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FIVE ---------------------------------------------------------------The fifth compilation of filksongs collected from the FILK Echo and provided for download via the auspices of Kay Shapero, moderator of same. Publication date, September 1990. All copyrights belong to the writers. FILKfile appears at irregular intervals of a month or more, depending on how many songs appear on the echo. ---------------------------------------------------------------AND HERE'S ANOTHER ASCII ANNOTATION SCHEME, a bit more visual than mine, but also bulkier. (For mine, see FILKfile 4) === ASCII MUSICAL NOTATION developed by Leigh Ann Hussey with help from Shadowthought and Josh Gordon Each line of the music consists of 4 lines of music. The time signature(s), the lines between bars, and each note take up one column, with modifiers such as sharps, flats, and dots extending a note up to three columns. The time signature is written at the beginning in the obvious way. Three vertical bars (lines 2 to 4) mark the divisions between measures. Lines 1 to 3 indicate note durations, as follows: 1/16 note = | | 1/8 note _ | | 1/4 note | | 1/2 note | o dotted-1/2 note | o. 1/8 rest ' 1/4 rest %

Line 4 indicates the pitch. The numbers 1 to 8 mark the octave including middle C (A through F); 1' to 8', one octave above middle C; 1" to 8", two octaves above middle C; '1 to '8, the octave below middle C. A number followed by a # is a sharp; a number followed by a lower-case b is a flat; a number followed by a = is natural. Underscores connecting a note to the next note indicate a slur. Consider the following examples: HOOF AND HORN 4 4 | | | | | | | | | | o | | | o 1 7b 1 | 1 7b 1 Hoof and horn, hoof and horn, Corn and grain, corn and grain | ||


| | |

| | | | | | | | | | | | 1 3b 2 7b | 7b All that dies shall be , All that falls shall rise

| | || | o || 2 1 || re-born. a- gain. GOD/GODDESS CHANTS

____ | _____ | | _____ _____ | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | 1 1 1 | 1 1 1 |'7 '7 | 1 1 1 1 I-sis,A- star-te, Di- ana, He- ca-te, DeO-din,Cer-nun- nos, Merd-dyn,Man-na-nan,He| | | | | | _ | | | | | | | ' | | | | | | | | | | | | 1 1 | 1 1 | '7 '7 | me-ter,Ka- li, In-nali-os, Shi-va, Horned || | || o || 1 || na. One.

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BORED OF THE DANCE -The Kipper Family recorded on "The Kipper Family-Fresh Yesterday" (Written by George Kipper, who is Mr. Kipper's uncle, as far as we know......) As I walked down to the village hall I met Charlie leanin' on the wall "Why are you standin' out here, Char-lee?" "Cause I am bored of the dance!" said he! CHORUS: Dance! Dance! What -ever- do they see? In prancin' round all the time, said he I'll leave them all to do it without me For I am bored of the dance, said he! I come to the dance with my girl, he said I told her that I'd rather go to bed, Oh yes I'm sure you would, said she, But first you'll come and dance with me! She said, You'll come and dance right now! But I weren't list'nin' when the caller told us how They "cast left," but "right" I went They danced on, but I ended in the "Gents'!" I drank with the Morris-men, James and John, They drank with me as the dance went on, We drank and we drank till it all went black. It's hard to dance when you're lyin' on your back!

Oh, how she danced on the night they were wed She danced, he drank, and then they went to bed There's no more story to be told She was too hot, and he was out cold! (uploaded by Joe Bethancourt. **** DECHANCIE KIDNAPPED words by Kay Shapero tune: Swing Low Sweet Chariot Go 'way, blue comin' for to Go 'way, blue comin' for to turtleoid carry me off turtleoid carry me off. Copyright? Who knows!)

I checked over echoes of S and F ilk (comin' for to carry me off) And there I saw a scary one called FILK (comin' for to carry me off) Go 'way, blue comin' for to Go 'way, blue comin' for to turtleoid carry me off turtleoid carry me off.

