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Scenario of an Interview 12/08/2011

1. Tell me about yourself

2. What about your experiences
3. Why do you quit your current job
4. Why do you apply for this positiona
5. What do you know about us and motor-cycle market in VN (markets intention)
6. What do you understand about a survey team
7. Have you ever conducted a servey
8. How many methods do you conduct a servey
9. What are the difficults when you conduct a servey
10. What is your advantages and disadvantages
11. What is your intention in the near future
12. What will you do if you will be selected
13. What is the salary you expect
14. Do you ask us any things

1. Tell me about yourself

First of all, I want to thank you for inviting me to this interview, I have known that HONDA
Vietnam is looking for candidates for survey team. Whereas my passion and capacity is
appropriate with job requirements and I hope to apply for this vacancy to contribute to the
company in my position.
The fields that I care about is Automotives, motor cycle and supporting industries. I have one
year experience working as a marketing specialist in Sheraton Hotel and two years working
as a M&A analyst and I am the coodinator for Vietnam M&A forum which is the biggest
official forum about M&A and IP in Vietnam 2011. From my practical experience, I find
myself well qualified professional analysts for market and customers research.
The motto of my work is disciplined, confident a creative and passional. I am harworking,
careful and loyal. I always work with all my capacity and enthusiaum. Especially I love
Japanese business culture, it is very lucky for me if I will be selected to work in professional
working environment as in Honda.
2. What is your experience
Before applying for this position, I used to worked as a M&A analyst and project coodinator
in Avalue Vietnam, and the marketing & saleman in shareton Hotel

Avalue vietnam is a company specify in M&A and IP surport nationalwide. We have held
Vietnam M&A forum in Jun, HCMC.
My main taks here is that. At the first of the project, I have to write M&A analytical report for
my client and partner, our report update and analize for M&A activities in Vietnam
Nationwide. You can read my report in a public book, called Vietnam M&A outlook 2011, We
have pulished in June.
The second taks is that, we have to contact with speaker, panelyst, expert to invite them
take part in and present at the forum. They may be investor, economic expert, lawyer
The third, we invite companies to spond or advertize in our FR
The four, I invite enterprises and corporation, persuade them to take part in IP exhibition, this
is an exhibition was held at the same day with M&A Forum, here they can introduce their
real estate project or their companies to various investors to call capital.
Sometimes, I have to do other taks such as, we meet our partners and investment plans
office of some provinces about the opportunity for investment promotion in local provices
Such as Thai Nguyen, Thai binh, Vinh phuc, and so on.
Certainly, we work in team so we will work toghether, and surport each other to carry out our
target. When this project finish, I was vote as the most excellent coodinator for my effort and
KS. Sheraton, Marketing and saleman
The main task: to introduce the VIP service, Starwood Priviledge to available and potential
customers who usually use Sheraton hotel services. You know, shareton is the five stars
hotel and we have to take reponsiblity for taking care VIP custommers.

3. Why do you quit your current job

Indeed, There is no wrong with my current job, but I want to work in a more professional and
chanlegeable environment to promote my capacity and my career, especially, I want to work
in automotive and motor cycle industry as well as in Japanesse comapy so I decided to
apply for this position.
4. Why do you apply for this position
Before applying for this vacancy, I examined carefully this position and the company, I think
there are at least three reason for me to apply this job. The first reason this is the field I am
interested in, My passion and experience is fit with this position. The second is that I want to
work in a professional evironment, esscially japanese company. The last reason is that I
want to emprove my ability and salary as well as promote in my career.
Honda Vietnam appreciates highly individuals capacity and focuses on developing and
training good employees. And I expect the company culture as well as the prospects in the
Automotive, Motor the good base for me to promote ability and my career.
5. What do you know about us and motor-cycle market in VN (markets intention)

