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Nations Day of Prayer - November 22, 2014

Our collective past, present, and future is granted to us by kise-manito, kind loving Creator,
who placed us here on Turtle Island for a purpose. We receive guidance, protection, direction,
and connection through prayers; through ceremony. We invite and welcome all spiritual
support of prayer! On November 10, 2014 Treaty Nations met in Saskatoon at an emergency
meeting to discuss the coming repercussions of Bill C 27 (First Nations Fiscal Transparency and
Accountability Act) on Nations who stand on the position of Treaty, refusing to submit to
Canadas coercive tactics to impose this legislation. During the meeting, it was suggested and
agreed that a Day of Prayer be called across the Nations to call on our spiritual grandmothers
and grandfathers to help us through this time - to remember the spirit of Treaty to guide us.
We must remember who we are and the strength of our Treaties our ancestors thought about
us when making Treaty and now we must think of the future as we make our decisions in what
we will do to combat legislation that counters the treaty promises and treaty relationship.

At the Emergency Meeting held in Saskatoon, Chief Margaret Bears words explain the
significance of November 22, 2014:

I feel if we can have a day of prayer across our Nations. We need to stick
together. We will stand with you as it is our fight as well. It is important because
of our existence of who we are; our inherent and our treaty rights; our self-
determination; we do it because of our children and our future to ensure that we
as nations and peoples survive. As a woman, mother, grandmother and leader of
my community, I feel I must do something and not just do nothing (Nov. 10,

This day is significant because the Federal Government has sent threatening letters to those
Nations opposing C-27, stating if they do not receive financial information by November 26,
2014, they could withhold funding for both essential and non-essential services, require the
council to develop an action plan to provide financial information or get a court order to force
councils to carry this out.

We ask for prayers four days before the day the federal government has set the deadline
(November 26, 2014) for all Nations to submit to Bill C-27.
We ask with humble respect for the Elders, women, men, and youth to raise
their voices to our Creator on this Nations Day of Prayer for the purpose of
ensuring our survival as peoples and Nations.

kinnaskomitinww, we thank you all.

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