knee flexion-extension range from 0° to 110°. The adjustment depends on the limb length. pause during flexion Hip Ankle 85 . Can accommodate limbs 72 .1 Standard Electromagnetic compatibility: Group 1 Class B EN 60601 –1 . respectively.Passive Therapy 3 Technical data: Power supply: 85 – 260V – 50 ÷ 60 Hz Electrical safety: Class I B EN 60601.

0° . respectively. Programmable functions: knee flexion-extension range from 5° to 110°. 01841 FISIOTEK TROLLEY Simple and functional.5°/ sec.5°/ sec. force 0-40 Kg. respectively.40°. flexion speed from 1. training time.Passive Therapy ACCESSORIES 01839 FISIOTEK 2000G 08395 FISIOTEK 2000T This device allows the knee and hip to be mobilized through flexion-extension movements.5 to 3. equivalent to a patient’s height of about 140-195 cm. Can accommodate limbs 72 – 100 cm long. pause during extension. hip and ankle to be mobilized through flexion-extension movements. fitted with non-slip supports for Fisiotek and a service shelf. pause during flexion This device allows the knee. extension speed from 1. Programmable functions: knee flexion-extension range from 5° to 110°. 01840 ARTI 72 This accessory can only be mounted on models 2000T and 2000N. training time. flexion speed from 1. 86 CHINESPORT • REHABILITATION and MEDICAL EQUIPMENT . automatic extension angle increase. equivalent to a patient’s height of about 140-190 cm. ankle dorsi-plantar flexion range 20° .5 to 3. pause during flexion.5°/ sec. Can accommodate limbs 32 .46 cm long. It allows performing the rehabilitation of a limb 61 – 72 long for an excursion from 0° to 110°. force 0-40 Kg. automatic flexion angle increase.5 to 3. The same accessory makes it possible to reach 135° flexion on a limb 72 -100 long.

micro-processor controlled card.supine Radial and ulnar deviation 20° .150° Seated .180° Seated – Supine . arthritis. acromioplasty. humerus fractures.supine Flexo-extension 80° . max. ideal both model Fisiotek HP code 08389.25° Supine Movement Available Range Patient Position Flexo-extension 0 . 220V 50 Hz – 77 kg 08389 Shoulder 08391 Movement Available Range Patient Position Elevation 5° . speed 0. tenotomy.90° Seated . speed 3.0 . min.0 .150° Seated Rotation 30°. Can be used with aimed at ROM recovery. for patients who have undergone a surgical operation (synovectomy. rehabilitation.11°/sec.Rehabilitation 3 08389 FISIOTEK HP 08391 WRIST-ELBOW KIT A shoulder rehabilitation device that Set of accessories for wrist and elbow allows performing passive exercises. tendon pathologies. etc.supine Prono-supination 90° .85° / 90° .4°/sec.0 .Prone Adduction – abduction 35° . such as brachial plexus lesions.80° Seated .0 .) and for those with pathologies requiring no surgery. with LED indicators.0 .0 . etc. Technical Specification: Analog keyboard. arthroscopic surgery for calcific tendonitis.30° Seated .supine Elbow Wrist 87 .

Classification according to Directive 93/42/EEC: class IIa. suitable for home 20 Elevation during abduction 88 CHINESPORT • REHABILITATION and MEDICAL EQUIPMENT Elevation during flexion . 220 V 50 Hz . full physiological range.Passive Therapy Arm support for performing the movement of internal / external rotation (supplied) 01390 FISIOTEK LT This appliance allows the left or right shoulder to undergo passive mobilization with different movements. with patient sitting. elevation during shoulder abduction . with patient sitting or supine. It consists of a platform resting on 4 brake-fitted swivelling wheels and is height-adjustable. 90°÷0°÷90°. The movements are: elevation during shoulder flexion with patient sitting or supine. 0°÷180°. Easy to move and handle. internal/ external rotation.

