THE INFINITE DANCE Scriptures According to a Woman By Gay N.



All the prophets talked about the coming of a Savior, a Redeemer, a Messiah. When He came Jesus Christ who loved enough to open doors we couldn’t open – men crucified Him. But He had already opened the doors. Door One – Atonement for mankind’s sins. Yes, we are all sinners. By God’s definition a sin is an action that hurts one’s self or another. We cannot avoid hurting ourselves – we are innocent and curious and daring, we are critical and insecure and guilt-ridden. And we cannot avoid hurting each other – we are ignorant and vulnerable, we are afraid and jealous and competitive. And we never understand each other. Every living soul hurts others, and is hurt. Sometimes we are so loveless that we want to sin, we CHOOSE to sin.

And we can NEVER repair the damage we do even if we want to even if we try. Jesus loved enough to take all that hurting into Himself as the only way to lift from our souls our personal pain – both the pain we inflict and the pain we feel. Jesus opened the door to forgiveness, and healing, for all who will receive His gracious gift of Love. Here. Now.

Door Two – Spiritual Progress Christ stands as our intermediary with God, touching both Earth and Heaven. He, only, has the power which can lift us by GRACE one law at a time back to God. Grace from Christ’s point of view is synonymous with Love. He loves us enough to lift us past the barriers to progress which we don’t have the strength or wisdom or power to surmount. Our part is simply to receive His help. To have enough faith and enough humility to let Him lift us. Faith and humility are hard work for mortals. PRIDE is easier.

Grace, for us, must mean letting go our I-can-do-it-myself attitude and graciously accepting, through Christ, here, now, the mighty changes of heart which ARE progress. If we tire of our greedy, competitive games in the lone and dreary, dog-eat-dog world and reach to Christ for help, we are born by Him (as in receiving new life) and borne by Him (as in being carried) into a higher law. Our hearts are changed so we are able to abide in the law of obedience and sacrifice the Law of Justice. In this law we may develop an ambition to be obedient to ALL the “commandments.” If we discover that that goal is impossible to accomplish, if our failures break our hearts and sober our spirits, if we ask Christ for help, He will touch us with His Love. We will be quickened again with a mighty change of heart so we have no more desire to do evil but to do good continually. Christ will lift us by His golden grace into the kindly law of the gospel of Jesus Christ the Law of Mercy. “We love Him because He first loved us!” When the depth of Christ’s love and of God’s love in sending Christ to save us fills our souls with such mighty reciprocal love that we willingly, joyously consecrate our lives to God, giving God all glory,

Christ will carry us again into the Law of Love the Celestial Law where we are born once again. The “natural man-woman” who was an enemy to God is no more! The fallen person is lifted up. We are quickened by God to new life, and endowed with the gift to Love purely, unconditionally. Christ opens the door to spiritual growth. Progress. His grace stands. Accepting it is our option. Here. Now. Door Three – Resurrection The answer to our question Could we become like God? When, as spirits in Heaven, we chose to partake of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil we fell through all the veils which erased our memory of that Home. We fell into physical bodies which are subject to death. But it is only our physical bodies which die. Our spirits don’t die. We continue on the paths we choose – growing or stagnating rising or falling. Heaven and Hell – Paradise and Spirit Prison all the vast libraries in the sky and the eternal archives offer a wide scope of experiences for our spirits to explore. And make new choices. Free agency would allow even mortality again as a possible option.

But playing the game of karmic justice isn’t the answer to eternal life. It is only the answer to yet another death. Jesus Christ is the only answer to LIFE to life with God in a perfect resurrected physical body. Like God. The reason Christ can save us from death and we CAN’T save ourselves is that we are genetically all mortal. Blood flows through the veins of our physical bodies. But Christ, when He came into mortality, was only half mortal. From His earthly mother He inherited blood, but from God He inherited Love-Energy. Both flowed through His veins simultaneously. After He had shed His blood for us Love-Energy remained. This eternal power resurrected His physical body. Christ became The Way by bridging the void between mortality and immortality for us. Christ offers this supreme gift the sacrifice of His blood – to you. Because He CARES what happens to you. He wants all your options to be open. If you choose to receive His gift of a resurrected self, when your mortal body dies, Christ’s love for you will replace the blood in your physical body with Love-Energy’s Eternal Life and you will be physically resurrected like God knowing good and evil like God. You will be One with God through Christ.