Main Project ::: MCA 2007-2010 & MSc(CS) 2008-2010

PG Department of Computer Science and Applications, Sacred Heart College 1. The Project commences on or before December 18, 2009 and ends on April 16, 2010. 2. As soon as you join for your project work, send the contact details of the organization and your external guide to the department (to your Internal Guide & Project coordinator) a. Project title and the Platform b. Address of the Organization c. Phone number, Fax number, E-Mail Address, URL d. Address for Communication (where you stay during your project time) e. Telephone / Mobile Number (Personal) f. Personal E-mail ID 3. The dates for the Reviews First Review Second Review Final Report Submission 13th Feb 2010 Sat 10th Apr 2010 Sat 16th Apr 2010 Fri

4. It should be a single independent project; if your project is a part of a bigger project, your work should have a few independent modules. 5. The duration of the project should be at least four months. 6. If you are working on a project that is part of a bigger project in which others also work, you should not report the combined work. If combined work is unavoidable, it should be limited to a chapter or two in your report. 7. If two of you work on parts of the same project (big enough to share between two) your reports should be different and not two copies of the same report. 8. For the reviews a. All students should be present for the entire review sessions. b. Timing for individual presentation: i. First Review : 10 Minutes ii. Second Review : 15 Minutes (do not exceed the time limit) c. Load the necessary information for your presentation in the system, the day before the review. d. Submit a written report (as applicable to your project) to your internal guides as given below. e. Also send a soft copy of the report to your internal guide (by mail or in person), two days before the review. f. Reviews will start at 09:00 a.m. g. Be on time for the review and dress formally. Documents to be produced for the First Review 1. Profile of the Company 2. Project Vision 3. Feasibility Study 4. System Study 5. SRS (include System Modules) 6. Design (Architecture, Database, Classes)

Documents to be produced for the Second Review 1. Design (Class, Database, UI, Architecture) 2. Test Case Design 3. Component Diagram 4. Implementation Report 5. Deployment Report 9. Use your own format for Profile of the Company and Feasibility Study. 10. Design document (Software Architecture Document) in the first review need not be a complete one. But, partial Class and Database diagrams should be presented. It (SAD) will be complete only in the second review. 11. Use the Deployment and Implementation View from the Software Architecture Document (SAD) for the Implementation and Deployment Report. 12. Your guide may want to visit the site to see your work, if necessary. You have to make the necessary arrangements.

Project Coordinator

Head of the department

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