with automatic display change FAVORIT KADETT COACHLS Total training programmes Target Zone Training (FAT/FIT/MANUELL) Count-up / Count-down Braking system Drive EQUIPMENT 79856 COACH LS Resistance adjustment • • • • Hydraulic cylinder Hydraulic cylinder Magnetic Rowing arms (swivelling) Circular movement technique Rope Continuous. 1-10 by crank 124x78x26 (H) 150x170x46 (H) 180x55x59 (H) Footrest – seat distance (min. with automatic display change 6 functions.105 Max. 79789 FAVORIT 79779 KADETT ROWING MACHINES TRAINING COMPUTER Time measurement. user weight 130 kg 130 kg 130 kg Overall dimensions (cm) More muscle training / fitness exercises 18 (padded accessory) 89 . strokes. by means of lever arm 12 levels on hydraulic cylinders Linked to speed. training distance. energy consumption.Rowing machines 3 Rehabilitation Rowing machines train all the main muscle groups through a special endurance training and improve the efficiency of the cardiovascular system.-max.88 13 . Experience the positive effect of strength and endurance achieved through regular exercise. stroke frequency Permanent display of 79789 79779 79856 • • • 5 functions.94 27 . with automatic display change 5 functions. cm) 25 .

90 76210 PASO 100 79860 PASO 307R 79607 POLO S 76607 GOLF S CHINESPORT • REHABILITATION and MEDICAL EQUIPMENT .Exercise bikes The exercise bikes are complete with electronic indicators showing training data. Full range of load adjustment suitable for use by untrained people.

user weight Saddle height adjustment (saddle . energy consumption Pulse measurement 76210 PASO 100 79860 PASO 307R POLO S 76607 GOLF S GOLF ST PRO • • • • Hand sensors Hand sensors Hand sensors.Rehabilitation 3 08310 GYM PEDAL EXERCISER Device for exercising lower extremity muscles with effort control. 230V 105x53x128 (H) 165x65x101 (H) 105x53x128 (H) 100x53x132 (H) 100x53x131 (H) 130 kg 130 kg 130 kg 130 kg 130 kg 73 – 100 cm 67 – 95 cm 67 – 95 cm • • • • Overall dimensions (cm) Max. 1-10 Computer controlled. 1-10 Manual. Dimensions: 37 x 40 x 30 (H) cm 76628 GOLF ST PRO TRAINING COMPUTER EXERCISE BIKE Time. cycling frequency and speed. 1-15 Power supply batteries batteries batteries batteries Mains power. 1-10 Manual. Cardio Pulse set (optional) Hand sensors. ear clip. 1-10 Manual. Cardio Pulse set (optional) • • • 5 functions 8 functions 8 functions 5 functions 5 functions 8 Training programmes • Target Zone Training • Pulse-controlled training programme EQUIPMENT 76628 • Pulse measurement at rest and fitness mark Permanent display of 79607 • 1 Braking system magnetic magnetic magnetic magnetic Magnetic (motorized) Flywheel mass 6 kg 6 kg 6 kg 8 kg 8 kg Effort control Manual. ear clip. training distance. height leveller • • • • • 91 .pedal at its lowest position) Horizontal saddle adjustment Gravity pedals with foot straps • • • • • Transport Wheels. Cardio Pulse set (optional) Hand sensors. ear clip. distance covered.

They comply with the high requirements laid down in DIN EN 957-1/5. 76810 ERGO X1 76830 ERGO X3 76870 ERGO X7 92 CHINESPORT • REHABILITATION and MEDICAL EQUIPMENT 76850 ERGO X5 76860 ERGO RX7 . the higher precision class for home fitness.Semi-professional Ergometers Ergometers are electronically set and feature precise load control and high data accuracy. class A. and are therefore especially suited for therapeutic use. as well as for a stronger cardiofitness workout.

