REPORTED SPEECH Change of tenses

Simple Present Present Continuous Simple Past Past Continuous Present Perfect Present Perfect Continuous Simple Future “am, is, are + going to + inf. “ can Must Simple Past Past Continuous Past Perfect Past Perfect Continuous Past Perfect Past Perfect Continuous Conditional Simple (would + inf) “was, were+ going to + inf. ) Could Had to

Other changes: next (month)► the following (month) today ► that day yesterday ►the day before tomorrow ► the following day now ► then last (week)► the (week) before tonight ► that night this ► that these ► those here ► there


Affirmative Negative


e.g. “FILL in this form, please” She asked me TO FILL in that form. e.g. “DON¨T WRITE here” He told me NOT TO WRITE there”

◊ STATEMENTS ( change of tenses)

Ex. “It’s a nice room. It overlooks the sea”. (Simple Present ►Simple Past) She told me (that) it was a nice room and it overlooked the sea. “We won’t disturb you”. (Simple Future ► Conditional Simple) He said (that) they wouldn’t disturb me/us.
◊ QUESTIONS (change of tenses)


Ex. “Are you staying here?” (Present Continuous ► Past Continuous) They wanted to know if I was /we were staying there.

Ex. “When did the group arrive?” (Simple Past ► Past Perfect) I asked her when the group had arrived. Ex. “Where have they been?” (Present Perfect ► Past Perfect) I asked them where they had been.

Reporting Verbs
* Verbs of speaking + that say / agree / explain / reply / complain / suggest Ex. “This food is cold” He complained that the food was cold. * Verbs of speaking + pronoun + to + verb ask / tell Ex. “Would you mind signing this?” He asked me to sign it. * Verbs of speaking + to + verb offer / refuse / agree Ex. “Ok. I’ll do it.” She agreed to do it.

* Verbs of speaking + noun/pronoun introduce / greet / accept / refuse / explain / interrupt Ex. “Maria, meet Paul.” She introduced Maria to Paul. ! Apologise Ex. “I’m sorry I broke the lamp” He apologized for breaking the lamp.

Practice: Reported Speech 1. Fill in this form, please. 2. What’s your name? 3. This is the non-smoking area. We’ll have to sit over there. 4. Don’t bother other guests. 5. I’m Mr Brown. I have a reservation. 6. I hope you enjoy your stay here. 7. Could you write down your passport number? 8. I’ll call the porter to take you to your room. 9. Have you stayed in this hotel before? 10. What facilities do you offer? 11.Can I get a taxi from here? 12. I’ll see if we have a vacancy. 13. I’m afraid there isn’t a beauty salon. 14. Does the price include room service? 15. You must compare the two signatures. 16. Have you used the mini-bar? 17. I’m checking out in an hour’s time. 18. The guest is worried because he hasn’t received a fax. 19. Don’t change money in the hotel. Go to a bank. 20. What time does the exchange bureau close? 21. Guide dogs are permitted. 22. If you want an outside line, dial 9. 23. Wait a moment, I’ll have to look at the list. 24. I’ll see what I can do. 25.We’re working as fast as we can. 26. We only accept Visa in this restaurant. 27. What are you complaining about? 28. Don’t worry, we’ll speak with the manager.