I woke up and sat too quickly , I screamed it hurt so much on my side , but quickly realized I was in a room I’ve

never seen before . I looked around and it was very formal and classical . I guessed I was on the living room from what it looked like . As I was observing again I saw Edward and flinched in surprised . “ are you well ? Edward asked concerned “ yes , where am I “ I asked confused “ well you’re at my home , we found you in the forest you were hurt , don’t worry we took care of that my father Carlisle helped you with you’re injury , Judy what happened to you ? Edward asked seriously well that explains I thought . I told him everything from the first day I came here , till the tragedy that had happened . “ why don’t you just leave “ Edward suggested “ I cant Edward , I don’t now where else to go by the way how long have I been here “ I asked cautiously “ you’ve been asleep for 3 days , Judy maybe we can help you “ Edward pleaded “ no I couldn’t , I really appreciated for what you guys done but I have to leave I cant stay here “ I said depressed .out of nowhere this girl came In “ hi I’m Alice , it’s finally nice to meet you “ Alice said cheerfully “ nice to meet you I’m judy “ I said “ well Edward been talking a lot about you , so I wanted to meet you in person . I kind of over heard you’re conversation Edwards right we can help you “ alice said “ I really appreciated for what you’ve done for me but I cant I have to go “ I said pleading Edward finally gave up and helped get up “ at least let me get you home “ Edward asked “ sure why not “ I said I said my goodbyes to Alice and left the whole ride I was scared of how aunt natilda would react when I came home . We eventually got there “ look Judy if you need help , you can come and talk to me “ Edward said soothingly “ thanks Edward for what you’ve done , you practically saved my life I’m really grateful for that , I would never forget “ I said I stepped out of the car and made my way towards the house . I opened the door and aunt natilda was waiting in the couch .” finally I thought you left town , I’m very angry for what you’ve done to MR. lautner “ aunt natilda said I could not believe what I was hearing “ I didn’t do anything to that guy , he nearly raped me how could you say that “ I screamed but realized it was a mistake the pain increased and I had to remember I wasn’t fully recovered “ well , stop lying you should’ve let him and anyways you are going to marry him , tomorrow he would come and proposed to you and you better accept it because if you don’t , I will hurt you and I’m not scared to try “ aunt natilda said she quickly got up and left I couldn’t believe it . I went to my room and cried , I didn’t sleep well that night . my life was a misery and I knew it wouldn’t get better . I didn’t know what to do but if I didn’t accept I knew aunt natilda could even possibly kill me . I new the real reason why she wanted me to marry him , she wanted his money and maybe if Margaret was old enough ,she would probably do the same to her even if it was her own daughter . Morning eventually came and I heard the door opening I wanted to escape but I couldn’t not with my condition “ Judy come down “ wicked witch of the east said or my aunt . I got off bed and went downstairs and into the living room . I realized Mr. fat , fat or lautner nose was broken I nearly almost laughed he deserves that and more for what he almost did to me I wished for him to be dead . I bit my lip and stood there staring at the ground “ MR. lautner has something important to say too you

“ wicked witch of the east said almost happily I looked at him straight in the eyes he leaned against in one knee “ would you marry me “ MR . lautner asked I was at the verge of crying not because of the proposal but what I was about to say “ yes “ I said he happily got up and slid the ring in my left hand . He was about to kiss me but I turned my head , I refuse to kiss him . After he left I went straight to my room and cried the rest of the weekend . I woke up not feeling like my self , I felt strange but I couldn’t think of that I needed to get out fast of this hell house . So I quickly took a shower , brushed my teeth and put : a long gray sleeve areopostale shirt , it fit me perfectly it showed off my curves and wore black skinny jeans but they were ripped in the knees and my black converse . Went outside I felt so relived but I needed to talk to someone and I knew just the person . I arrived at school and the parking lot was empty except for the Cullen’s , with all my guts I went straight toward them . When I got to them Alice and Edward looked at me with a surprise ,joy . “ I need to talk to you “ I said in a strained voice “ yea , of course “ Edward said looking concerned I left and he followed . Sonly I turned around and in that moment I knew he was the only one I could trust . “ what’s wrong Judy is everything ok? “ Edward asked a tear escaped from the corner of my eye I narrowed my eyes to hide my shame he softly touch my cheek “ no , my aunt made me marry that guy that almost raped “ I confessed sheepishly right there I just broke down he hugged me and made me sit down “ tell me exactly what had happened “ Edward said I looked at him “ she want me to marry him because of his money , she want to get rich , she even threatened me if I didn’t accept she would possibly hurt me or maybe even kill me so I had to Edward but I don’t know what to do , I cant live there anymore I just cant I tell you about this because you’re the only one I could possibly trust you cant tell anyone promise me “ I begged him “ I promise “ he answered I showed him the ring and he just stared at it for minutes . Eventually he looked at me “ Judy why don’t you let me help you , I cant live knowing what you are going through maybe you can live with us “ Edward suggested “ Edward don’t “ but I got cut off he put a finger in my lips “ don’t I want to help you Judy , come on let’s go “ Edward said he walked me to my first period we stopped at my door “ Edward thanks for helping me you are the only truly person I could trust “ I said very sincere “ is my pleasure , I wouldn’t like to see you like that “ Edward said truthfully “ well I got to go see you later “ I said I walked in the classroom and the day went ahead , school was over and I made my way to the parking lot and I saw MR. lautner his car was parked and he was coming his way toward me I just froze I didn’t know what to do . “ hey Judy there you are lets’ go “ Alice said I looked at her and she was coming to save me . “ there you guys are ‘ this blonde hair girl said she was amazingly gorgeous “ come on lets go “ Alice persisted . MR. lautner finally reached us “ ’Judy were you going” he asked “ oh I’m sorry you must be her dad , well we are just going to the library will bring her home safely “ alice reassured he looked at me “ yea I’ll see you later come on guys lets go “ I tried to say convincingly they both grabbed my arms and made our way to the silver Volvo “ thanks you guys “ I said in relief “ no problem” the blonde girl said “ oh sorry I’m Rosalie “ she said “ oh well I’m Judy” I said Rosalie nodded . We finally reached the car, and 2 guys were leaning against it alice went with this blonde guy, while Rosalie went toward a big , buff guy. I guess they were couples but aren’t they related to each other . Someone must of seen my expression because they answered “ were adopted “ Rosalie Chapter 3 .

