Do problems take place between the spouses?

There is in the marriage life a lot of good for the husband and the wife and the children. In spite of that, sometimes there appear some of the problems in the marriage life. It is a must upon us that we know this fact before the marriage. Yes, there may take place differences between the spouses, this is not the problem, the problem only is (that) we are incapable of solving those problems.

Many of the youth believe that the marriage life is without problems, so if they encounter a problem, they rebel (become upset/angry), and they think about the divorce. It is upon the youth to know that the marriage life is a long journey, and that the path to the success in marriage life is the dialog (i.e. good communication).

Why problems take place between the spouses, from one time to another? The reason returns to the presence of many differences between the personality of the man and the personality of the woman, and these differences appear after the stage of the childhood, and they increase in the stage of the youth; therefore, the man likes things and the woman does not like them, and the woman likes things and the man does not like them.

And when the problems appear in the marriage life, the spouses take to the complaint. The husband complains and he says: my wife does not listen to me, and she talks with her friends over the phone a lot, and she goes to the market a lot, and she buys things and we are not in need of them. And the wife complains, and she says: my husband talks throughout the time From 3rd lesson, 2nd article, from the book 2 of Alarabiyah bayna ya dayk.‫المترجمة: نسرين السلفية‬

about the politics and the sports, and he spends a long time outside of the house, and when he is in the house, he spends the time in the reading of the newspapers, and the magazines, or with the computer. The End. .‫الحمد هلل الذي عمته تتم الصا حات‬ ‫ل‬ ‫بن‬ I really liked this short article reading and translating as well. Alhamdulilah. Do not forget the solution to the problems: The dialog/good communication. Always It is very important in every type of relationship, in parents and children relationship, in friendship, in any relationship. A good communication and open heart always brings peace. This is w‫ال‬hat I believe and Allah knows of course the best.

From 3rd lesson, 2nd article, from the book 2 of Alarabiyah bayna ya dayk.‫المترجمة: نسرين السلفية‬

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