INTSUM.EXE - Interrupt Summary and Viewer For Ralf Brown's Interrupt List Copyright (c) 1995 Daniel D.

Miller Written by Daniel D. Miller ( Version 1.6, released 09-18-95 =============================================================================== IntSum is a character-mode MSDOS program for viewing the Interrupt List. It supports Release 45 and later, and will also work with earlier releases which follow the same file format. It has the following features: -> Automatically supports current screen size in rows (it will work properly with screens wider than 80 columns, but doesn't use the extra width for anything). -> IntSum automatically generates its own indexed reference file, the first time that it is run. The INTPRINT summary is not used. -> There are NO size limits on reference or listing files. -> Display colors may be set via entries in INTSUM.INI. This file will automatically be created in the same directory as INTSUM.EXE, the first time INTSUM is run. -> Save Current Topic to File (from reference list only). -> Combined-file support is now working!! -> Added LIST_DIR item to the INI file, which permits user to specify a separate directory for the Interrupt List files. Thus, INTSUM.* may be kept anywhere in your path; it no longer needs to be in the same directory as the Interrupt List files. =============================================================================== INTSUM.EXE is hereby released as freeware, though I retain the copyright on it. This means you may distribute it anywhere you wish, to anyone you wish, and use it for any private or commercial purpose, but you may not charge money for it (except for reasonable media distribution fees), nor may you modify the program in any way. =============================================================================== Combined-file support When IntSum prepares to create a new index file (because INTERRUP.IDX is missing), it first searches for INTERRUP.LST in the directory where IntSum was found. If such file is located, the index is built from that; otherwise, the index is built from INTERRUP.A and its brethren. =============================================================================== DOS PATH utilization IntSum now searches for the interrupt_list files, index, INI file, and any other files in the directory where INTSUM.EXE was executed. This means you can now path to IntSum and execute it without having to actually change to that directory. For this to work, of course, IntSum must be in the same directory as the interrupt-list files. Note: effective with version 1.3, the INTSUM.INI file allows the user to specify the path to the interrupt-list files. IntSum does not have to be

in the same directory with them; it can be somewhere convenient in your path. =============================================================================== Configuration file The first time that IntSum is executed, it will create a configuration file called INTSUM.INI in the directory where INTSUM.EXE is located. This file contains all the colors used by the program. Once the file is created, you can edit it with any text editor, and set them to whatever colors you like. The file uses standard 8-bit DOS color scheme, where bit 7 is BLINK, bits 6-4 are background and bits 3-0 are foreground. Values can be entered in hex as 0xHH, octal as 0DDD, or decimal as DDD. If still confused, look up strtol() in a C-library reference manual. I presume that anyone who is looking at an interrupt list is familiar with the DOS text color scheme. The INI file also contains a line LIST_DIR, which allows the user to specify a separate path for the Interrupt List files, so INTSUM does not need to be in the same directory as Interrupt List distribution. =============================================================================== *BUGS* ?!?!? _WHAT_ Bugs???

Some of the known bugs, omissions and absent features are: -> Following cross-references to other topics in the IntList and FarCalls lists is a dream that is still in the pondering stage. -> List: can't scroll or search into next/previous files. This probably won't be done for awhile unless I get a lot of requests, because it's pretty difficult, and I'd rather ponder cross-referencing. I welcome any mail with comments, bug reports (especially!!), requests, Karma Cookies, Brickbats, or whatever else you have offer. As improved/fixed versions become available, I will send copies via email to anyone who has such an account and requests it. Just send an email request to Snail-mail support will not be offered at this point unless I get severe pressure, as I don't have easy access to daytime post offices. Please address all mail to: OR: Daniel D. Miller 36355 BridgePointe Drive Newark, CA 94560