THE INFINITE DANCE Scriptures According to a Woman By Gay N.


CHAPTER I One day when Eve was walking alone she came upon the tree of knowledge of good and evil. She marveled at its two fruits – one white, translucent, fragrant the other dark red, bitterly pungent. The core-of-her remembered God’s words If you eat this fruit you will surely die. And the core-of-her yearned to progress, to become all that she could be. She looked up at the fruit again and noticed for the first time someone sitting in the branches, leering, offering her the red fruit. She was surprised when he spoke, This fruit will make you wise. She spoke back, It will make me die. Lucifer said, It will make you as the Gods, knowing good and evil. Eve thought about that for a long time. Vaguely she remembered wanting to be like God. She asked God, Should I or shouldn’t I? but didn’t get an answer. God, because They live the Law of Freedom, never makes our decisions. Once we have decided though, They move to help us.

So when Eve figured out, from the depths of her own mind and heart that learning about good and evil was crucial to her progress and took a bite of the “apple” God immediately whispered Remember Love! and washed her with a warm joy. Eve ran to find Adam and share with him her new insight: That the real reason they were here on Earth was TO PARTAKE of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil! At first Adam was appalled. We will die! He cried. What does that MEAN though? Eve wanted to know. Maybe it means something wonderful. God warned us not to. God gave us a choice. I see it as the only way to progress, to have new experiences and learn something from them, to grow wiser. Adam considered Eve’s reasoning, and did his own soul-searching. Then he shared the fruit with Eve and held her close to him while they waited – for death? The next time they saw Lucifer, they recognized him, and vaguely remembered FORCE! For the first time, they felt afraid.


Things changed after that. Eve and Adam’s choice to risk discovering evil opened the gates of Eden to opposition. Fruit from mortality’s trees changed the physical chemistry of Adam and Eve. Gradually the pure love which had flowed through their veins, the substance of eternal life, became blood the ingredient of death. Lucifer and Lillith (hereafter called Satan) had brought their followers to Earth when they left God, and were established in their evil rule of force in dark secret places. Honoring Eve and Adam’s choice to gain a knowledge of evil God opened the whole of Earth to opposition and allowed Satan access to Adam and Eve and to all their mortal descendants. Satan’s hosts became the destructive powers of darkness which compete with God’s creative powers of Light. Evil versus Good. Opposition in all things. Adam, struggling to survive in the hostile world, fearful, feeling the need to protect his beloved Eve, and ignorant of evil was carefully lured by Satan down through one more dark veil of forgetfulness, still further away from God.

Eve was not aware of that last veil. She innocently retained enough of her sixth sense, her sense of God, to keep her in closer touch with Deity. But she and Adam were tragically separated from each other’s understanding. Alone, Adam fell past the last hope of peace into godlessness, into the angry realm of competition, the insidious realm of pride, deceit and lust. the law there in Satan’s domain was FORCE. Dog-eat-dog. Survival of the fittest. Adam was strong, but he was not yet wise. Satan took advantage of his innocence. He imposed upon Adam reverse vision (the syndrome of projecting one’s faults onto another) so that instead of seeing himself further fallen Adam saw himself superior to Eve. And immediately equality was lost.


Men have put the words of “The Curse” into God’s mouth, have said that Eve and Adam were being punished by God when they struggled and suffered. That is not true. God is not in the business of punishing. Their function is to LOVE and BLESS. The “curse” evolved as a natural result of evil’s presence.

Adam “ate bread by the sweat of his brow” because when they realized no one would stop them Satan’s forces gleefully began inventing thistles and weeds, germs and viruses, and obnoxious, destructive bugs with which Adam had to cope. The sons of Adam became cunning warriors. Their protection of women turned into dominion over them. They ruled with pride and possessiveness, They used women to please themselves, and treated women as inferiors. The beautiful Dance of Love was lost, its holy passion replaced by unholy, self-gratifying lust. Children were brought into the world heirs, by blood, to all their parents sins. Eve maintained enough spiritual integrity to become the nurturing mother, the center of home. And she pondered many things in her heart. Adam forgot unconditional love. Eve remembered . . . and yearned.

CHAPTER IV The sons of Adam seeing through a glass darkly made God in their own fallen image – vengeful, jealous, cruel, power-hungry, and masculine. Mother God was written out of their histories by proud or jealous or ignorant men, by men who came to rationalize that the curse was really a blessing, that patriarchal dominion over women was really the true order of things.

But men could not write out of women’s hearts, nor erase, the powerful influence Mother God has always had in the earth. The Mother of our spirits has continued to bless Her children with the pure feminine energy which is half of God’s unconditional Love. From Eden through the centuries The Goddess has dwelt in the hearts of Earth’s women, sustaining them through impossible pain. Without ever being acknowledged, SHE has persisted in imbuing women with her own courage and offering to touch the hearts of men with her powerful insights. God was not diminished when men misinterpreted Their counsel adulterated Their Love and worshipped a half-God. Mankind was diminished. Mother Eve, as Daughter of Light, also was erased from the books of men. Except she was made scapegoat for all the world’s woes. She has carried that burden valiantly. The mother of our mortality has remained close to Earth, unseen, radiating to fallen humankind the perfect love which is the feminine half of Christ’s love THE ENERGY OF HOME comfort, safety, renewal, nourishment, belonging, appreciation, cooperation, accomplishment, LOVE.


You are not a victim of Eve’s or Adam’s choices. You are a product of your own. Before you were born into opposition you took your own bite of the “apple.” Your spirit, the divine you, chose to risk mortality and FALL through all the veils of forgetting which separate humans from God, and which separate men and women from each other. The first veil closed off memory so Heaven’s home faded into fantasy. Another veil distorted God’s pure Love-Energy into deceitful counterfeits of love. One shuttered harmony and left only shattering dissonance. One blanked out understanding long before the Tower of Babel. As you fell through these veils the pure love in your spirit’s veins was replaced by blood vulnerable, human blood. The maze into which you fell is uniquely YOURS. Your heredity, your environment, your astrological traps the game of chance on your palm the luck of your numbers, your colors and yes, your very own ego all contribute their particular twists to your confusion.

You must work your way through your personal puzzle if you want to find the truth of yourself. Listen to the promptings of your own Holy Ghost. That personage of spirit who dwells in your heart is an honest guide. Pay attention to the still small voice inside you and it will reveal to your fallen self your REAL SELF. The truth of YOU is a holy citizen of the Kingdom of God. Whether or not you realize the full potential of that holy person, your original intelligence plus your heritage from God, is your choice. Remember God is the Source of Good Satan the source of evil. You choose. You choose which you will BE.

Throughout humanity’s history there have come people of influence who say there is no such thing as good and evil all things happen as they should. This lie has influenced many to become less than they could be by obliterating all awareness that each of us is, consciously or unconsciously, daily taking a stand for or against good for or against evil, All things do not happen as they “should.” Things happen according to our choices.