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Chapter 1

Traiviss Krieger kicked the drunkard easily in the jaw knocking

him unconscious instantly and swiftly moved to the next opponent.
Traiviss had to admit the clumsy fool put up a good fight, but he was
no match for the three well-placed punches to his stomach, chest and
Traiviss didn’t like fist fights, per se. He liked to fight blade to
blade, but these men didn’t have any weapons on them and he had
left his in the land speeder…
A fist came from behind Traiviss, but he easily spun and
deflected it with his right arm. Traiviss struck down on the man’s
pressure point in his shoulder with his elbow resulting in his imminent
Traiviss smiled inside as he noticed the crowed gathered to
watch him bring justice to the three men who were accused of murder
and disturbance of the peace. He walked nonchalantly towards the
crowd unscathed, “There is your justice,” he said to no one in
particular. He had to keep from laughing at his ‘dramatic’ exit.
These criminals did not deserve to live but the Council gave
him specific instructions; they were to be taught a lesson, but they
also needed to live. The crowd made a clear pathway to the exit as if
he were contagious.
When Traiviss got outside, he jumped the ten meters distance
to his small, rusty, old land speeder and shook his head in disgust as
he punched the throttle, speeding out of the vagabond and criminal
infested town.

As rebellious as the Council thought he was, Traiviss was a

very nice kid, or rather, they thought he was a kid. He was nice
enough and got along with others well, but he was no child. He was a
kid in size and age yes, but in maturity, knowledge and skill he was
an adult, and in wisdom, he might as well be an elder. Nevertheless,
in truth, he was still regarded as a child and he got the same amount
of respect.
He had passed the examinations (a series of tests that tried
your physical, metal and emotional capabilities) at the very young age
of eight and was then appointed a Master of mind at the age of
sixteen. A feat that had never before been accomplished. He was not
allowed a student, though, because his fellow masters thought he
was not emotionally ready. He snorted at their stupidity. The masters
were very intelligent and very powerful, but they had no common
sense and made mistake after mistake. Traiviss was one of the very
few that recognized their stupidity.
He sighed in annoyance as he came to a stop at his extremely
humble abode. It was oval-like shaped and was the color of a
desert…if a desert had mold and rust all over it. He shut down the
land speeder and walked through the door. He glanced around and
shook his head in disgust at the cluttered and messy living space.
The bed was ripped up, the lights flickered, and the whole structure
shrieked when the wind blew. He opened the food storage device and
found nothing appealing so decided to take a walk instead, slamming
the door behind him.

As Traiviss walked, he thought about how much he absolutely

hated this place. It was pretty, but he just hated being here. The
Masters had sent him here on a wild goose chase that was pointless
and extremely boring. They had sent him saying that there was an
immense power here that needed to be investigated. As far as
Traiviss could figure, it was just the natural power felt by life existing,
but he was commanded to stay anyway. Traiviss grunted in frustration
and kicked a boulder, adding his mind’s kinetic ability, shattering it.
Traiviss took a deep breath and relaxed himself before moving on.
The night was on the verge of being cold, but Traiviss did not
really care. The dry desert was one of the very many various terrains
that were on Htae. The planet had only been discovered two or three
years ago, but there was nothing too special about it except for the
fact that it was one of the few, other than Earth, with various
Where he walked was covered with dry bushes that were alive,
but so dry that they might as well be dead. What was the point of
trying to survive in a place that was miserable to live in anyway? As
Traiviss pondered this, he headed in the direction his feet thought
was best and suddenly found himself lost in his own conscious, in his
thoughts and in his emotions. His Masters often warned about the
destructive capabilities that powerful emotions could have, but he
couldn’t help but wonder about the truthfulness of the Council and its
teachings. He wondered if he was doing things right and if he could
be forgiven if for some reason he was not doing things right. More
importantly, he wondered if he could bring himself back if for some
reason he fell.
That is when his head slammed into a wall, or what Traiviss
thought was a wall. He looked up into the small abandoned town that
he had just walked to. It had only three buildings and all of them were
missing part of their structure, but there was no wall in front of him.
This puzzled Traiviss and he decided that he was just being
unobservant. He must have imagined it.
He walked forward with his head up this time and ran into a
wall. That was the only way that Traiviss could describe it. He put
both hands on the wall, if it could be called such, and felt it. It had a
gelatinous feel to it, hard and soft at the
same time, like water hit at a high speed. It had neither color nor
shape. It was nothing yet something at the same time.
He felt it again, but this time with his mind. The probe reached
out and touched the barrier. It was not made of any type of matter
that Traiviss knew of; instead, it was made of thought. It was like
touching something that was vibrating at a high speed and on the
verge of shattering. The anger, frustration, desperation, helplessness,
pain, and suffering felt almost painful to Traiviss’ mind’s touch.
Traiviss was now definitely interested. He exerted extraneous
force with his own mind and broke the barrier. He held his own while
he backed into the field of thought before he let go of his temporary
The dilapidated city was shabby of course but there was no
dust, as if it had been used, as if someone had been living there. He
took his steps more carefully after this realization. He looked around
for some sign of life, but didn’t find much until he felt around with his
mind. He saw the soft white glow of a life form and from the shape, it
seemed to be human. He took a few cautious steps forward but the
shape did not move.
He stopped and initiated a sort of staring contest between him
and the form that he now realized was a child. He couldn’t be more
than thirteen or fourteen years old.
Traiviss gasped as the child’s mind bashed into Traiviss’ mind
barrier. The pain was immense and he screamed as the child tried to
invade Traiviss’ mind. He had to shove the child back a few meters in
both the physical plane and the mental as well to regain his stability.
By the time he had his pain and balance under control the child
was charging him with a short sword-like weapon. Traiviss ducked out
under the first swing and whipped out his Loroc before the child could
strike again. The Byzantium colored blade screamed in anticipation
as Traiviss waited for the child to make a move. The kid launched
himself into the air and descended upon Traiviss. He blocked the
blade with a clang like a sizzle and flung the blade to the right
following up by hitting the child on the head with his hilt.
The kid crumpled to the floor, but Traiviss knew he was not
dead. He would wake up with a headache the size of an elephant but
he would still be alright. He only then realized that this child had used
his mind to the level of an apprentice when he was only fourteen
years old! No training, no discipline, no restraint, nothing! This was
what the Masters were looking for, this was the reason they had sent
him here. Traiviss thought, Maybe they have some sense in them
after all. Traiviss looked down at the child’s filthy clothes and soot
covered face. Then again, maybe not.