VDE 0750-238 • Load: 20-1000 Watt • Drive: double coupling • Brake: electromagnetic • Control: DMS. EN 957-5. 45 kg (unpacked) • Memory card: 128 MB • Easy access • Saddle adjustment: horizontal / vertical • Type of saddle: Super-Gel • Handle-bars adjustment: +180° / . independent of the number of revolutions • Tolerable weight: 150kg • Overall dimensions: 97 x 54 x 125 cm • Weight: approx. IEC EN 60601-1-1. height leveller • • • • • 93 .180° 01804 ERGO MEDICAL 8 76810 76830 76850 76870 76860 Training programmes 2 8 8 48 48 Target Zone Training • • • • • 6 6 10 10 1 1 5 5 12 / 20 12 / 20 • • • • 4 + guest 4 + guest Semi-professional ERGOMETERS TRAINING COMPUTER 01836 ERGO MEDICAL 8S ERGO X1 Watt profiles Pulse-controlled training programmes 1 ERGO X3 ERGO X5 Individual Pulse./ watt . EN 957-1. IEC EN 60601-1-2.controlled programmes Count-up / Count-down • • • Warm-Up / Cool-Down Functions User profiles ERGO RX7 RS 232 RS 232 RS 232 USB USB Braking system induction induction induction induction induction Power range 25-400 W 25-400 W 25-400 W 25-400 W 25-400 W 100 x 53 x 128 100 x 53 x 128 115 x 53 x 130 115 x 53 x 133 150 x 61 x 105 130 kg 130 kg 150 kg 150 kg 150 kg 73 – 100 cm 73 – 100 cm 73 – 100 cm 73 – 100 cm 70 – 97 cm • • Gel saddle Gel saddle • • • • PC Interface Overall dimensions (cm. L x W x H) EQUIPMENT ERGO X7 Max. in compliance with IEC EN 60601-1. class II a (CE 0297).Professional Ergometers 3 Code 01804 and 01836 Rehabilitation Medical device. IEC EN 60601-1-4. user weight Saddle height adjustment (saddle pedal at its lowest position) Ergonomic seat Low frame entry Gravity pedals with foot straps • • • • • Transport Wheels.

Complete with computer. the effort resistance can be individually set to strengthen the muscle fasciae of the lower limbs and gluteal muscles. The ergonomic handle allows safe training in several positions. Ideal for the leg and gluteal muscles. Data are measured directly in the chest area and transmitted (without the use of cables) to your device’s computer. Dimensions: 95 x 80 x155 (H) cm 79370 CARDIO-PULS-SET Heart rate measurement for all bikes provided with their respective function devices. Thanks to sturdy hydraulic cylinders. Training computer with 6 functions and settings. Dimensions: 92 x 65 x155 (H) cm . 78769 POWER STEPPER Perfect to complete your cardio training. Maximum load: kg 130. and the cardio-vascular system. 94 CHINESPORT • REHABILITATION and MEDICAL EQUIPMENT 78730 MINI-STEPPER Stepper for cardio fitness training. A simple training computer displays all relevant data. The ergonomic handle allows safe training in several positions. Maximum load: kg 110.Stepper 78770 MONTANA This stepper trains the cardiovascular system and strengthens the leg and gluteal muscles at the same time. training resistance is individually adjustable by means of a hydraulic cylinder.

allows recovery of muscle. 1fitball support. 1 set of supporting feet and 1 hemispheric support. Proprioceptive exercise is ideal for all the sport disciplines as basic training. nerve and joint functions after a trauma. 1 . a step or work surface for muscle toning using Fitballs or variable resistance bands.Proprioception 3 Rehabilitation The use of balance boards enables body control. medium. 2 bands with handles. with a set of components that can be assembled to turn it into a proprioceptive board. The set includes 1 footboard.15 cm H position 2 . three height options (15 – 18 – 21 cm).18 cm H position 3 . and functional rehabilitation. high). AK05 TREBISTEP “Giugiaro” step suitable for various exercises.21 cm H position Low flexibility Medium flexibility High flexibility 95 . the foot bearing surface can be adjusted to three different levels of flexibility (low. With a specific training. It is also recommended for old people subject to either loss of balance due to muscular defects or falls. the use of rocking tables helps enhancing reaction times. AK06 MULTIBOARD Multi-functional equipment.

Tilting and rotation can be activated separately.8 96 CHINESPORT • REHABILITATION and MEDICAL EQUIPMENT . Dimensions 70 x 45 x 17 (H) cm 01403 BALANCE This product is ideal for training balance through specific exercises and is an excellent stretching tool. The elasticity and rigidity can be increased or decreased by using the inner chamber according to the exercises to perform. Dimensions: ø cm 45x24 h .Proprioception 02660 ARTI-AX Device for proprioceptive stimulation and multi-axial balance 4.

leatherette covering. Dimensions: 70 x 40 x 13 H cm 02650 ROCKER BOARD BOBATH G Padded top. Dimensions: 50 Ø x 10 H cm 02620 ROCKER BOARD BOBATH G Padded top. Dimensions: 34 x 17 x 8 H cm 07735 ACCELERATOR For ankle and foot exercises. Dimensions: 50 x 40 x 7 H cm 02610 ROCKER BOARD Padded top. Ideal in the early stage of therapy. leatherette covering. leatherette covering. Resistance to medial and lateral pressure is applied by the spring. Dimensions: 34 x 17 x 18 H cm 97 . Resistance to medial and lateral pressure is applied by the spring. Dimensions: 80 Ø x 14 H cm 02630 ROCKER BOARD Padded top. Dimensions: 50 Ø x 10 H cm 07755 BALANCE BOARD For foot prono-supination exercises.Rehabilitation 3 02600 SIMPLE BOARD Painted wooden rocker board. leatherette covering.

