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Model Year

General Export
Overseas Operations Group Headquarters
P-No. 06-08 [Revision 2] Date: May 19, 2008
General Export model year 2009 LANCER EVOLUTION

Introducing the model year 2009

for Motor Sport
Mitsubishi Motors proudly announces the further the vehicle’s moment of yaw inertia for improved
evolved 09MY All-new Lancer Evolution, a race- control. Taken as a whole, the result is an advance
based vehicle primarily designed to compete in in the evolution of high-performance sedans.
motor sports events throughout the world, including
Europe where Euro 4 emissions regulations are Remarks:
strictly enforced. With the goal of elevating motor Lancer Evolution is geared for competition, it will
sports fans’ already extremely high regard for this neither be warranted nor homologated for general
rally-inspired legend, enhancements for 2009 focus production.
on “higher levels of performance and driving quality.” For each market that the new Lancer Evolution
The new Lancer Evolution features a 4B11 MIVEC will be imported to, the regional distributer will
twin scroll turbo engine, the culmination of a long need to acquire the same homologation for it as
series of racing engine technology development, the Lancer Evolution IX.
combined with MIVEC technology to optimize intake In order to participate in competitions, the vehicle
needs to be warranted to meet FIA regulations.
and exhaust timing performance. In addition to being
smaller and lighter than current 4G63 MIVEC, the
engine has also been designed with a lower center [Safety warning about the tires]
of gravity to aid in maneuverability. At the time of shipping, Lancer Evolution is shipped
1 Overall, the body has been made wider, and with with racing use in mind (where the tires will be
an expanded tread, giving it a lower, more stable changed), and only comes equipped with factory
stance and enhancing the driver’s feeling of control. standard temporary tires for carrier purposes.
To enhance stability and turning capability through These tires are strictly temporary and not adequate
tight curves, the wheelbase has been lengthened for the speed performance of the Lancer Evolution.
and the front and rear overhangs reduced. The If 16" tires are requested, tires will need to be
large rear spoiler adds significant downforce to changed to [92W], which covers the adequate
speed performance. Or, choose the 18" tires
the already road-hugging rear tires, with a twisting (245/40R18 93Y) which are offered as an option.
shape designed to have a smoothly varying elevation Factory-standard tires: 205/60R16 92H (maximum
angle across the center and edge panels. permissible speed: 210 km/h)
To further improve cornering and controllability, Optional tires [B44]: 245/40R18 93Y (maximum
the body has been made lighter and more rigid. permissible speed: 300 km/h)
Weight reduction has been achieved in part through Please note that EU certification was acquired
the use of aluminum panels in the hood, roof and with [92W] tires (maximum permissible speed:
front fenders. The front and rear bumper beams 270 km/h).
are also made of aluminum which, in addition to Please check with your customer regarding this
matter in order to select the appropriate tires that
effectively absorbing collision energy, provide meet their needs.
enough weight reduction to significantly reduce

Production will begin in June 2008, with shipment to follow in July 2008.
Exterior Design
General Export model year 2009 LANCER EVOLUTION

New front-end design

The exterior design uses aerodynamics
to create a deep sensation of continuous
movement combined with an image of
stylish boldness. The new Lancer Evolution
features an advanced and aggressive front
face new to Mitsubishi Motors sedans,
combining an inverted-slant nose with a
trapezoidal front grill to achieve efficient
engine cooling with aerodynamic

New rear bumper design

The lower part of the rear bumper uses a
diffuser form to improve aerodynamics
and give a stylish accent to the rear view.
The rear combination lamps use a kick-form
lens that promotes a smoother airflow.

Optional equipments include

245/40R18 + 18" alloy wheel <ENKEI>
2 (OPT B44) and brembo® ventilated disc
brake (OPT C01)

ENKEI alloy wheels (OPT B44) Large rear spoiler

Available as an option, the ENKEI 18-inch aluminum The large rear spoiler utilizes a unique design for
alloy wheels use a highly rigid design. After casting, optimal aerodynamic results. The curving form
the rims undergo a spinning process that makes employs a varying shape, with different elevation
them thinner and lighter while still increasing angle between the center and the end sections,
their strength. providing better airflow control and greater down-
force. The rigid aluminum frame allows the upper
and lower panels to adjust as needed, while the
slim airfoil provides ideal stabilization.
Interior Design
General Export model year 2009 LANCER EVOLUTION

Standard interior features include one-touch anti-trapping power windows, leather wrapped steering/shift knob
and multi information display.