The child was difficult to carry to his living quarters but he called
upon his mind’s energy to give him strength. He decided that taking
him to the Council by space now while the kid was asleep would be
best. Traiviss took him to his small fighter in the back of his living
quarters. The electric green ship had black lightning painted on the
sides and top and was made in the shape of an arrow. It was Traiviss’
pride and joy and would barely fit the two of them, but it would get the
job done.
He placed the child in the back seat, meant for a co-pilot, and
jumped in himself closing the cockpit in the same motion. The launch
sequence was over in a minute and soon he was blasting out of the
Traiviss went to work on the control panel punching in the
co-ordinates for Earth and launched into space.

The child woke after they had been in space for about an hour
with a frightened yelp. Traiviss tried to stifle a laugh, but failed, “Don’t
be scared, I’m taking you to Earth.” Traiviss’ head smashed into the
control panel with just enough force to cause a broken nose. Traiviss
yelled in anger and created a mental shield around him while fixing
his nose. He turned in his seat to look the child in the eyes and
noticed he was crying. Traiviss felt compassion for the sad little kid.
He had to be feeling very scared and alone. He flooded the child’s
mind with images and feelings of security and happiness.
“Who are you?” the child asked.
“I’m Traiviss Krieger, a Master of the mind from Earth. Who are
“My name is Ivel Dagorval.” Traiviss knew from his tone that he
wasn’t going to get a lot more out of him.
“How did you learn to fight like that?”
The kid seemed to be debating if he should tell Traiviss what he
knew, but in the end, with a little mind push from Traiviss, he gave in,
“I’m not really sure. It just seems to happen, whenever I feel scared
or in danger it…comes to me.”
Traiviss decided he had asked enough questions and turned
around to pay more attention to the control panel, but just a few
minutes later curiosity got the better of the kid.
“Why did you come to me? Why were you at the town I live in?”
“To tell you the truth I am not sure myself.” It was true. He had
not planned to be there, he just went there.
“What are you going to do with me?”
Traiviss sighed, “I’m taking you to Earth to go before the
Council. They will decide what to do with you.”
The kid seemed to sink with depression, “So that means that
I’m going to
be in prison?”
Traiviss almost laughed, “No no, they would be a bunch of fools
to do that. You should be taught. You have amazing potential.”
“Yes! To be able to set up a barrier made out of thought that can
actually manifest in the physical plane is an amazing feat! I have
never heard of such a thing in all my training. You being able to do it
at this age is amazing!”
“Well, um thanks.” he said sheepishly. “I must ask…what is all
this stuff you’re talking about? Master of the mind? Council? What are
Traiviss was surprised. Most everybody was familiar with Aldes
Tihigil. It was an organization of humans and non-humans alike that
all shared the same ability; to use there mind as a tool. They were
found, then taught, then apprenticed and then made a Master. The
whole purpose of this organization was to keep the peace and help
others at all times and everywhere. In times of war they were
warriors, in times of peace they were diplomats and at all times they
were scholars, teachers, artists and peaceful.
Traiviss took the time to explain all this to the child and by the
time he was done the child looked very sleepy, but remained awake.
Traiviss sighed as he realized this as a sign of distrust. He stayed
silent though, for he didn’t really know what to do around this kid. He
wasn’t really a people person in general. He loved to show off and he
loved it when people admired him but he did not like to be in a big
crowd of people and try to have fun. He had three or four close
friends and that was about it, and even they were not very close and
now he had a kid to take care of. The thought alone brought him

