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1. What is Human resources planning

2. Objective of Human resources planning?
3. Human resourch planning model?
4. Benefits of human resources planning?

Human resources planning:

Human resources planning: is a process that identifies current and future human
resources needs for an organization to achieve its goals.Human resources should
serve as a link between human resources management and the overall
strategic plan of an organization.
Human resource planning involves fore casting the manpower
requirment,manpower allocation,manpower motivation and manpower

Question:Objective of Human resources planning?

Objective:There are five major objectives of human resources planning
1)prevent overstaffing and understaffing.
2)ensure the organization has the employee with the right skills in the right places
at the right time.
3)ensure the organization is responsive to changes in its environment.
4)provide direcation and coserence to all human resource activaties and system.
5)unite the parespective of line and stsff mansger .

Question:benefits of human resources planning?

Objectives of Human Resource Planning (HRP)
1. To recruit and maintain the HR of requisite quantity and quality.
2. To predict the employee turnover and make the arrangements for
minimizing turnover and filing up of consequent vacancies.
3. To meet the requirements of the programmes of expansion, diversification
4. To anticipate the impact of technology on work, existing employees and
future human resource requirements.
5. To progress the knowledge, skill, standards, ability and discipline etc.
6. To appraise the surplus or shortage of human resources and take actions
7. To maintain pleasant industrial relations by maintaining optimum level and
structure of human resource.
8. To minimize imbalances caused due to non-availability of human resources
of right kind, right number in right time and right place.

Question:human resourch planning model?

1)collect information:
A.From the external environment:
-General and specific industry
-Labor markets
-Demographic and social trends
-Governtment regulations
B.From the internal environment
-business plans
-Curent human reasources
-rates of turnover and mobilets

2)Forecast demand for HR

A)short-term long-term
B)Aggregat and individual
3)Forecast supply of HR
A.Internal supply

B.External supply
4)Plan and conduct needed programs
a.increase or decrease work force size
b.change skill mix
c.Develop managrail succession planning
d.Develop carear plans
5)Feedback on planning process
a.Werw forecast accurate?
b.Did programs meet needs?