The Lancer Evolution is a competition based vehicle; due to the drastic reduction of noise-insulation
materials, interior noise and vibration levels will be higher than those of normal production vehicles.
Mechanical Features—1
General Export model year 2009 LANCER EVOLUTION

4B11 MIVEC engine

Mitsubishi Motors’ Lancer Evolution IX received wide acclaim for its
revolutionary 4G63 4-cylinder, 2.0-liter gasoline turbo engine, and now
the New Lancer Evolution surpasses its predecessor with a 4B11 MIVEC
twin scroll turbo engine. The new high-performance power plant has
been developed to stand at the forefront of the motor sports field,
yet also boasts improved fuel efficiency and emissions reduction.
Compared to the current 4G63 engine, the 4B11 MIVEC twin scroll
turbo engine has the advantage of greatly enhanced responsiveness.
With a maximum output of 217 kW (295 PS)/6,500 rpm and maximum
torque of 366 N • m (37.3 kg • m)/3,500 rpm, it surpasses the torque
capabilities of the 4G63, in addition to being tuned for greater torque
across the low-rev range. This allows the transmission gear ratio to
be adjusted for overall superior power efficiency.
The biggest difference in this
engine is its cast aluminum cylinder
block. Compared to the current model
which uses a steel cylinder block, this
engine is 12.5 kg lighter. Furthermore,
the layout has been modified to place
the air intake toward the front, and
the exhaust toward the rear. Because
the exhaust no longer needs to be
4 run beneath the engine, the entire
structure can be lowered by 10 mm,
lowering the vehicle’s overall center
of gravity.

Aluminum compressor/Titanium-aluminum turbine turbocharger

In addition to being much lighter, the new compressor wheel
design creates greater intake effectiveness for more torque at
low- and mid-rev ranges, plus improved supercharger response.

Intake & exhaust system

The rear-oriented exhaust layout makes the exhaust piping
shorter and more direct. In addition, output losses are reduced
by the larger intake port, increased main muffler capacity and
large-diameter dual tail pipe arrangement. The space saved by
the new layout of the intake and rear exhaust, in addition to
moving the battery to the trunk space, has made it possible to
achieve a smoother airflow through the air filter and intercooler,
with lower aerodynamic drag.
Mechanical Features— 2
General Export model year 2009 LANCER EVOLUTION

5-speed manual transmission

The 5-speed transmission has been optimized for the new Lancer
Evolution’s more efficient next-generation engine, delivering
high torque performance even with its more compact design.
The gearing from first to fourth gear is based on a cross-ratio that
has been successful in motor sports, employing a large first gear
ratio for better starts. Fifth gear ratio uses the same small size as
the current model, delivering high cruising performance. A multi-
synchro system for high-speed shifting has been adopted for first
through third gears, as well as fourth and fifth gear, providing
sporty shift control that’s also highly durable. Shifting in the new
Lancer Evolution is responsive and enjoyable, with a distinctively
sporty sensation that makes the driver feel completely in control.

Light weight body

To reduce the overall vehicle weight, the roof panel, engine hood, front
fenders and front and rear bumper beams have all been made with
lightweight aluminum. In addition to increasing body rigidity while
lowering weight, weight reduction has been focused on the upper
part of the vehicle to improve control and performance.

brembo® ventilated disc brake (OPT C01)

The diameter of the brakes has been increased to
improve damping force and reduce the effects of
brake fade. The 18-inch ventilated front disc brakes
and 17-inch ventilated rear disc brakes were
developed jointly with brembo®.

These brakes do have a tendency to produce noise
and brake dust, but this is a normal characteristic of
high-performance brakes. After purchase the driver
should try to avoid making emergency stops for the
first 500 km.