They came out of space after another three hours of traveling

and the kid was still asleep. Traiviss took it easy coming into Earth’s
atmosphere. He landed on one of the Sanctuary’s (the base for Aldes
Tihigil) landing pads, but after that, he didn’t know what to do with the
sleeping child. After some thought he just decided to leave him
On his way to the Council Chambers, he looked back on what
had happened in one night. He was amazed at what could and what
did happen in one night. He had gone from a bored and
non-important person to a person carrying a child with the potential to
become a very powerful and prominent figure.

He walked the rest of the way to the Council Chambers and

sent an invitation for them to meet him on the landing pad. He then
sped back toward the landing pad, though he didn’t know why. He
had no need to rush.
Then he remembered the child.
He pushed himself to a mind-enhanced sprint. When he got to
the landing pad, the child was gone! Fear enveloped him as he
groped around the temple with his mind.
Finally, after a few minutes he found the surprisingly complex
mind of the kid and sprinted toward it.
He found the child in the Sanctuary Library. He was staring in
awe at the thousands of sources of information. Traiviss chuckled to
himself. The kid whispered, “There’s so many!” Traiviss released a
sigh of relief before bending down to the eleven year old, “Kid we’ve
got to get out of here, the Council’s coming to see you!” The child
seemed to understand and unwillingly pried himself away from the
massive collection.
The Council came a few minutes after Traiviss had got back
with the child in tow. There were twelve of them; Master Noyro, a
grisly human warrior with a full beard who was the weapons
specialist, Master Rawwoir, who was Master Noyro’s seven foot tall
Ikoow apprentice, Master Niompacs, a kind looking man who was in
charge of taking care of the children’s training, Master Mobo, a
handsome younger man with light blonde hair and black robes who
was a specialist in energy enhanced mental powers, Master Apeec, a
tall man with long brown hair who was in charge of negotiations and
inter-galactic peacekeeping, Master Kedgel, a man with a round head
and stout frame who was the library director, Master Drah, a dark
skinned man who never smiled and was in charge of security, Master
Tighfl, a green skinned Karruen who was an expert pilot, Master
Delposi, who was a very snobby man, Master Lloya and Master
Viesudo, who were both councilors to the Grand Master Vexipal.
Master Noyro was the first to speak, “Well he doesn’t look like
much does he.” Master Rawwoir snorted the Ikoow equivalent of a
“Be a little more considerate would you Noyro? The little kid has
been through a lot, I can tell,” said Master Niompacs.
“He is obviously from the planet Htae by the look of his build
and height and he has been through a lot. His presence is like a scar.
He is strong, but for the wrong reasons. He has grown strong from
trial and pain and he is tough from the work he’s had to do because
of his solitary life and having to live by himself,” informed Master
“Well noticed Master Kedgel.” complimented Master Apeec. He
then turned to Ivel, “Little one, what did you do to make Master
Krieger so excited?”
Ivel gave a shrug of shyness as Master Vexipal stepped
“Master Krieger speaks the truth; this is a special case. I can
feel power surging through him,” he then turned to Ivel, “You have the
potential to become a
very powerful person.” Then turning to Traiviss, “You will teach him
Master Krieger.”
Traiviss stood with his jaw hanging slack as the Council walked
away. Master Noyro snickered as they moved past until one of the
Masters slapped the back of his head. Traiviss turned to look at the
child. He seemed surprised, almost scared as he looked back with his
jaw slack also.
Traiviss said monotonously, “Come with me.”
The boy understood and followed. They walked for a while until
they reached a door with two painted swords crossed on it. They
entered into a room with swords along the wall and a lot of mats and
little silver balls on the floor.
Traiviss turned on the boy then whipped out his blade revealing
the wickedly shining Byzantium blade, “Let’s go kid.”

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