According to my knowledge, there are five main companies in the field of motor cycle, I can
list here they are Piagio, Honda, Yamaha, SYM, Suzuki.Piagio only focuses on high class
scooter. Honda Vietnam is the biggest and the leading company in the motor cycle in
Vietnam, the company always lauch many good product and pay attention to social
activities.Honda motor cycle is durable, save gas but the design may be less young than
Yamaha motor.
About motor-cycle market in Vietnam, I think at least in more than 10 next year, motor cycle
will still remain the main transport means, but the markets and customer intention may be
change, customer want to use more high class scooter than tranditional motorcyle, because
the income of citizen raise higher and higher year by year and the means for transport is not
only a simple motorcyle but also they want to show their style and may be their social status,
Moreover, they intend to pay more attention for safety of the mean as well as the
appearance. So, in the near future, high class product will compsumt more strongly.
6. What do you understand about a survey team
For the survey team, we have to research market intention, customers deman to empove
the product and service quality. We have to collect the customer opinion or organize event.
The result of a survey can indicate us the market signal to guide our business plan to
empove our business activities.
7. Have you ever conducted a servey
Yes, I used to conduct a servey. Such as when I want to know about the sastifaction of
investor for M&A investment. We have to conduct a servey. We can deliver a survey form to
each one directly or through email or google document. The people we aim at can be the
CEO, investment director, chief investment officer, M&A advisor, so on

What did you research on them

Whether they are satisfied with the result of M&A

Do they want to M&A or use another form of investment
The advantage of disadvantage of M&A on their opinion..

We can monitor the price of stock or financial criteria

8. How many methods do you conduct a servey

There are some main methods for a servey, for example we can interview directly, or ask
throug a question form. We can conduct qualitative and quantitative analysis criteria.
The process of a survey can be divide into 4 parts. The first, we have to know clealy the
target of the servey, then we set up method, tool for our servey, after that we choose the
object we want to research, we have to prepare people and the last we have to proceed and
analize the information we have collected, and from it we can give some advice or solution to
emprove our products or services.
9. What are the difficults when you conduct a servey

The most difficult we get in a survey is that, we can choose a good method and choose the
correct object, some people who usually have too many things to attend so I want to be sure
they pay attention for my survey and answer correctly on their opinion, certainly, sometimes
it may be incorrect but in genneral we have a general result. It must be corect relatively. It
give me general indicator or a clear signal.
I have some solution for these difficult, for instance, we can arrange appointment with key
people to interview directly, if they too busy, we can make telefone call or send them online.
Or we have to restructure our form to appropriate with the characteristics servey, so on
10. What is your advantages and disadvantages
Certainly, each one has own advantage and disadvantage, to me I think I have some
advantage such as I was well round educated from VNU, I am one of the five most excellent
student of FBA and received the highest dictintion degree. I have professinal working
experience, both in HCMC and HN. I am loyal, hard-working and careful. I always work with
my all ability, confidence and enthusiaum. For disadvantage, I think, sometimes I can be less
patient enough, I usually want finish work intime. But after three year working, I recognize
that, somtine the patinet is very improtant, at present I am emproving this problems.
11. What will you do if you will be selected
I think there are three main taks I have to work immediately, at first, I have to take the
process of my work, the second, I have to understand my position as well as companys
demand. The last, I will write an action plan to carry out the task of department. I always
work with all capacity and enthusiaum not only for responsibility. I am not afraid of going
business trip and commit to work for long time in the company.
12. What is the salary you expect
I expect the salary at about 300 USD. I thing it is worthy to my capacity and effort.
13. What is your intention in the near future
At present, I want to work best in my position, for more than that, I want to promote my
career in this company in long tern. For example, the chief officer in a department. I am sure
about that.
14. Do you ask us any questions.
Oh yes, I want to know that What do you have some surport for me to get use to this position
more rapidly and the salary I can receive. Oh, I really want to study more Japanese
language so, do you think it is nessesary for my work in Honda.
15. Some branch product of Honda: SH, PCX, air blade, lead, click, future, wave, super
16. Some branch of Piagio: Liberty, Fly, Zip
17. Some brach of Yamaha: Nouvo, Jupiter, Exciter, Sirius
18. Some group of formula in excel, I can list here such as: date and time, math,
financial, logical, text and data, information, lookup, statistical.

19. Some popular formula in excel I usually use such as:

And, or, not, fale, true, if.
Lookup, Hlookup, Vlookup
Sum, Avarage, count, max, min, rank