SRS airbag
The driver’s and front passenger’s front dual-stage the driver’s knee airbag is included to safeguard the
SRS airbags in the new Lancer Evolution inflate in driver’s legs and provide an even greater degree of
two stages depending on the severity of the impact, full-body protection.
minimizing the likelihood of injury. In addition,
Model Chart and Color Chart
model year 2009 LANCER EVOLUTION

Model Chart
Model Code
Price Class Wheel Drive Engine Emission Transmission

2.0-liter 16-valve
Intercooled Turbocharged

Price Class RS


Interior Trim Code
(Basic Color)
Exterior Color and
Color Code

P26 Red Metallic <P26> ○

W37 White Solid <W37> ○

Seat Covering Fabric (Black)

Door Trim Cloth Insert (Black)

Headlining Non-woven Fabric (Light Gray)

Floor Carpet Needle Punch (Black)

Standard and Optional Equipments - General Export (1/2)
model year 2009 LANCER EVOLUTION
■:Standard □:Optional
Drivetrain & Chassis
Drivetrain 4WD ■ ■
Immobilizer ■ ■
Aluminum compressor + Titanium & Aluminum turbine turbochager ■ ■
Intercooler with water spray ■ ■
Engine cover ■ ■
Active Center Differential (with steering switch) ■ ■
Front LSD (Helical gear type) ■ ■
Rear LSD (Mechanical type) ■ ■
Suspen- Front MacPherson strut with coil spring & stabilizer bar ■ ■
sion Rear Multi link & stabilizer bar ■ ■
Tyre & Fr & Rr 205/60R16 92H + center cap ■ ■
Wheel 245/40R18 + 18" Alloy wheel <ENKEI> B44 □ □ Must be ordered with C01
Spare Spare tire less (Tire Repair Kit) ■ ■
Brake Front Disc 15" (Ventilated) ■ ■
Disc 18" (Ventilated) 4pot <BREMBO> C01 □ □ Must be ordered with B44
Rear Disc 15" (Drum in) ■ ■
Disc 17" (Drum in) 2pot <BREMBO> C01 □ □ Must be ordered with B44
Others Silence grade - Extra Low ■ ■
Front strut tower-bar ■ ■
Bumper Front & rear bumper (Color-key) ■ ■
Radiator grill Argent color ■ ■
Body Aluminum roof, hood, fender, front & rear bumper beam ■ ■
Door Door outer handle (Black) ■ ■
Black door sashes ■ ■
Power window (Front & rear door) with safty function ■ ■
Door mirror Electronically controlled door mirror (Black) ■ ■
Manual folding function ■ ■
Glass Windshield - Laminated green ■ ■
Front & rear door window - Tempered green (UV-cut) ■ ■
Rear window - Tempered green with hot wire (with timer) ■ ■
Others Chrome plated large muffler tale pipe(Dual type) with muffler cutter ■ ■
Large side air dam ■ ■
Large rear spoiler ■ ■
Ornament "LANCER EVOLUTION" badge on rear left side ■ ■
Airbags Driver, Passenger & Driver's knee (Dual stage) ■ ■
Steering & Sport type leather-wrapped steering wheel ■ ■
Shift knob Power steering ■ ■
Tilt column steering ■ ■
Leather-wrapped gearshift knob ■ ■
Parking Brake Lever urethane w/chrome plating button ■ ■
Seats Front-faced fabric seats ■ ■
Front Head restraint sewn type (height adjustable) ■ ■
Driver Slide & reclining seats ■ ■
Pass Slide & reclining seats ■ ■
with seatback pocket ■ ■
Rear Low-back type without headrest ■ ■
Seatbelt Front 3P belt with ELR x 2 ■ ■
Pretensioner with force limitter ■ ■
Belt anchor, adjustable type ■ ■
Rear 3P belt with ELR x 3 ■ ■
Door trim Type Formed type with cloth insert (Front & Rear door) ■ ■
Front with moulded door pocket with bottle holder (both side) ■ ■
with decorative ornament (material color) ■ ■
Rear with moulded door pocket (both side) ■ ■
Door Door inner handle (material color) ■ ■
Locking system Center door locking system ■ ■
Multi mode keyless entry with 2 transmitters ■ ■
Child proof ■ ■
Trunk lid opener ■ ■
Fuel lid opener ■ ■
Ignition key cylinder with illumination ■ ■
Standard and Optional Equipments - General Export (2/2)
model year 2009 LANCER EVOLUTION
■:Standard □:Optional -:Not available
Roof Non-woven fabric headlining ■ ■
Sunvisor (2 pcs) ■ ■
Vanity mirror with lid & ticket holder (both side) ■ ■
Day & night rear view mirror ■ ■
Retractable assist grip (3 pcs) ■ ■
Coat hanger (1 pc) ■ ■
Carpet Carpets (Needle punch) ■ ■
Meter Combination meter cluster with rheostat & tachometer ■ ■
Multi information display ■ ■
Instrument panel Glovebox ■ ■
Ashtray ■ ■
with decorative ornament (material color) ■ ■
Floor console Standard type with accessory socket & cup holder for front seat ■ ■
Trunk Cargo room trim ■ ■
Cargo floor mats ■ ■
Others Foot rest ■ ■
Simple tool set ■ ■
Jack set ■ ■
A/C & Audio
A/C Air conditioner accommodation kit (A/C less) ■ ■
Audio system Audio accommodation kit with 2-DIN center panel ■ ■
(& Center panel) Speaker less (Harness for 6 speakers & Bracket) ■ ■
Roof antenna ■ ■
Battery 65D26L (VRLA type) ■ ■
Horn Dual horn ■ ■
Exterior lamps Halogen headlamp (Clear lens) with auto off system ■ ■
Headlamp leveling device ■ ■
Rear fog lamp ■ ■
Hi-mount stop lamp on trunk lid ■ ■
Interior lamps Front room lamp with map lamp ■ ■
Rear room lamp ■ ■
Trunk room lamp ■ ■
Wiper Windshield intermittent (variable) with washer ■ ■
Technical Specifications - General Export (1/2)
model year 2009 LANCER EVOLUTION

