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Philosophy of Consciousness:

Rajendra Ojha
University of Warsaw
Temporary Address: Warsaw, Poland
Permanent Address: Kathmandu, Nepal








Philosophical Quotations of Rajendra Ojha

Chapter 1


We are conscious about our body, structural differences and about what is good and bad,
stunning or omen. Now we are conscious about unconsciousness; so religion exists. So good and
bad exists.
For this, full credit goes only to consciousness.
Thank god we are conscious. That is why we know meaning of our existence, and most
important thing is we know importance of our civilization. We know importance of leaving gaps.
All the immorality and morality came with the birth of consciousness. If we were living of
unconscious world; it would be impossible to differ good and bad, known and unknown. More
than this every person would be equally ethical and spiritual because morality would never been
into existence. So do religion.
What I think is there wouldnt be existence of sin nor there would be sign of superiority and
Inferiority in absence of consciousness. Just what we can imagine is; this world would be
different from what we see today.
Evilness, Goodness and Morality;
Adore and abhorrence relationship.
Love or hate relation and so o came with the existence of consciousness. We are fully conscious
in physical way; somehow in psychological and emotional arena. In simple word we are always
in sub- conscious mood if we judge our mind from law of Nature. What we think conscious state
is just a part of Miroj. Its conscious act of sub consciousness.
Similarly what we take as super consciousness is true conscious state of mind. If we are in this
state and if we understand this state of mind we are out of Misery without any struggle. However
this is merely possible.

Physically we are conscious,

So do our perception.
Reality is different,
Not too far; nor too near.
Giving scientific reason in every field as far as possible is perfect sign of consciousness. No
matter whether you are rational or irrational thinkers, you can pursue other only with scientific
logic. Every kind of thinking has its own scientific reason. Actually this world is not for people
who cant pursue other. Persuasive power is really necessary in every field. No matter whether
you are talented or not, if you dont have persuasive power you are nothing in modern world. In
depth, Persuasive power is backbone of various great works. It is deadliest weapon of every great
people. This is possible only if we switch our mind in conscious mood. Consciousness always
rules our life with right and situational logic too. It is most in politic. Only conscious mind can
win the heart and votes. In depth conscious mind politician or people mean to far sight person.
Lets go back to early human civilization and think about evolution of Society. Birth of society
was only possible through consciousness. The large and strong society or community shows; that
group or community of animals consists of highly conscious animal. Just wait before thinking.
Remember consciousness and talent is two different things. It is true all conscious being have
talents. But it is not true that all talented species are highly conscious. Advance society is
possible in group of highly conscious being, not highly talented beings.
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Chapter 2

Philosophical Quotations of Rajendra Ojha:

1. Sometime some people are failed not due to the work they do, but they fail just because
other people lack to understand them and their ideas in depth.

2. It is compulsory to know real life history of any person before judging them. Never judge
any person just with one criteria or personal perspective.

3. The natural power that has strength to create something with strength to protract and
destroy it; is known as God. Everybody in one sense accept this natural power. Right?
Even atheists do believe in this kind of powers or elements that have created and are
running this world. We still cant find all these Generative, Operative and Destructive
powers. So god exists. We respect all these powers that have made our life possible. So
god exists. These kinds of power give us all the essential elements or things required for
our life. Isnt it? So god exists everywhere, because everything that exists in nature has
power to Generate us. Ex: Fire, Food, Wind, Plants and many animals. Even our
reproductive power is worshipped as god, as it Generates embryos and Operates
babies before birth. Arent they Generative and Operative powers of a God? Or are
they just part of magic or something like that. We worship them because without them
our life cant run. We cant produce food by our self. Our Earth needs to produce it. It has
given us the precious power that plays major role in operating us. So earth is regarded as
nearest god of human beings and many people of different religions worship Earth or
Land as mother god. Let us think again in this topic.

4. Each character has its own values, norms and ethics.

5. Illusion of achievement always distracts man from achieving real goal.

6. Being dreamful is good for life rather than being dreamless.

7. Feel the magic within you,

See the change it brings,
You ' master of your view,
With world's greatest things.

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