The songs they are singing don't give me a fright (comin' for to carry me off) Its just that I need to have SOME time to write! (comin' for to carry me off) Go 'way, blue turtl... HELP!........(trailing distance. There is the sound of clomping feet...) **** DETERIORATA PT. 2 (The Dark Horde version!) Go nastily amid the Peace and Tranquility, and remember what satisfaction there may be in Genocide. As far as possible, without surrender, move into other people's space. Lie often, and loudly, and listen to the lies of others, even the slow and incompetent - examples can be made of them later. * Seek out meek and inoffensive persons: they are annoying, but fun to kill. Do not bother comparing yourself to others: Those greater than you will eventually be eliminated, and those lesser then you are dead already. Fart in Grand Processionals. * Keep your swords and knives sharp, for all around you are cha'gua, and looking for an excuse to kill you. * Rape first, then pillage, and then burn. * Exercize caution around Vikings and Celts. They are crazier than we are: a Celtic Mongol is an awesome thing indeed. Make him or her your Friend. * But let Life not blind you to the happier side of things: many Hats are swaggering, tinplated dictators off into the

with delusions of adequacy, and everywhere Life is full of Incompetence. Advance yourself. Especially do not feign meanness, neither be cynical about Hate: you are not likely to run out of either. * Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the joys of defenestration and evisceration for more mature pleasures. Nurture a deep-seated suspicion of chag'ua women with big boobs: you never can tell. File your teeth regularly. Discipline is important: practice holding it in between events. * You are a Scourge of the World, no less than Atilla or the Great Ghengis Himself: you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the Known Worlde is going to pieces in a most laudable manner. * Therefore, do your utmost to annoy the Powers-that Be,however you may conceive of Them: BoD, King, or the People's Will; and,whatever your plans of conquest, as you wade thru the morasses of Peace with fire and sword, annoy your Soul. * With all it's Truth, High Resolve, and Courage, the Known World still has it's Ugly Spots and FubbaWubbas. Be thoughtless. Strive to be miserable. -found carved into the back of a MidRealm fighter at Pennsic, AS 23. No damn Copyright. Post no Bills. This means YOU! Courtesy of Ardjukk Afraid-of-His-Cats and the Western Irgun of the Great Dark Horde. **** (WARNING! Bawdy alert!) LONDON DERRIERE -W.J. Bethancourt III (c) copyright 1990 W.J.Bethancourt III I watch you walk upon the streets of London Your mini-skirt stretched tight, and looking sweet I watch you walk, and walk into a lampost I didn't see, upon the London street. So turn your back, and wiggle softly from me! With mini-skirt, (perhaps, no underwear!) Your legs are great! But, by the Gods above me! I watch your wondrous London derriere! The Paris girls are wonders full of beauty, And California grows the Long-stemmed L.A. rose, Berlin nights are full of life, and lovely, But London girls don't wear no panty-hose! So turn your back, and wiggle softly from me! And let me watch, and dream a dream so rare: In my hotel, you naked there above me Sit on my face with your London derriere! **** MORE REAL OLD TIME RELIGION VERSES I was singing Hari Rama With my friend the Dalai Lama 'Til they dumped us in the slammer But that's good enough for me

One-eyed Odin we will follow And in fighting we will wallow Till we wind up in Valhallow Which is good enough for me! Hare Krishna gets a laugh on When he sees me dressed in saffron With my hair that's only half on But that's good enough for me! We will pray with those Egyptians Build pyramids to put our crypts in Cover subways with inscriptions, which is good enough for me.....! We will pray to Zarathustra And we'll pray just like we usta I'm a Zarathustra boosta! And that's good enough for me! I'll arise at early mornin' When the Sun gives me the warnin' That the Solar Age is dawnin' And that's good enough for me! We will venerate Bubastis 'Cause my cat walked up and ast us (Now the cat box is DISASTROUS!) But it's good enough for me! Call Him God, or call him Allah The priest will take your dollah Easy living from -your- follah-wers, but sorry, -not- from me! I'll sing some songs to Lilith, Not so young, and not so girlish, and She's always PMS-ish, but She's good enough for me! And what about this Baccus, Who lives just to raise a ruckus? Loosens women so they'll **** us, Well, that's good enough for me! Now She And And Danae was sweet as flowers, was into golden showers; that showed her Zeus' power that's good enough for me!