54 x 40 x 10 H cm . ideal for exercising balance. concentration and responsiveness in a varied and effective way. 98 01843 THERAPY LOW Wooden wobble board.Proprioception 01842 PEDOBALL This small wobble board with a hemispheric bottom allows a patient to perform various exercises both sitting and standing. Bielefeld at the University of Flensburg to exercise coordination and stability of movement. stability on one leg and motor coordination. psychomotor skills. Dimensions. Supplied with interchangeable exercise programs and two pairs of hand straps. Dimensions: ø 35 x 4. Dimensions: 47 x 27 cm. covered in non-slip rubber. it stimulates balance. 5 balls are supplied as standard to gradually increase the level of difficulty of the exercises.5 H cm CHINESPORT • REHABILITATION and MEDICAL EQUIPMENT 01844 THERAPY TOP Therapeutic wobble board. Surface structured in such a way as to further stimulate sensory skills. coordination and responsiveness. Dimensions: ø 40 x 9 H cm 01845 BALANCE Therapeutic wobble board developed by Prof. balance.

using a mouse or a joystick instead of the balance board. Simple to install and connect to the PC through USB port. neurology and psychosomatics. the quality of the therapy is enhanced. since tactile. To train properly. designed to treat coordination. 10 types of programs. suitable for use in sports and at school. using a mouse or a joystick instead of the balance board. balance and muscle function disorders. ergotherapy. orthopaedics. orthopaedics and rehabilitation. In this way. It is also possible to exercise the hand. duration and sensitivity. and are based on a new concept of psychomotor training. each one with different levels of difficulty. saved and analysed statistically. The main data related to quality and quantity of the exercises can be measured. the user must generate position changes on the board actively and consciously rather than merely react to them. make sure that the exercise is varied and the engagement is ever increasing. the user must generate position changes on the balance board actively and consciously rather than merely react to them. in physiotherapy and rehabilitation. patients will become strongly motivated to exercise. It is also possible to exercise the hand. This instrument is perfect for use in sports and at school. Dimensions: 52 x 13 x 10 H cm GYM TOP PROGRAMS 99 . as well as for leisure activities. To continue the program. Simple to install and connect to a PC through USB port. Dimensions: ø 40 x 10 H cm 01846 WIPPRACER Keep your balance on the balance board while shifting your weight to drive your car in the traffic of this amusing game! The Wipracer is an innovative instrument. optical and acoustical analyzers. based on a new concept of psychomotor training: through play. viewed. ergotherapy.Rehabilitation 3 01847 GYM TOP Professional therapeutic program. in physiotherapy. which makes this instrument ideal for therapists. optical and acoustical analyzers are stimulated along with the main proprioceptors. aimed at stimulating both the main motor proprioceptors and tactile. The 13 exercises and 2 games suggested by the software allow choosing different difficulty levels and duration times.

5 kg 02565 02566 02567 2 kg 2.5 kg x 2 07492 ANKLE-WRIST BAND SOFT 1. Wear them before starting your usual workout. help to keep arms and legs toned up.Active Therapy Ankle and wrist bands.5 kg x 2 Jogging on the spot 05830 DUMBBELLS SUPPORT DUMBBELLS (Only grey colour) 05831 0. with gradual increments. Every exercise must be repeated more than once. ANKLE-WRIST BAND 02535 02545 02555 0.5 kg 1 kg 1.5 kg 3 kg 07480 ELASTIC WRIST BAND 0. or during the daily housework: they will help you to be the fittest ever.5 kg 07160 RUBBER HANDGRIP 07170 PLIER HANDGRIP 05832 1 kg 05833 2 kg 05834 3 kg 07200 SPIRAL HANDGRIP 07230 SPRING HANDGRIP 05835 4 kg 05836 5 kg 07240 FIVE-SPRING CHEST EXPANDER 100 CHINESPORT • REHABILITATION and MEDICAL EQUIPMENT Empty. . if used for a few minutes every day.

