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Greenwich, CT
Supplement Spring 2002

It’s The Steel Cage Match of Golf - Revisited
Here are a few more details for the 2002 Waverly Invitational tournament. Date: Venue: Accommodations: Format: May 16th through May 19th Sea Trails Resort & Golf Links, Sunset Beach, NC Three nights (Thursday, Friday & Saturday) The Tournament – 18 holes each day Bonus Rounds – 9 holes (Team & Foursome competition)

Here is the schedule of playing times: Round Practice Practice 1st 2nd Bonus 3rd Bonus Final Holes 18 9 18 18 9 18 9 18 1 st Tee Time 1:00 p.m. 8:54 a.m. 12:54 p.m. 7:08 a.m. 1:00 p.m. 7:12 a.m. 1:02 p.m. 7:08 a.m. Course Sandpiper Bay Byrd Maple Angels Trace North Byrd Par 72 72 72 72 72 Yardage 6,415 6,251 6,332 6,216 6,251 Slope 121 126 125 128 126 Rating 69.7 70.3 70.6 69.7 70.3

Wed PM Thur AM Thur PM Fri AM Fri PM Sat AM Sat PM Sun

Finding The Waverly On The Web
You can find the Waverly Invitational on the worldwide web at Also, for those who use the Yahoo!Sport Golf Handicap Tracker ( to keep their handicap, a private Waverly group has been set up. The group name is “waverly”, the group number is 9185, and the password is “skank”. The Yahoo!Sports Golf Handicap Tracker is free of charge. Just set up a MyYahoo! account, which is also free of charge.

The Field, The Resume, The Handicaps
Who’s won, who’s been there, and who has the Waverly rookie stink on ‘em. Rookie handicaps are still to be determined. Returning Champions Tim Bardo (1), 11 years - 7 Tom Barnes (1), 10 years - 13 Woody Brotzman (2), 7 years - 26 Bill Carey (1), 11 years - 16 Rick Hakes (3), 19 years - 22 Pat Horn (2), 10 years - 30 Marty Kurlich (1), 17 years - 14 Ray Leonardo (1), 5 years - 18
*Longest Player At The Waverly Invitational Not To Win

Returning Veterans Stan Byler, 6 years - 10 Tom Courtenay, 12 years 2nd LPATWINTW* - 16 Patrick English, 11 years 3rd LPATWINTW* - 26 Ike Feikleberry, 2 years - 26 Bill Gillette, 17 years LPATWINTW* - 28 Joe Logan, 2 years - 26 Rudy Marshburn, 5 years - 24 Joe Palumbo, 2 years - 17 Greg Poole, 5 years - 14 Terry Sortevik, 2 years - 14

Stinkin’ Rookies Tod Arbogast Jeff Groom Mike Hutton Brad Jones Chuck Kennedy Rudy Upton

Waverly Newsletter 1

Rules for 2002

??Rookie rule is in effect. ??Rookies will have one handicap for the individual tournament championship and another for the team competitions. ??Any player caught drinking a white wine spritzer will be prosecuted to the fullest extend of the law possible. ??The player in last place going into each day will tee off with a Pink Lady golf ball, courtesy of the Commish, and hit from the ladies tees. ??Rookies are responsible for only 1 case of beer per day this year. That’s a 50% discount compared to prior years. ??The two Bonus Rounds will be a Ryder Cup type format. In fine drinking establishments above and below the Mason-Dixon line, it’s being referred to as “The Civil War by the Shore.” It’s the Yankees vs. the Confederates. ??The Commish is pleased to announce the return of the Bardo Calcutta. The auction will take place immediately following Thursday’s practice round. Due to time constraints, bidding will be fast and furious. Be sure to bring your checkbook.

What We’re Playing For
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th $320 225 160 115 80 55 40 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th Last 30 20 15 10 5 5 Four Long Drives Eight Closest to the Pin Four Team Award Payout Low Gross PLUS the Calcutta Pot! $20 each $20 each $480 $20

The Field, The Skinny
Tim Bardo (7) - Bad news is handicap down by 3 since last year, good news is he doesn’t have to baby-sit Mayo-Shot. Stan Byler (10) - Handicap down 2 since last year. If he doesn’t win there is always the Pathology of Hydrosalpinges. Tom Barnes (13) – Welcome back. If he’s been playing, he’ll be in the hunt. Being a thirteen doesn’t hurt him. Terry Sortevik (14) - Handicap up 5since last year, 20 shots over 4 rounds. Newsletter co-favorite as 1 st time winner. Marty Kurlich (14) – Sneaky short. Needs to grind out 4 solid rounds to win. Can’t get distracted by a few bad shots. Greg Poole (14) – If “business” Greg shows up, he’s in the hunt. If “consumption” Greg shows up, chances decrease. Tom Courtenay (16) – Will need to put together four solid rounds. Can do it if not sidetracked by Marty’s vomit. Bill Carey (16) – We’re glad to have him back. If he’s hitting the fairway off the tee, he’ll be a contender. Joe Palumbo (17) - Welcome back. Handicap goes up 4 since last with us 2 years ago. Has home course knowledge. Ray Leonardo (18) – Can’t afford a “bad” round. Hates to lose. His competitive will can carry the day. Rick Hakes (22) – Definitely will be in the hunt. Living on a Texas layout won’t hurt him. And he’s due. Rudy Marshburn (24) - We’re glad to have him back. Deadly short game, key will be getting off the tee. Woody Brotzman (26) – Showing up Monday. Can shoot low 90’s. Newsletter co-favorite as repeat winner. Joe Logan (26) - Handicap up 6 since last year. That’s 24 shots. Newsletter co-favorite as 1st time winner. Ike Feikleberry (26) - Handicap up by 4 since last year. That’s 16 shots. Question is “Is it enough?” Patrick English (26) – Bardo has said it all, nothing can help. Showing up to assist with carrying food on the plane. Bill Gillette (28) – Welcome back. At 28, he’ll be in final group “if” he can get through early rounds unscathed. Pat Horn (30) – A very good bet at 30. He’s won at this number. Newsletter co-favorite as repeat winner. Tod Arbogast/Jeff Groom/Mike Hutton/Brad Jones/Chuck Kennedy/Rudy Upton – Welcome. Drink early and often.

Safe Travel. Next edition of The Waverly Newsletter: Summer 2002.

Waverly Newsletter 2

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