Lilith wears a lacy nightie And She is a little flighty She will get you all excite-y She's wet-dream enough for me! Diana is a little spikey And she is a little dyke-ey You don't have to be a Psych-e

To know that's right for me! It's the opera written for us We will all join in the chorus It's the opera about Boris Which is Godunov for me! More verses are always welcome to this collection. Send them to: Joe Bethancourt PO Box 35190 Phoenix AZ 85069 FIDO Net: 1:114/29 (602) 439-8070 Internet: Joe.Bethancourt@f29.n114.z1.fidonet.org **** TEST MESSAGE Words by Kay Shapero (tune: The Ways of Man) This is a test the sysop said Please tell me was this message read I'm checking how the echo's fed For I do want to receive it... Oh the bits, oh the bytes As the boards swap data, nights The echoes promise great delights And I've sworn that I will read them.... **** THE CHIVALRY WENT FOR PIZZA -Cerian Cantwr CHORUS: And the chivalry went for pizza, They would not be denied. Yes, the chivalry went for pizza, With those pies they'd be supplied. The chivalry went for pizza, And they did cause quite a fuss, But the chivalry got the pizza, And they brought it back to us.

It was Sunday after Pennsic The war was at an end. We got to feeling hungry For the mundane world again. We thought to order pizza, And thus we sealed our fate. For the pizza man, he told us, We would have two hours' wait. Two hours came and went, But no pizza did appear. That's when we got to wondering

Just what did go on here. A phone call to the restaurant Assured us all was well, But 'twould be another half hour Ere the pizza we would smell. The time it did pass slowly, Irritation, it did grow. Our stomachs fell to grumbling, For our dinner did not show. When the time had all expired, Our thoughts, they did grow ill. Especially when we heard Another thirty minutes still. The time dragged on and on and on And still no pizza showed. I tell to you most heartily, We were getting quite POed. A last call to the restaurant Said, pizza on your plate? Take it easy, there's no problem, Just another hour's wait. Well folks, that finally did it, The knights stood up to a man. They decided to go into town Their weapons well in hand. The pizza shop they'd ransack, And the blood would freely flow. Well they retrieved our dinner, But just how, I do not know. Now gentles listen closely, And I shall tell you right. If Pennsic Sunday you want pizza, You will have a hungry knight. The war, it may be over, But you should not forget, If you go and order pizza, You'll have one more battle yet. (c) copyright Charles Grab 1990 **** THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS -The Kipper Family Well, as I come home on Monday night I'd had nothin' at all t'drink I saw a horse behind the door.... Well, that made me stop and think! A coat, some boots, a pipe I spied, And then upstairs I ran. And there in bed, beside my wife, Was a great big hairy man! Oh you come bargin' in, she cried,

