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(this stands for security agreement, abrieve first, middle, last name and date)
you can use whatever numbering system you would like

This Commercial-Security-Agreement is made and entered into on the 11 th day of December, in the
year 2007, effective ab initio dob 31st, 1950, by and between the flesh and blood living man First-Middle:
Last, c\o GD City PO (referred to hereinafter as Secured-Party, and also known as the creditor and\or
holder-in-due-course), of the First-Part, and the juristic person\strawman\legal entity FIRST MIDDLE
LAST of 123 MAIN STREET, CITY, STATE ZIP (and\or any alphanumerical variation(s) and\or
derivative(s) thereof) (referred to hereinafter as Debtor), of the Second-Part. This CommercialSecurity-Agreement supersedes and replaces, nunc pro tunc, any presumed, implied, assumed, or actual
co-business partnership, attorney-in-fact, trustee, fiduciary, or accommodation party arrangements that
may have existed between the Secured-Party and the State created Debtor, and\or any third party.
For valuable consideration already received (labour), all property of Debtor (party of the SecondPart) now owned and\or hereafter acquired, including but not limited to: all instruments, assets, accounts,
property, products, proceeds, and fixtures, etc. (hereinafter jointly and severally Property) is transferred
to and hereby the property and security of the Secured-Party, (party of the First-Part). Any\all Property
not specifically listed, named or referenced, is included in the same. All Property is accepted for value
and is exempt from levy. All Property and the Orders therefrom are released to the Secured-Partys
strawman, and before any of said property can be exchanged, sold, tendered or in any manner disposed of,
Secured-Party must be compensated no less than ninety-nine billion (99,000,000,000.00) in fuctional
currency of The United States(sic).
The Debtor agrees to notify all employers and creditors of the same, as all Debtors Property is as of
this date, property of the Secured-Party. Debtor is a Transmitting-Utility for Secured-Party, and the
Secured-Party is hereby granted Power-of-Attorney. Debtor agrees to Hold-Harmless the Secured-Party
of any\all actions taken, and indemnifies the same by way of Bond.
The Secured-Party is with the common-law copy-claim of FIRST MIDDLE LAST (and any\all
alphanumerical variation(s)\derivative(s) thereof).
This privately held Security-Agreement is not dischargeable in bankruptcy court (or otherwise) as the
property of the Secured-Party is exempt from levy.
The Secured-Party reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this Security-Agreement
at any time.
The Secured-Party expressly Reserves All Rights.
Done this 11th day of December, in the year 2007.

Debtor, Second-Party

, agent

By: _______________________
Secured-Party, First-Party
All Rights Reserved


Common-law copy-claim - All Rights Reserved