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The family between the past and the present

The arrangement of the family at present differs from the arrangement of the family in the past. There are a lot features due to
this difference, from them: the disappearance of the big family in many of the societies. The big family used to live in a big
house, all individuals used to join it. The big family disappeared, and the small family appeared, which brings together the
husband, and the wife, and the child, or the two children.

From the features of the difference is the weakness of the relationship between the individuals of the family, so the fathers
became spending most of the time in the places of the work, and they don’t see their children except little, because they go
out in the morning, and they leave them (while) asleep, and they return at night, and they find them (while) asleep. And from
another side, the children leave the house in the morning to the school, and they return in the evening, so the mother stays in
the house alone most of the time.

From the features of the difference is also, the leaving of some of the women from the house to the work. The woman in the
past did not used to go out from her house except when necessary, as for today, the wife may leave her in the morning, and
she does not return to it except in the evening, and when she returns, she is tired, thus she does not carry out the work of the
house from the cleaning and preparation for the food, and she does not find a time to sit with her children, or her husband, in
order to talk about the matters of the children or the house.

The 4th article of 3rd lesson from book 2 of Alarabiyah byna yadayk –‫ نسرين السلفية‬:‫المترجمة‬