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Harold T. Morgan, Sr.

12755 Mill Ridge Drive Apt 411

Cypress, Texas 77429
281.221.0477 || 281.970.4705

A conscientious and dependable Quality Assurance Engineer with over twenty-eight years of technical and managerial
experience. Major strengths include contractual requirements, quality inspection and test systems, non-destructive
inspection and testing, product and material evaluation, metrics development, product and process outsourcing, product
packaging requirements, process auditing, procurement specifications and supplier qualification and quality control. Possess
strong analytical, problem solving, interpersonal and written communication skills. Results oriented, quality professional
who is well organized, cost conscious, and performs well as an individual contributor and work team member. Held Secret


Apple Computer Incorporated, Houston, Texas 2005-Present

Senior Supplier Quality Engineer

• Performed as the Resident Engineering and Quality Representative at the Apple notebook outsource repair sites.
• To apply solid understanding of quality control and manufacturing concepts to develop specific Product Quality Plan
(PQP) appropriate to the program and commodities.
• To coordinate all Quality Engineering functions and serving as the project manager to lead efforts at the supplier location.
• To provide technical direction and guidance to other Quality Engineers supporting the implementation of the supplier PQP.
• To interface with different internal and external groups to ensure proper definition of quality expectations and appropriate
assurance techniques.
• To assess measurability and creatively address concerns directly with stakeholders. Identify and direct studies to implement
improvements in measuring method where appropriate.
• To establish audit procedures appropriate to the program and supplier to ensure adherence to quality standards.
• To implement First Article Inspection (FAI) and Process Capability (Cp/Cpk) reviews of mechanical and electromechanical
• To assist in the supplier selection process for new products and second sourcing activities supporting
qualification/disqualification decisions.
• To assess supplier production control and quality programs and to identify shortfalls to expectation, and directly secure
agreement to correct.
• To review the PQP with the supplier and other functional groups to optimize the supplier quality program.
• To evaluate the supplier readiness and adherence to PQP at all development and qualification stages.
• To monitor each supplier's performance through measurement of production line statistics, company inspections, and
• To prepare summary of the supplier’s performance and communicate to appropriate management to ensure effective
corrective action plans can be promptly executed.
• Responsible for implementing and managing Apple quality requirements according to the contract requirements to ensure
contractual compliance and customer satisfaction.
• Responsible for coordinating and chairing product nonconformance reporting and the Material Review Board process.
• Developed and implemented Quality processes and procedures which reduced PCA board reject rates by two percent, and
also which reduced notebook repair return rates by four percent (from 11% to 7%).
• Developed and implemented PCA rework processes for use at Apple repair sites world wide.
• Led Failure Review Board process as part of the Material Review Board product non-conformance process.
• Performed and consulted with Apple Engineering and outsource suppliers on statistical analysis and techniques.
• Support Apple Quality Training for quality awareness and quality tools.
• Led and directed the Apple Continuous Process Improvement Committee team and team meetings.
• Support Apple Product Design Teams for product quality and to lead the use of quality tools.
• Develop Quality metrics data for tracking and monitoring outsource repair supplier performance.
• Direct quality and engineering team responsible for facility transition and qualification of five Apple notebook repair lines
and one PCA repair line in a three (3) day time span.
• Responsible for all Engineering and Quality Assurance contractual requirements for Apple notebook computer repair.