You've put him off his thrust, For me and the village smith, she cried, are practicin' our Lust! CHORUS: As I come home each night Me troubles all begin For there's the Missus practicin' The Seven Deadly Sins! Well, as I came home on Tuesday night As sober as a Judge I saw no tea upon my plate Where my old tea should lodge So I called my wife and I said to her Well, here's a rum old do! I got no tea upon my plate Is it somethin' to do with you? Well, sin of sin of sins, she said There's nothin' for your tea For I have been a-practicin' The Sin of Gluttony! Well, as I come home on Wednesday night As dry as any old bone I saw the cat upon the stairs Where that should not have gone So I called my wife and I said to her Well, what's all this here, then? Why is the cat all on the stairs Where that should never have been? I'm upstairs practicin' Pride, she said In my best Sunday hat Pride comes before a fall, says I, Then I fell over the cat! Well, as I come home on Thursday night Me tongue all hangin' out I saw no books upon the shelf; They was all strewed about. So I called my wife and I says to her Don't tell me, let me guess: You've found another Deadly Sin That's called Untidyness! She said I'm a-tryin' to find out What Covetousness means I wish we owned that Diction'ry We saw round at the Dean's! Well, as I come home on Friday night A-gaspin' for a wet I saw no spouse upon the chair Where my ol' spouse do set So I called my wife and I says to her Well, what's a-goin' on? I left my spouse upon this chair Wherever has she gone? Look up! Look up! You silly old fool! I'm hangin' from the light

For I am practicin' Sloth, she said, And I'll be here half the night! Copyright Joe Bethancourt, I think... Joe? **** TOO LATE TO PRAY -Traditional Oh, things are gettin better so the politicians say Oh sure they're gettin better as they take our money away! Oh they tax us here and they tax us there, then they call for tax relief We send a bum to prison and elect ourselves a thief Too late to pray when the devil comes Too late once you're there Say buddy I think I see some horns Comin up thru your hair! Now the country runs on gasoline, its' veins are filled with oil But the man that's goin to bleed to death is the man that works and toils With prices gettin higher, and wages stayin low You'll find the poor old workin man at the bottom of the totem pole! We believe the Constitution so And now ol' DeConcini wants to They say it's for our own good They believe in what they want the politicians say take our guns away they say it's for the best to, and disregard the rest Did you do this?

Now the leaders of this country just doin as they please And I hope the time is not too late just to get down on my knees Cause the devil's in the back room, the devil's in the hall The devil's been in Washington, havin himself a ball! **** TORCH SONG (for a Mad Scientist) Words: Georgie Schnobrich Music: "Back Home Again" by John Denver E E7 A There's a swarm across the valley, crowds are movin' in, B7 E Though Igor bagged a dozen.. with a boulder... E7 A The village clods are angry at my last experiment, B7 E And they mean to have our heads ere we're much older. CHORUS: A B7 E E7 Guess it's time to move our lab again, (oooh no!) A B7 E A Sometimes all I gain seems hardly worth the pain, but -

B7 E On we'll flee to move the lab again. To pursue forbidden knowledge is the sweetest thing I know. It's the little things that make a cell a lab... Like electrodes sparking brightly, plasma in the fridge, And a Something squirming softly on the slab. CHORUS: A B7 E A Oh that I could lay this tired old body down! F#m B7 E E7 But we need spare parts of him for later. A B7 E A Bodysnatching's hard in cold and dark graveyards F#m A B7 When corpses all turn out to be vampires! If it isn't fools with torches, it's rivals, priests and ghouls, And heroes.. who insist on being.. brave; Or electric storms off-schedule, or - little peasant girls! It's apparent that the situation's ... grave. CHORUS: They've got Igor in a tizzy, the glassware's gone to smash, And a castle's ... not an easy thing to find... So I may apply for funding as a "Genetic Engineer" And do all this.. through DNA.. recombined. FINAL CHORUS:Yes, it's time to move the lab again, ahh yes! Next time all I gain won't need a stolen brain, and Yes, it's time to move the lab again. **** WHAT TUNE IS THIS? words by Bettie Dendekker and Bruce Holloway tune: Greensleeves (what else?) Which tune is it that's sung to death And never lets you take a breath? That's used for Filk and Christmas Carol, or when a songsmith is o'er a barrel? And wants a tune with easy rhymes, that reminds you of those earlier times when old King Henry conceived a plot for reedy music to... overglot? Alas, this aire has done no wrong, to be used quite this discourteously, We have all sung it late and long And who but my lay, de Greensleeves? - Bruce


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