explained oh that why that understood everything oh well they look good together. “ hi I’m Emmet “ the buff guy said he came to me and gave me a bear hug. We all laughed “ and I’m jasper “ the blonde guy said “ nice meeting you all” I sincerely said . We were waiting for Edward I kept looking around I was just nervous but in the back of my mind . I knew something bad will eventually happen but I didn’t know what it was. Edward finally appeared and talked to his brothers but I still kept glancing around the parking lot. waiting for aunt natilda car to show up . I got startled by the sound of Edward voice I glance toward him he seemed to realize how I felt “ come on lets take you home” Edward said I nodded and we all got in the car . We approached to my house I said goodbye to them and went walking toward the house cautiously. I got inside and found suitcases everywhere “ what’s going on” I asked “ were moving to a mansion” Margaret answered excitedly . that’s when aunt natilda came “ you’ll be staying here with mr. Laurent until the wedding “ aunt natilda fully said giving me the exact details . I was beyond shock I was tormented . I kept thinking of what he’ll do to me . Night came and they left I was aloe mr. Laurent would arrive soon. So I went to my room and locked the door . I was terrified the door suddenly opened and Laurent came in “ how you get in “ I asked surprised “ you’re aunt gave me the keys to every room in this house just in case you locked “ he answered and smiled at me he came and sat beside me . I flinched away from his touch , he suddenly grabbed me and push me toward the bed . He got o top of me “ let go of me” I demanded I wouldn’t let him touch me I would rather die. He only slapped me it hurt I could feel the mark he left on my face. He started to remove my pant but I kept kicking him . He laughed evilly he succeeded. He pulled my legs apart and he started kissing my body. I grabbed his face and bit him “ you fucking bitch” he yelled . I ran out of the room but tripped I went to the first room I saw and locked it I knew it was useless . He got in “ you want to play then we’ll play” he said he pushed me against the wall “ know one or nothing will save you now “ Laurent said I screamed as hard as I could but tears also came running down my cheeks . He took of his shirt I tried to escape but he just slammed me in the wall. But he got off me and just fell to the floor I saw Edward behind him he knocked him out. I just fell to the ground and started crying , Edward came beside me and picked me up we went to my room. He sat me in my bed “ it’s ok Judy know one going to harm you “ Edward said soothingly he put my jeans back and carried me off to his car. He placed me in the back seat we droved off, the whole ride we sat in silence . We finally stopped I wondered where we were he opened the door but I managed to get out by myself . I looked and right in front of me was a three story house , it was divine these people were rich but that thought send tears. After that I could not stop crying , Edward many times tried to calm me down but I couldn’t I just needed to let it all out , I new next time Laurent would succeeded . This character became a nightmare in my life, I managed to stop crying I sat there staring at nothing , or daydreaming . I heard a conversation near me but I tuned it out , someone sat beside me “ Judy are you ok” I new that voice it was Alice. I nodded “ she’s in a state of shock let it wait until tomorrow , let her sleep it off” a professional voice said I assumed it was Carlisle I guess he was right . Edward voice was right beside me “ judy why don’t you go to sleep , you’ll feel better in the morning” Edward kindly said he also sounded stressed out I felt bad for what I was causing “ ok, I’ll try “ I barely said and my vision went black. Was I dreaming or awake , Edward was standing in the middle of the forest looking at me , I saw his lips moving but I couldn’t catch what he was saying and then it came louder than a whisper “ I’m going to kill you” he jumped on top of me but I woke up. I was in a room ive never seen before I was laying on a gold bed , I saw a clock beside me it was pass 8 oh no I was going to be late for school. I got up and went to the door as I opened it Edward was casually leaning against the wall. That made me gasp” did I scare you “ Edward asked with hope in his voice “ no not really “ I tried to say also casually “ where you going by the way “ Edward ask “ obviously to school” I replied he came closer and I stepped back “ judy you’re not going to school you’ll be staying here

you’re not in a good state yet” Edward simply said “ look Edward I’m really sorry what I caused yesterday but I’m fine now Edward really im fine I just need time to be by myself I need to go to a place where I know no one would ham me but here is not that place “ I said stressed out” “ where judy?’” Edward ask reproachful “ with my brother “ I said but in truth I didn’t have one “ you’re lying to me arent you judy cant you understand I want to help you I want to be with you , I cant let you go away not now maybe not ever “ Edward truthfully said I looked at him in disbelief “ you care about me” I gasped “ of course judy I always did theres something about you that makes me feel like a different person” Edward said and he came closer to me we just stared into one another eyes. Edward p. o. v chapter 4 we stood there staring at each other everything I said was of course true I did like her I feel like im not a monster when I’m near her . She is the love of my life but I cant tell her that not yet, not now , maybe not ever. But I don’t know how much long I can resist . I need to have her now , feel those lips, be with her, make her mine, and take away her misery. Ever since the first time I saw her I knew there was something about her that made my dead heart want to beat erratically. But I kept lying to myself , I kept ignoring alice visions I knew I would never find that right person but I finally found her after 168 years I finally found her. But I could not be with her because of what I am a vampire. Plz commentar!!

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