THE INFINITE DANCE Scriptures According to a Woman By Gay N.



God realizes that all Their children won’t choose the same way of life, so They have created kingdoms which are governed by different laws. Part of the business of mortals on earth is to choose which law we will abide here and which kingdom we will live in after physical death. There are four options. One is to switch allegiance to Satan and live in Hell where one has to obey the law of FORCE. Total selfishness qualifies one to live here. The paradox is that Hell’s inhabitants want to have everything their own way, to control everything. But it turns out they are mere dangling puppets slaves to Satan’s whims afraid. The second option is to live under the law of JUSTICE the law of obedience and sacrifice in the Telestial Kingdom. There are many “letters” in this law, all of which are carefully obeyed. It is a law of works where the key word is self-discipline.

The paradox is that perfection is the goal of Justice’s inhabitants, but they are blind to the truth that perfection is a gift, and cannot be earned, so they work eternally in vain. The third choice is to live in the Terrestrial Kingdom in the Law of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the law of MERCY. Here the spirit, or true intent of the law, is observed. One doesn’t have to TRY to be obedient to the law, but simply obeys it by nature. Concern for others has replaced concern for self. The paradox is that when one loses one’s life, one finds it. The ultimate option is to live as God does abiding in the law of LOVE in the Celestial Kingdom. To live here one has consecrated one’s whole being to God through Christ and finds perfect fulfillment in the joys of creation. The paradox is that total commitment to God becomes total freedom.

Mortality gives us some exposure to each of these laws so we may make experienced choices regarding our personal paths. Faith in Jesus Christ is the sure key to the transformations which quicken one with the nature to abide any higher law.


In the Garden of Eden the law was harmony. The animals lived in peace. The environment renewed and replenished itself by the Energy of Love. When evil energy was allowed into the world everything changed. Satan’s law was force – which always precipitates dissonance. God did not leave Adam and Eve defenseless against evil, but told them how to withstand it in the most elementary way: listen to and pay attention to God’s counsel. Obedience to God became the law of survival by faith. God kept reminding Adam and Eve and their posterity that Jesus Christ would come and offer His life as sacrifice for their sins. Sacrifice became the law of hope. So the law of sacrifice and obedience was introduced. Freedom to choose remained the constant law.


One of the first things Eve and Adam tried to teach their children was their interpretation of the Law of Obedience and Sacrifice. Cain and Abel both tried to keep this law by obediently sacrificing a tithe of their increase. But they had different motives. Cain arrogantly, grudgingly, selfishly, offered a bitter sacrifice, demanding a reward for his obedience. Abel, humbly, freely, and with gratitude to God, offered a sweet sacrifice, unconditionally. Because of their different states-of-heart Abel’s sacrifice was real, and so acceptable to God. Cain’s was not. In a fit of jealous rage Cain killed Abel. Adam and Eve learned the cruel, stark tragedy of death: it is the living who suffer. Two lessons from the first law: Be sure you understand to whom, to what, and why you are being obedient. And All acceptable sacrifices are sweet.


God kept alive the flow of truth into the world through the prophets and poets, musicians and artists, who brought God’s messages from Home. God gave to mankind, through Moses, the basic rules for decent behavior in the lesser law. Moses called them The Ten Commandments. He could have called them The Law of Justice because these rules teach mortals how to keep from hurting each other, how to be just and fair with one another, how to be polite. God did not command Their people to be just. It is not possible to command and to allow free agency at the same time. God offered the concept of treating others fairly as a positive, possible choice. Justice is a law mortals will choose to live if they choose to progress beyond the law of force. Unfortunately the true prophets and messengers from God were not always the church leaders (and still are not). Using their free agency, the men in power embellished God’s word with many rules of their own invention – whatever rules were necessary to keep them in power. They called ALL these laws commandments! from God! and invented churches to enforce them. Force.

Under the law of force punishment and reward were used as levers of control. If you keep the letter of the law, the leaders said, God will reward you. If you don’t God will punish you. The truth of GOD was thus made over into the image of fickle man. Definitions of what constituted “the letter of the law” changed as new leaders replaced old ones so the truth of the LAW was also confused. Gradually, a person’s “worthiness-in-the-eyes-of-God” came to be judged by how well that person fit the mold into which unrighteous men tried to force him or her. The truth that each of is IS worthy before God and loved for our SELF, was lost. Seeing through a still darker glass men waged their wars in the name of God, massacred, pillaged, sacrificed. In the name of God. When the prophets said God is Love men imposed that concept onto the contradictory image of the god they worshipped and made God’s love as limited, as conditional, as their own. Then they killed the prophets. Silenced their voices. In the name of God. Fear God, men said, or He will wreak vengeance on you. That is a lie.

It is true that if we abide by the rules God gave we will reap good rewards and if we break them we will reap sorrow. But those results are built into the nature of the law. They are NOT punishments or rewards from God. God loves you! Receive that love and return it! men should have said. Mother and Father in Heaven rejoice with you in your triumphs grieve with you in your defeats and will lift you up in times of need.


Eve was right. The purpose of mortality IS to experience both good and evil and to choose between them. Receiving a physical body may result in vital personal progress. But as God warned, there is also the risk of losing some of one’s self. We choose which happens: progress or loss. In order to move forward a man must first recognize his position at the bottom of the Fall, where attitudes of selfishness, me-first, dog-eat-dog, cold survival govern his life. He must then make a conscious choice to rise into a law where other’s rights are equal to his own, and where he takes responsibility for his behavior to others.

A mighty change of heart must occur to replace one’s feelings of self-preservation with feelings which include others’ well-being. God, through Christ, performs this miracle. After the price of search and struggle and yearn has been paid, God will remove from one’s heart the need to kill, and will lift the veil which allows him to rise into a need for justice if that one will receive the gift. Many mortals have embraced the law of justice. But still the world is in turmoil. It needs its people to choose CHRIST. Christ came and brought the HIGHER laws the Law of Mercy and the Law of Love. Mortals have experiences which could teach them the joys of keeping the higher laws. If they paid attention! Few do. But deep enough yearnings toward God, toward righteousness and truth, will draw one into the choices which bring forth the sweet sacrifice of one’s carnal self. God then will change one’s heart and one’s nature to BE merciful to LOVE purely to be One with God.