October, 1993 - Volume II New York, NY "You Da Man!"
The Monday morning following the Buick Classic at Westchester and preceding the U.S. Open at Baltusrol my girlfriend and I were taking a lesson at Sleepy Hollow C.C. and Tom Kite was on the practice area working with Jim McLean, his teacher. Of course, we were gawking and Mr. Kite came over and chatted with us, where upon he told this story: I was paired with Davis Love III at the Greater Greensboro Open and Davis is shooting lights out, finishing the round with a 62 and eventually winning the tournament. On one hole, Davis drove the ball 350 yards and a fan yells "You da man!" I get up and hit one off the heal that only goes 240 yards, is in the rough and the fan yells "You,-------ah,-------you playin with da man!"

Invented by an Irishman who wanted to hit another twenty-yard grounder.

Know Your Address
Most golfers do not know what they look like when they swing the club. They like to think they look like Ben Hogan or Sam Snead, but generally, they look like a sack of shit. The way to avoid looking like a sack of shit is to address the ball properly. Stand erect but not too erect. Your feet should be slightly wider than your shoulders but not too wide. Bend over from the waist but only slightly. Flex your knees but only the tiniest bit. If you feel you are in the proper erectbend position, have somebody hand you the golf club.

Why did so many pros on the tour in the 70's wear a hat or visor with the name "Amana" printed on it?

Better Golf - The Short Irons
You will rely on the short irons more than any others, particularly the seven iron and the nine iron, which were so good to you in your youth. You will use them for chipping around the greens and for chipping and pitching out of front lawns across the street from the golf course. The seven iron hurls better when slung at a tree trunk, but the nine iron is capable of taking deep, nasty, vicious divots out of the fairway after your shot has gone astray. The sand wedge, as no other club, can put some memorable dents in the hood of a car after an exceptionally frustrating round.

The Field; Miscellaneous:
Dean Warrick - Empire State Game track and field participant throwing shot. Tom Barnes - Wears bell bottoms and listens to the "Cherokee People" song. Paul Henson - Home and work phone # were found in Joel Rifkin's wallet. Rick Hakes - Upstate sympathizer and rally organizer for Rev. Al Sharpton. Bill Gillette - Affectionately refers to all close friends as "sum-ma-bitch". Tom Courtney - Thinks Bill Clinton and Al Gore are "really bitchin' dudes." Pat English - Covert contact for down state IRA sympathizers and runs guns. Marty Kurlich - Vacationing at Graceland for the "total Elvis experience." Bill Carey - Known to jettison French fries when in the state of Maryland. Don Boss - Bought Taco Bell stock, thinks it's the Mexican phone company. Tim Bardo - Speed-dial programmed for Jessica Hahn's 1-900-LICK-ME. Pat Horn - NYPD record holder for most suspects arrested having an "accidentally" broken knee cap.

Dean Warrick was wrongly identified as Dean Beaman. Tim Bardo underwent scrotum surgery, not a rectal procedure.

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas!

Your next edition of The Waverly Newsletter: Winter, 1994. Answer: Amana Refrigeration, Inc. gave a free life insurance policy to the pros who wore it.

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