5 m 45.6 m 30. COLOUR LEVEL peach 1 orange 2 green 3 blue 4 purple 5 LENGTH 7.5 m Rehabilitation 3 7.6 m 30. Available in five different colour-coded strengths (see table). 3 pcs per pack.7 m 5. Available in three different colour-coded strengths (see table). non oily and no odour putty for hand rehabilitation. wrists and fingers. ITEM NUMBER COLOUR LEVEL 31430 peach extra soft 31440 orange soft 31450 green medium 31460 blue firm 31470 purple extra firm EGGSERCIZER ITEM NUMBER COLOUR LEVEL 31501 orange soft 31511 green medium 31520 blue firm 02750 FOAM RUBBER BALLS Foam balls.6 m 30.5 m 31200 31280 31210 31290 31220 31300 31230 31310 31240 31320 45.7 m 5.7 m 5.5 m 31550 REP BAND DISPENSER (container only) REP PUTTY EGGSERCISER™ (EGG-SHAPED EXERCISER) Ergonomic rehabilitator for hands. ø 7 cm. no odour.7 m 5. Available in two sizes (see table). REP BAND ITEM NUMBER 31010 31100 31020 31110 31030 31120 31040 31130 31050 31140 REP CORD COLOUR LEVEL peach 1 orange 2 green 3 blue 4 purple 5 LENGTH ITEM NUMBER 5.Rehabilitation Therapy REP BAND E REP CORD Elastic therapy bands and tubes for rehabilitation exercises.6 m 30.5 m 7. Five resistance levels marked by different colours. latex free.5 m 45.5 m 7.7 m REP PUTTY An anti-microbial.5 m 45.5 m 7.5 m 45. non-toxic. 101 .6 m 30.

5 kg Pair – pink AK12G TREBIWEIGHT 2 KG Pair – blue AK13G TREBIWEIGHT 3 KG Pair . 4 kg AK16G TREBIBAR grey. 3 kg AK15G TREBIBAR green. 2 kg AK14G TREBIBAR blue. 6 kg AK62 TREBIBAR RACK 102 CHINESPORT • REHABILITATION and MEDICAL EQUIPMENT AK63 TREBIWEIGHT RACK .green AK10G TREBIWEIGHT 4 KG Pair – grey AK22G TREBIBAR red. Dumbbells AS21G TREBIBAR AK11G TREBIWEIGHT 1 KG pink. with washable PVC grip and shock proof coloured caps.Active Therapy the smart fitness partner DUMBBELLS BARS Weighted aerobic bars.

50 ml AK34R TREBIBAND PINK 5 pcs pack (length: 200 cm) Roll. blue TREBILASTIC ROLL Tubular roll. pink TREBILASTIC ROLL Tubular roll. pink 10 pcs pack AK34B TREBIBAND BLUE AK35B TREBIBAND AK37B TREBILASTIC BLUE AK34V TREBIBAND GREEN AK35V TREBIBAND AK37V TREBILASTIC GREEN 10 pcs pack TREBILASTIC BLUE 5 pcs pack AK34G TREBIBAND GREY AK35G TREBIBAND AK37G TREBILASTIC GREY AK30V 5 pcs pack (length: 200 cm) 5 pcs pack (length: 200 cm) 5 pcs pack (length: 200 cm) AK35R TREBIBAND ROLL Roll.grey AK36MR HANDLES WITH BUCKLE 103 . blue Roll. grey AK37R TREBILASTIC PINK 10 pcs pack 10 pcs pack AK33A TREBIBAND 130 10 pcs 8-SHAPED TREBILASTIC 5 pcs pack .blue VELCRO HANDLES Pair of handles / ankle bands. with handles AK31R AK36R AK32SR TREBILASTIC STEP 5 pcs pack . green TREBILASTIC ROLL Tubular roll. for use with Bars Elastic band packs. grey TREBILASTIC STEP 5 pcs pack . ø 18 cm Elastic bands with buckle. closed loops.Fitness bands and tubes 3 ELASTIC TUBES Rehabilitation ELASTIC BANDS Elastic O-ring tubes. with buckle AK31B AK36B AK32SB AK36MV AK31V AK36V AK32SV AK31G AK36G AK32SG 8-SHAPED TREBILASTIC 5 pcs pack . green Roll. 130 8-SHAPED TREBILASTIC 5 pcs pack . different strengths AK30R TREBILASTIC PINK 5 pcs pack AK30B TREBILASTIC GREEN 5 pcs pack AK30G TREBILASTIC GREY 5 pcs pack 8-shaped elastic tubes ø 18 cm Elastic tube packs 25 ml Elastic linear tubes. Velcro fastener with buckle TREBILASTIC STEP 5 pcs pack . ø 22 cm Elastic tubes. with handles for easy TREBILASTIC STEP 5 pcs pack .blue 8-SHAPED TREBILASTIC 5 pcs pack .grey TREBILASTIC ROLL Tubular roll. 150 Pair of rigid grip handles.

