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Re: FW: 07/1935809 sue shields
10/01/2008 12:59
Dear Sue,
Please confirm reciept of this and the attached email.

0207 502 61 18


077 514 666 52

Subject: RE: 07/1935809
Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2008 12:28:35 +0000
Dear Neil,
As I am not sure that you have gathered from my previous
correspondence, I will, once again remind you that I am not
impressed by the behaviour of your company in dealing with this
issue, which I regret to inform, extends to your last email (as
I am utterly unimpressed by the overt driving force apparent within
your department, to avert any claimant at any cost. Through both
unprofessional remarks and actions, and outright all encompassing
denial of any responsibility, on grounds so spurious and vast that
the answer to the question to what you do agree that you cover, is
what alludes me.
Before I proceed, please note that I do consider your company liable
for the legal costs, and do remind you that how ever good a job you
feel that you have done in obstructing matters in the short term,
any amount of which will not alleviate your liability in the end. I
say this with specific reference to your procedures governing
informing and no with notifications, etc. to your company.
1. Trade & Profession
However, under this section, 'Any claim relating to a contract
> Insured Person's trade, profession, employment or any business
It doesnt have anything to do with any of these exclusions.
2. Jurisdiction
I do agree with you that the agreement with Obelisk International is
> governed by the laws of England & Wales and so doesn't fall outside
> territorial limits outlined within the policy.
I am glad you agree. However, ref point 3.
3. Contract???
> The contract entered into was in relation to the purchase of 2
> in Bulgaria as an investment. I consider this to be a business
> it is an agreement you have entered into with a view to making a
> gain. In view of this, the claim falls within the exclusion
> above. I note you contend that it is a personal business venture,
> this still falls within the exclusion in question.

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No contract was entered into. The only contract was with Obelisk,
the agents. As for your point about it being a business venture,
whilst I dont necessarily acquiesce to this point, it is in case I
need to remind you, not relevant, seeing as it doesnt exist.
There has been no contract.
3. Bulgarian Court
Alpine Lodge, it stipulates that disagreements must be referred to a
> competent Bulgarian Court and for the issues not regulated within
> contract, the provisions of the Bulgarian Law shall apply.
No Bulgarian contract. In case the further need for your convincing,
please refer to Georgitsa Petkovas emails, which state this
clearly. She says a Bulgarian court could not rule on the matter,
seeing as there is no Bulgarian contract.
4.,5.,6 Please pay better attention to what I am claiming legal
cost for.
7. Finally
For completeness
You apologised for your companies stance re. not wanting me to send
info. which you asked for, then defending it, the you followed
this by defending it your self, then you went on to defend the
hanging up; clearly without listening to the recordings. I was
never abusive to anyone, nor used any bad language or anything else
which it seems is now considered a reason to not comply with
contractual responsibilities. It is your company who is acting
unreasonably, primarily by your denial of responsibility without
sound grounds, but secondly by the quality of staff which you feel
appropriate to deal with clients and the clear lack of proper efforts
apparent in adequately looking into would be claims.
Before you, or has generally been the case, someone else replies,
please read over the information which you are commenting on.
Please do respond in writing to explain your stance.
Thank you in advance of your new years reinvigorated efforts,
phone:0207 502 61 18
mobile:077 514 666 52