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Page What is PATTR --------------PATTR sets DOS attributes for the files or filename wildcards you specify. Use it to set or reset archive status on files or to protect/unprotect files with the readonly attribute.


PATTR's file selection parameters provide you with numerous options for specifying the files to be deleted. You may select by directory, file, date, attribute, size, and even starting and ending filename.

Page Command Parameters -----------------PATTR allows several command parameter switches to be specified to customize the process. All these parameters are optional. The command format and switch parameters are described below. A quick review of command parameters is always available by entering the PDEL command with no parameters. COMMAND FORMAT: PATTR filespec filespec [ (/ switches) ]


Enter a DOS file specification. Pathnames and standard DOS wildcard characters are allowed. Select files having the ARCHIVE attribute set. Select files having the SYSTEM Select files having the HIDDEN Select files having the READONLY attribute set. attribute set. attribute set.


Only useful when /SA /SS /SH /SR is also used. Indicates that files without HIDDEN, SYSTEM, READONLY attributes are also to be selected.

Page /D:[(]xxx Date. Select files based on the relationship between [)] their last update date and the date specified. This [=] parameter includes a date or number of days value. It may also contain a modifier that reverses or modifies the use of the date specified.


When xxx contains a date the date is compared to the last update date of the file. The last update date of the file is the date contained in its directory entry. The file is selected if the condition specified by the condition modifier is met. The condition modifier meanings are: '(' = ')' = '=' = Select files whose date is older than the date specified. Select files whose date is newer than the date specified. Select files whose date is equal to the date specified.

If the condition modifier is not specified, ')' is assumed. Date values may be specified in any of the following formats: MM/DD/YY 12/31/80 MM-DD-YY 12-31-80 DDMMMYY 31DEC80

If xxx contains a numeric value, that positive number is used to calculate a date value a number of days prior to the current date. Then that date is used as in the calculation above. Example: /D:(1JAN86 - Process files updated before 1JAN86 /D:)1JAN86 - Process files updated after 1JAN86 /D:=1JAN86 - Process files updated 1JAN86 /D:(5 - Process files modified prior to 5 days ago /D:)5 - Process files modified within the last 5 days /D:=5 - Process files modified 5 days ago

Page /F:file


First. Indicates that processing is not to start until the specified full filename is encountered in the scan of the directory.


Last. Indicates that processing is to stop after the specified full filename is encountered in the scan of the directory. The file specified will be processed if it matches selection criteria.


Stop screen from scrolling from scrolling past the end without user intervention (MORE). Indicates that all filenames except those matching the filename specified on the input command are to be selected for processing.



Pause before each file is updated to allow user to approve or reject the action for each file.

Page /SZ: [(] [)] nnn Select a file based on its size. The left paren indicates that files less than the indicated size are to be selected. The right paren indicates to select files greater than the size. If right or left paren are not specified, a left paren is assumed. Following are examples. /SZ:100 /SZ:(100 /SZ:)100 /T ----


Select files less than 100 characters Select files less than 100 characters Select files greater than 100 characters

Test the command. Use this switch when you would like to test the command entered without actually updating any files. Messages will indicate what will happen if the command is executed without the /T switch.


Set the ARCHIVE attribute for the file on. Set the ARCHIVE attribute for the file off. Set the HIDDEN Set the HIDDEN Set the SYSTEM Set the SYSTEM Set the READONLY attribute for the file on. attribute for the file off. attribute for the file on. attribute for the file off. attribute for the file on.

Set the READONLY attribute for the file off.

Page Examples: Show all attributes for files in current directory PATTR *.* Set ARCHIVE attribute off for all *.BAK files on disk in drive A: PATTR *.BAK /S/AN Set READONLY attribute on for all *.SPC files in \SAVE directory. PATTR \SAVE\*.SPC /RY Set HIDDEN attribute on for all files in \SECRET directory PATTR \SECRET\*.* /HY Reset all attributes for all files in current directory PATTR *.* /AN/SN/HN/RN


Page Registering PATTR -------------------


PATTR is distributed under the Shareware concept. This makes it available for anyone to try without obligation. If you decide it is useful and want to keep it, I ask that you register your use of it. This will allow for continued support and maintenance of the program and will help to encourage that more quality software be made available through this channel. We require all corporate and government users of this utility register their copies. To simply register the program, $15 is requested. If you would like the newest program disk and a copy of the manual send $30. If you would like to register all the Patriquin utilities, and receive programs on disk and manuals, send $45. Send registration requests to: Patri-Soft P.O. Box 8363 San Bernardino, CA


The registration charge is a one time fee that entitles you to all future versions of the product. These may either be obtained from normal Shareware sources or directly from me. Any organization ordering more than 100 copies is also entitled to telephone support and will be given the technical support number. Following is a form that may be used to register PATTR.

Page PATTR Registration Version 1.5


Please Register PATTR to the following person. We will use ____ copies of the program and have enclosed $____ for each copy to be used. ************************************************************** _____ Registration only.............................. _____ Registration, program disk and manual.......... _____ Registration of all Patriquin Utilities with program disks and manuals................... _____ Update of newest Patriquin Utility disk with manual. ................................... $15.00 $30.00 $45.00 $15.00

************************************************************** Name: __________________________________________________ Company: _______________________________________________ Address: _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ City: ______________________________ Zip: ______________________ State: ___________

I obtained my copy of PATTR from: ____________________________ If BBS indicate name and number please._________________________ ________________________________________________________________ Please register the software under the following name: ____________________________________________________ Send to: Patri-Soft P.O. Box 8263 San Bernardino, CA


Page 10 P A T T R Problems and Maintenance -----------------------I welcome all comments or enhancement suggestions. Please document each item clearly and provide printed examples if possible. Please be sure to include this form with all requests, it will help to make sure we can provide you with the best possible service. Name: __________________________________________________________ Company: _______________________________________________________ Address: _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ City: __________________________________ Zip: ______________________________ Telephone: _______ / ________________________ (Home / Work) Date: _________________________ Description of problem or enhancement: ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ Suggested solution: ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ State: _______________

Page 11 P A T T R Program Maintenance: -------------------Version 1.0 Version 1.5 October 15, 1986 November 02, 1990 -- Converted to TurboC -- Fixed /D problem (wouldn't accept 1990 dates) -- Improved help