Gas spring height adjustment. Gas spring height adjustment. right section is fixed.Occupational tables Occupational tables with a variety of adjustment options to suit all users. right section is tiltable). Painted steel frame. Gas spring or manual height adjustment. two side sections are fixed. Dimensions: 90 x 70 x 68 ÷ 92 H cm 08462 FUNCTIONAL TABLE DF Split-top table: left section tilts up to 45°. (no picture available) Dimensions: 30+60 x 70 x 68 ÷ 92 H cm . Dimensions: 20+50+20 x 70 x 68 ÷ 92 H cm 104 CHINESPORT • REHABILITATION and MEDICAL EQUIPMENT 08463 FUNCTIONAL TABLE SF Same as item code 08462. 08461 FUNCTIONAL TABLE Tilt-top table with a maximum 45° tilt. with a wooden work top that can be gradually tilted up to 45° or 90°. Gas spring height adjustment. but with tops inverted (left section is fixed. Dimensions: 60+30 x 70 x 68 ÷ 92 H cm 08464 FUNCTIONAL TABLE Middle section tilts up to 45°.

Gas spring height adjustment. Dimensions: 120 x 60+40 x 72 ÷ 120 H cm 105 . while the other section is fixed. The monitor shelf can be tilted from 0° to – 25°. while the other can be tilted. Gas spring height adjustment. Gas spring height adjustment.Rehabilitation 3 08476 FUNCTIONAL TABLE RF Fixed table top. Dimensions: 120 x 90 x 68 ÷ 92 H cm 08478 ERGO TABLE FT Table top with a maximum 90° tilt. Dimensions: 120 x 90 x 68 ÷ 92 H cm 08477 FUNCTIONAL TABLE F1 Two-section top. two-section top. Gas spring height adjustment. One section is fixed and has a cut-out. Dimensions: 90x 90 x 68 ÷ 92 H cm 08480 ERGO TABLE MC Ergonomic table. Manual height adjustment Dimensions: 140 x 80 x 70 ÷ 120 H cm 08475 FUNCTIONAL TABLE Q Fixed top and middle cut-out.

. By increasing the accuracy of the inputs. while performing bimanual tasks involving trunk stretching movements. (See picture above) This exercise helps teach how to assume an upright position when seated. The level of difficulty of the exercise can be increased by positioning springs under the board. The board can be attached to hinges. where he / she is asked to process and become aware of sensory afferent impulses. it is possible to obtain more and more accurate results. keeping the laser pointed at the identified target. the subject can be engaged in balancing tasks and in the recognition of resistive forces. Kit modulare per la riabilitazione (See picture above) This is an effective recognition exercise.Active Therapy 01869 LEONARDO MODULAR BOARD This aid can be used in a rehabilitation program to gradually restore proprioception through various exercises. The patient is asked to reach different positions on the work surface. Kinesthetic recognition tasks can also be assigned making use of a series of numbered cylinders in different heights. This result is enhanced by the circling of the board connected to the halfsphere. In this way. which makes it possible to use it for a variety of exercises. 5 106 CHINESPORT • REHABILITATION and MEDICAL EQUIPMENT 6 Laser offers a visual feedback. requiring the user to transfer body weight and to recognize the different positions of the hinge pivoting on one pin connected to the board. half-spheres or spherical fittings through a series of holes and magnetized pins.

and knee) to provide a quick assessment of asymmetries. 3 movement. pelvis. These allow activating the vibratory feedback directly on the muscle to be recruited. In addition to this. GONIOMETER This instrument allows controlling the relative movement between two segments. making these more accurate and therefore more effective. The peculiarity of this instrument lies in the fact that we can intervene on body areas that are usually uncontrollable. the subject is asked not to increase his / her dorsal kyphosis. It is possible to set the desired degrees of Useful for controlling any compensations or failed stabilizations of the trunk in muscle strengthening exercises. They allow monitoring and amplifying movements (of the head. Exceeding the fixed range activates the acoustic feedback (FB). The goniometer can be attached to the ankles by means of special supports and be used to intervene on the length and symmetry of steps. In the exercise suggested. and variations in patient performance. trunk. studies the strategies to use in order to do it in the best way. and therefore vary the complexity of the task. 107 . when the subject learns the purpose of the task and. In this case. by simply changing the instrument inclination.Rehabilitation 01870 LEONARDO POSITIONAL FEEDBACK These positional feedback systems are especially useful as assessment and rehabilitation instruments. INCLINOMETER The inclinometer can be positioned on all body areas and provides accurate information in case the range fixed on the frontal and sagittal planes is exceeded. giving important information about the ways of performing the gesture. it is very simple to set the articular level beyond which an acoustic signal is activated to indicate either an error (negative FB) or that the task has been successfully completed (positive FB). In this case also. An alternative to the luminous – acoustic feedback is an instrument that generates a cutaneous. they are very effective in the structuring of exercises at the beginning of the learning process. The inclinometer applied to the pelvis in this way (see picture) helps control undesired movements such as the elevation of the right ANTENNAS – LASER POINTER The antenna and laser point allow viewing pelvis and trunk behaviour on the different planes and structuring positional recognition exercises within tasks requiring weight transference. The device can be applied when using either the goniometer or the inclinometer. upon reaching the desired range of movement. guided by the therapist. compensations. In this case (see picture) the attention is focused on the failed fixation of the scapulothoracic joint in upper limb abduction tasks. vibratory signal. hemipelvis or left Trendelenburg. the instrument warns of an undesired hyperextension.

only in Italian language. This ensures the opportunity for professional intervention – even at home. Supplied with a videotape and manual. The aids allow structuring tasks aimed at the recognition of the kinematics in the different body areas. it allows creating numerous therapeutic aids by significantly reducing the quantity of material required. It has been designed to control movement and plan therapy exercises. plus another series of valuable aids for the rehabilitation process in orthopaedic and neurological pathologies. thanks to its modular structure and special connecting systems. 108 Trajectory pursuit tasks (copper wire or diagram) can also be carried out by using a laser pointer or fixed indicators. CHINESPORT • REHABILITATION and MEDICAL EQUIPMENT Attaching specific supports to the aids allows weighing tasks to be carried out. This kit is an immediate and effective answer to the different therapeutic needs of the daily work done at the gym and.Active Therapy 01891 LEONARDO COMPLETE This kit includes the same accessories found in the Leonardo Modular Board and Positional Feedback systems. A video and guide illustrating 74 of the many exercises possible are available on order. . and ensures structuring exercises aimed at the patient’s specific pathology.

The table is fitted with a comfortable and safe. Exercises can be performed with the highest flexibility thanks to two horizontal tops which can independently slide along two vertical steel tubes. in English only Pdf format. made of Formica like the other two shelves. The system offers the chance to lay the therapist’s case at a comfortable height. allows creating different trajectories for different tasks whenever is needed. left or right side. height-adjustable “blackboard”. heightadjustable handrest for the patient.Active Therapy 01084 MULTIFUNCTION TABLE This multifunction table is designed to be associated with a gymnasium workout. along with the Leonardo kit. Only in Italian language. showing the many possibilities of use of the system. adjustable handrest 01294. Only in Italian language. A device for connecting the range of motion indicator can be slided outside from the horizontal plane supports.DVD VIDEO LEONARDO This videotape contains demos for Leonardo modular kit usage. on a brake-fitted swivelling wheel platform. 01314 LEONARDO GUIDE Leonardo guide. A vertical. Italian manual that describes a set of 74 exercises. 109 . Vertically sliding panel Case supports Horizontally sliding panel Rehabilitation 3 Removable. A simple and quick fixing system has been designed to reach the different workstations.