Engine 2.0L
Price class RS
Transmission 5M/T
Emission level Euro-4
Overall length mm 4,505
Overall width mm 1,810
Overall height mm 1,480
Wheel base mm 2,650
Front mm 1,545
Rear mm 1,545
Ground clearance mm 140
Curb weight Front kg 865
Rear kg 625
Total kg 1,490
Gross vehicle weight (GVW) kg 2,040
Seating capacity persons 5
Fuel consumption Combined 10.2
Urban 13.6
(L / 100km) Extraurban 8.3
Max. speed km/h 240
Min. turning radius m 5.9
2.0-liter DOHC I/C T/C
16-valve MIVEC(4B11)
Fuel type / Octane Premium Unleaded / RON98
Total displacement cc 1998
Bore x stroke mm 86.0 x 86.0
Compression ratio 9.0
Max. output (EEC net) kW (PS) / rpm 217(295) / 6,500
Max. torque (EEC net) Nm (kgm) / rpm 366(37.3) / 3,500
Fuel supply equipment ECI-MULTI
Fuel tank capacity lit. 55
Battery 65D26L
Alternator V-Ah 12-130
Starter V-kW 12-1.4
Technical Specifications - General Export (2/2)
model year 2009 LANCER EVOLUTION

Engine 2.0L
Price class RS
Transmission 5M/T
Emission level Euro-4

Clutch type Single, dry with diaphragm spring

Clutch operating methord Hydraulic , pull-type

Type 5-speed manual

1st 2.857
2nd 1.950
3rd 1.444
Gear ratio 4th 1.096
5th 0.761
Reverse 2.892
Final 4.687
Rack and pinion with hydrauric
power assist
MacPherson strut, coil sptings
with stabilizer bar
Rear Multi link with stabilizer bar
Front 15" ventilated discs
Rear 15" ventilated Drum in discs
Brake booster size 10" master vac
Tyres (front and rear) Standard 205/60R16 92H *
Option 245/40R18 93Y **
Wheels (front and rear)Standard 16" Steel
Option 18" Alloy
Spare tyre Spare tire less (Tire repair kit)

*Factory-standard tires: 205/60R16 92H (maximum permissible speed: 210km/h)

**Optional tires [B44]: 245/40R18 93Y (maximum permissible speed: 300km/h)