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Waste type :
Fly Ash
The largest cut of total about 80-85 % ash, up to 40 ton/h. This ash can be dry or wet
based on need.
Fly ash system :
o 8 economizer hopper
o 32 ESP hopper (8 row and 4 column)
o Fly ash silo with exhaust bag filter
o Vacuum blower for ash transporting
o Aeration blower for dust ventilation
o Pug mill for wet ash discharging
o Telescopic chute for dry ash loading

Bottom Ash
About 20 % ash of the remain fuel. This ash very wet and bigger size than fly ash.
Bottom ash system :
o Submerged scrapper chain conveyor (SSCC) 3 ton/h.
o Clinker grinder 3 ton/h.
o Bottom ash storage 100 ton/h.

FGD Gypsum
Gypsum is the product of the chemical process between limestone slurry with the Sox
from the flue gas Gypsum is produced by FGD unit with absorbing, dewatering,
separation process. After dewatering the gypsum cake have 80 % of solid content (20
% water).

WWTP Sludge Waste

Sludge waste is produced by waste water treatment plant with complicated chemical
treatment process via tank, pond then pipe/hopper fall down to the jumbo bag or
directly to the floor. This sludge is categorized as B3 waste.

Management procedure of by-product :

Economizer/ESP fly ash disposal procedure
- Disposal wet ash to lagoon by dump truck after conditioning approximately 15%
moisture content
- Discharge dry ash into road tanker for disposal off site or for selling the customer

Bottom /pyrite ash disposal procedure

- Using wheel loader to load the bottom ash to the dump truck
- Dump truck stand-by directly under the clinker chute.

Gypsum and sludge disposal procedure

Actually the method is the same with bottom ash but this sludge can be handled or
stored to jumbo bag that hang at chute. Then using forklift to transfer the sludge to

Lagoon disposal procedure :

Safe tipping requirement
Condition ash loading
Lagoon landfill

Waste/by-product disposal for 6 year projection

Waste disposal area approximately 1,136,000 m3

Disposal to lagoon landfill
Bottom ash = 3 ton/h/unit
Fly ash = 10 ton/h/unit
Gypsum = 113 ton/h/unit
WWTP Sludge

Heavy Equipment
Usage of heavy equipment such as:
Bulldozer, compactor, and wheel dozer will be used for coal spreading and
compacting in the stock pile.
Wheel loader for limestone loading to silo
Dump truck and wheel loader for waste loading, transporting & unloading to
Bulldozer, scrapper, and compactor for waste spreading & compacting at Lagoon
Vacuum cleaning module equipment for coal cleaning in Tripper Gallery
Mobile Equipment Arrangement
All of parking area should be safe and near of working area, good compaction soil
for floor.
Near of parking area should be provided of cleaning with support facilities
(cleaning water source with piping, hose & spray gun system, also wash water
drainage system)