facilitate it and be useful for the patient in some situations and in given clinical stages.Active Therapy A goniometric biofeedback device is a tool which can have several interesting applications in the rehabilitation field. It can replace the electromyographic biofeedback. 1). the other has a handle with a magnetic detector that can trigger an audio alarm. Though it does not replace any technique. 06856 GONIOMETRIC BIOFEEDBACK A goniometric biofeedback device is a signal transducer for joint angles during voluntary movement and range of motion adjustment. The device is lightweight (500 kg). the same tool can be used at home without the operator’s supervision. This is always on once it overlaps the magnet on the other arm. It comprises two plastic (Plexiglas). in postural head control training and joint recovery of elbow (fig. The angle position to be detected by an acoustic signal is determined by the handle magnetic detector. foot (fig. 2). revolving arms. The international literature has shown studies on goniometric biofeedback effectiveness in controlling knee hyperextension of hemiplegic patients. no potentiometer and electrical box needed. The goniometric device’s arms are mounted on the body segments with Velcro bands and must be placed sidewise to the mechanical axes of the same segments. when it is impossible or hard to monitor or isolate a muscle. 110 CHINESPORT • REHABILITATION and MEDICAL EQUIPMENT When the patient is familiar with the tool and the required task. it can be a complement to the rehabilitator’s work. 3) and knee (fig. The device rotation centre matches the joint rotation centre. wrist (fig. 1 2 3 4 . mutually constrained. One arm has a magnet. 4). easy-to-use.

Dimensions: 40 x 20 x 20 H cm 08258 CUBE THERAPY Plexiglas cube for wrist and finger rehabilitation. The exercises can be performed with the forearm in either prone or supine position.Occupational therapy Rehabilitation 3 07000 HORIZONTAL SPIRAL Horizontal spiral for prone-supine positioning of forearm and hand. The exercises follow the usual movement patterns. Dimensions: 40 x 20 x 20 H cm 07080 PRONO-SUPINATION Hand and forearm prone-supine positioning equipment. 111 . Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 35 H cm 07350 ERGOTHERAPY BOARD Laminated plastic panel with 12 implements for upper limb exercise. Dimensions: 40 x 20 x 20 H cm 07060 FLEXO-EXTENSION Finger flexo-extension equipment. Dimensions: 40 x 18 x 30 H cm 07010 VERTICAL SPIRAL Vertical spiral for prone-supine positioning and twisting of arm and hand. Dimensions: 40 x 20 x 30 H cm 07030 WORM SCREW Worm screw for hand twisting. Tilt-adjustable forearm support. The exercise consists in screwing and unscrewing the bolts in and out the cube holes. 07070 LADDER With two sides for two different difficulty-level exercises.

patience and dexterity development). 1 wooden solitaire and glass marbles. motorial sensation and cognitive exercises. 1 aluminium solitaire (motorial sensation). 1 tactile memory (20 pieces). 1 Easy Tip (motorial sensation. eye-hand coordination. 47120 TAST-MEMORY This game helps developing memory and sensory skills. Wooden table game with grooved compulsory tracks to improve eye movement coordination. 47090 EIGHT-SHAPED CAT Eight-shaped cat. 47060 NEUROTEST This game improves tactile sensitivity thanks to the aluminium. Supplied with 47 guide cards. 1 juggler towel. fine motor skills and tactile sensitivity. The case contains: 1 Hanoi tower (suitable for therapies concerning concentration. 1 wooden Tic Tac Toe. Supplied with two guidebooks. 47030 CUBELAND 2 27 wooden and coloured dice for tridimensional compositions. colour and shape recognition. 1 shaped ring. 1 wooden “Four wins”. used in neuropsychological tests as well). 2 ball shapes. 47110 MEMORY Game for motor and cognitive skills. Innovative material for its high heat conductivity.Occupational therapy 47020 CUBELAND 1 16 dice set for compositions. 3 120 cm elastic bands and 3 sensory bags. 112 CHINESPORT • REHABILITATION and MEDICAL EQUIPMENT 01052 ERGO SET 1 Home basic ergotherapy session set supplied with a small hard case for transport. concentration. 47050 ABILITY This game consists of aluminium pieces and board with a set of holes in parallel rows demanding concentration. Dimensions: 40 x 30 x 32 H cm .