Hewlett-Packard Company, Houston, Texas 1996-2005

Engineering Quality Program Manager

• Developed and implemented Quality processes and procedures which reduced PCA board reject rates by 20 percent.
• Developed and implemented Restrictions on Hazardous Substances (RoHS) process (including audit processes) for
Hewlett-Packard outsource repair sites.
• Developed and implemented Hazardous and Dangerous Material process for Hewlett-Packard outsource repair sites.
• Defined and implemented Material Review Board (MRB) process for repaired materials.
• Developed and implemented Supplier Certification Process and Qualification programs for hard drives, Mass Storage
products, PCA assemblies, and keyboard repair facilities which resulted in cost savings of more than $500,000.
• Responsible for all Quality Assurance contractual requirements for Hewlett-Packard hard drives assemblies.
• Managed five (5) Quality Assurance Inspectors, providing focus, direction, and supervision.
• Developed and implemented Quality Assurance Test and Inspection programs for Mass Storage repair.
• Reduced return rates by fifteen (15) percent by developing and implementing Server Capture Analysis program.
• Reduced field return failure rates by twenty-five (25) percent by developing and implemented First Article Inspection and
Supplier Source Inspections processes for outsourced products.
• Increased fill rates by thirty (30) percent by directing a team approach to develop Dock-to-Stock processes and procedures
for repaired product suppliers.
• Provided Quality Engineering solutions for outsourcing of OEM, PCA and Hewlett-Packard Commercial and Consumer
Portable Computer products.
• Directed the Hard Drive and Removable Media Commodity Management teams to consistently achieve fill-rates of
ninety-nine (99) percent.
• Increased piece part and lot acceptance rates from 95 to 99.8 percent by directing and implementing Quality Process
Improvement programs.
• Implemented, monitored, and tracked internal and external HP Service Supplier Corrective Action Process.
• Developed and implemented Quality metrics to monitor and track internal and external supplier performance.
• Directed the start up of the new Hewlett Packard Company hard disk drive No Fault Found and Kitting facility.
• Responsible for directing and leading Hewlett Packard Service Engineering team in the implementation of Lead-Free and
RoHS requirements at all Hewlett Packard PCA Service Repair facilities.

Electro-space Systems, Incorporated, Richardson, Texas 1994-1996

Senior Project Quality Engineer

• Developed and implemented ISO 9000 Quality Assurance program requirements.

• Redefined Material Review Board (MRB) process.
• Developed and implemented Supplier Certification programs.
• Responsible for all contractual and quality assurance requirements for the PCA Board Lines.

BEI Defense Systems, Euless, Texas 1993-1994

Senior Project Quality Engineer

• Verified company contractual and quality compliance with requirements of MIL-STD-1520.

• Confirmed and audited customer compliance with requirements of MIL-Q-9858.
• Verified accuracy ratios of customer and company test inspection equipment per MIL-STD-45662.

Thiokol Corporation, Space Operations, Brigham City, Utah 1991-1993

Project Quality Engineer

• Facilitated all quality program and contractual requirements for redesigned Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster motors.
• Developed and implemented quality inspection requirements for redesigned Space Shuttle Booster motor-case
insulation bond.
• Reduced inspection time by 50 percent by successfully managing qualification test of updated radiographic inspection
processes for redesigned Space Shuttle Booster motor.

Lockheed Martin, Incorporated, Fort Worth, Texas 1989-1991

Quality Technology Engineering Specialist

• Coordinated development of ultrasonic pulser/preamp and transducer system which allowed for one-ply near surface
resolution complex composite structures.
• Developed microwave non-contact reflecto-meter for determining thickness of spray coatings in large contoured complex
composite structures which reduced quality inspection time by fifty (50) percent.
• Developed Probability of Detection (POD) Statistical models for radiographic inspection methods.

Clark Atlanta University, Atlanta, Georgia
Bachelor of Science, Physics

 Taguchi Methods
 IPC-610
 IPC7711 and 7721
 QS-9000 Requirements
 ISO 9000 Series Requirements
 ISO 9000-2000 Series Requirements
 MIL-Q-9858 Requirements
 MIL-I-45208 Requirements
 21 CFR 820
 Restrictions on Hazardous Substances (RoHS)
 Waste of Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)
 China Compulsory Certification(CCC)
 Lead free Soldering
 Quality Functional Deployment
 Statistical Process Control
 Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
 Production Part and Approval Process
 Radiographic Theory and Applications
 Ultrasonic Theory and Applications
 Microwave Theory and Applications
 Computed Tomography Theory and Application
 Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing
 Deming Quality Principles

 American Society For Nondestructive Testing (ASNT)
 American Society For Quality (ASQ)
 Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA)