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Selenium IDE

Selenium Web Driver

Selenium API

Two day Workshop

Learn Test Automation using Selenium IDE

Regression Testing

Testing on Mobile Devices .

Working with Android .

Data-driven testing.
Debugging .

Black Box Testing .

This 2-Day Training is designed for SQA professionals who want to gain in-depth
knowledge of one of the most widely used Open-Source Functional Testing Tool
(Selenium). It covers a wide spectrum of topics of Selenium IDE and Selenium Web
Driver and their functionalities which are essential to get advance-level Test Automation
started in an organization

Learning Objectives:

Getting introduced with Selenium IDE

Installing Selenium IDE
Starting to record tests using Selenium IDE
Adding Asserts and Verifications in a test
Getting familiar with Locators
Overview of Web Driver and exporting your tests to
Web Driver

Working with Selenium API

Getting familiar with Page Object
Controlling flow of tests
Basics of Data-driven testing
Introducing Testing on Mobile Devices

Course Contents:
1. Introduction to Selenium
Important preliminary points
What is Selenium IDE
The basic features of Selenium
What kind of things can you do with it?
Important note: Rules for automation

2. Installation
Step 1 What do I need?
Step 2 Downloading Selenium IDE
Step 3 Installing Selenium IDE

3. Getting Started with Selenium IDE -Quick start

Step 1 Recording and adding commands in a test
Step 2 Saving the recorded test
Step 3 Saving the test suite
Step 4 Running the recorded test

4. Locators
Locating elements by ID
Finding IDs of elements with Firebug
Finding elements by name
Finding elements by XPath
Finding an element by the text it contains

5. Getting Started with Selenium IDE - 1 Step further

Updating a test to assert items are on the page
Updating a test to verify items on the page
Adding Selenium IDE comments
Storing information from the page in the test
Storing elements from the page
Debugging tests
Creating Test Suites
Saving tests
What you cannot record
7. Introducing Page Object
What is Page Objects Pattern
Working with Page Objects
Using Page Object Pattern to design tests
9. Working with Selenium API
Checking Elements text
Checking Elements attribute values
Working with dropdowns
Working with checkboxes and radio buttons
11.Data-driven testing
Creating a data-driven test
Creating a data-driven test
Reading test data from a CSV / Excel files
Reading test data from a database

Who Should Attend

Project Managers
Software Engineers
SQA Managers
SQA Analysts / Software Testers
(with interest in Automation) ranging from
junior level to senior level

6. Overview of Selenium Web Driver

Overview of Selenium Web Driver
Web Driver API
Selenium server
How to set up your Java environment
Exporting a recorded test to Selenium
Web Driver
8. Web Drivers
Firefox Driver
Chrome Driver
Internet Explorer Driver
10. Controlling Test Flow
Synchronizing a test with an implicit wait
Synchronizing a test with an explicit wait
Synchronizing a test with custom-expected
12. Testing on Mobile Devices
Working with Android
Installing the Selenium Web Driver Android
Setting up and configuring Appium for Mobile
Creating a test for Android

Attendees should have good understanding of Coding,

Databases and Programming practices and working with
Development environment
Basic knowledge of Object orientation, Object models,
Design patterns
Good knowledge of Testing, Black box Testing and
Regression testing

Trainers Profile:
Mr. Muhammad Abid Munif Khan has an overall
industry experience of around 10 years working in
reputed multinational software product organizations. He
is BS (Computer Science) from Karachi University and MS

Duration: 2 Full days

Timing: 9:30am to 5:30pm
Course Fee: Rs. 20000/Including Lunch+ Hi Teas+ training Material+

Discounts: 10% on early bird & 15% on group of
3 or more nominations
Date: 3rd & 4th January,2015
Venue: Karachi

For More Info:

Sidra Malik
OISOL Pvt Limited 021-34388402-3

Having worked in ISO 9001-2008 (Quality Management

Systems) certified organizations, he has good exposure to
Quality Standards and Processes and implementing these
standards and processes within any Software Development
Life Cycle. His excellent understanding of SDLC and the key
areas where SQA's involvement is necessary has enabled
him to successfully lead SQA teams in handling complex
projects in very challenging and fast paced environments.
He is currently working at Contour Software as Senior SQA
Analyst and Test Automation Lead. Prior to that he has
worked at, Knowledge Management Inc and
Trade Links. Since 2010, he has also joined PAF-KIET as a
Visiting Faculty member with the aim of bridging the gap
between the Industry and Academia. Currently he teaches
Software Quality Assurance and Requirements
Engineering for MS Level students.
Mr. Abid has also conducted a short course on Software
Quality Assurance at Sir Syed University of Engineering
and Technology. Apart from this, he is also a frequent Guest
Speaker at various Institutions giving sessions on:
Software Quality Assurance
Test Automation
Agile Process Introduction / Implementation