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Gleb Botkin, whose father, Eugene Botkin was the personal physician of

the royal family and who was shot along with the rest of the imperial family
at Ekaterinburg, reconstructs vividly the murder of these people, in his
book "The Real Romanovs, as Revealed by the Late Czar's Physician and
His Son" (1931). The Bolshevik Zionist Jew captors of the Russian royal
family repeatedly showed their hatred of them by subjecting them to
unremitting discourtesy and humiliations. Botkin tells us that:
"Nobody knows exactly to what indignities the unfortunate Sovereigns
and their children were subjected during the last months of their captivity.
They were forced to live in the closest association with their perennially
drunk and debauched jailers whose rooms adjoined those of the prisoners.
Not only were they forced to eat at one table with the Bolshevik soldiers,
but from one common bowl. In short, the last period of captivity was one of
a living martyrdom which it is difficult even to faintly visualize."

Ultimately the dark powers controlling Bolshevism ordered the death of the
Czar, Czarina, their four daughters and young son. On a hot July 16, 1918
the head gaoler, the Jew Yakov Yurovsky, awakened the family at 1:30 A.M.
and told his prisoners to go down to the cellar and await there while
transportation was arranged for their supposed journey elsewhere. The
family, their servants, the cook, Kharitinov, the maid Anna Demidova, the
valet Trupp and the doctor, Eugene Botkin, were taken to a cellar whose
heavily plastered walls, the murderers believed, would stop bullets
ricocheting around the room. Two chairs were brought into the room for
Nicholas and Alexandra and as the loving husband held his wife; their four
daughters stood themselves behind their mother. A few minutes later,
Yurovsky returned with ten Lettish [Latvian] soldiers and each soldier who
entered the little room knew which person they were to shoot. The Jew,
Yurovsky then directed the 11 people to stand in 2 rows and read from a
piece of paper a chilling verdict:
"Because your family persists in their attack on Soviet Russia, The Ural
Executive Committee has decided to execute you."

Nicholas' last act was to step forward to shield his wife, for, he had
immediately understood the intention of the eleven men who entered the
room. Yurovsky shot Nicholas who died instantly. Alexandra died next,
giving as her last gesture a Sign of the Cross. Olga also died at once, as
did Dr Botkin and the two servants. However, bullets bounced off
Anastasia, Tatiana, and Marie and ricocheted around the room, for,
unbeknownst to the men, the girls had sewn diamonds into their clothing in
attempt to smuggle them from place to place. Tatiana and Marie were
eventually killed but Tsarevich Alexis was still alive after the initial fire, and
so the Jew Yurovsky fired two shots into the boy's ear. Anastasia, whom
had only fainted, regained consciousness just as Alexis was killed and
screamed as she saw her young brother so murdered. The pack of
murderers immediately fell upon her with bayonets and rifle butts and in a
moment she too lay still. For, the Romanovs, the terrible ordeal was now
ended. Unfortunately for Mother Russia and her people the terrible ordeal
by which they would be terrorised by Organised Evil for decades was just
The fate of the tragic Romanovs was dire indeed but that awaiting Nicholas'
subjects was truly horrific. For, the Bolshevik Zionist Jews and their Evil
Jewish Leadership had planned a vengeance upon Christian Russia that
would put all other past exercises of tyranny in the shade. For, the Dark
Powers that stalk humanity had brought about conditions in Russia that
would elevate barbarity to a level hitherto unknown in the historic record.
When the Bolshevik Zionist Jews usurped power in Russia a turning point
in history was reached; it was the moment when the world entered an
entirely new moral dimension in which Evil was so organised, so concerted
and so directed that the possibility of genocide became a reality. And, the
unfolding horror orchestrated by the human agents of Evil, and in which
World Jewry played a significant role, was but a precursor to what the evil
and wicked people who head the Cult of Evil have planned for humanity in
the near future.
The name of the town Ekaterinburg was changed to Sverdlovsk, in honour
of the Jewish President of the court, Sverdlov, who ordered the murder of
the Russian royal family. Not all Jews are evil but the Dark Gods in their
Evil Agenda for World Government have used the Modern Tribe of Jews
with alarming regularity because of its unique status in history. Moreover,
many Jews through the centuries have willingly given themselves over to
these Dark Forces that plot to enslave humanity thinking that they are
working for a One World under Jewry. Sverdlov was part of the clique of
Jews that plotted to destroy Christian Russia and its Christian people and
thus served the Evil Agenda well. The destruction of Christian Russia and
the mass murder of its Christian people was part of the overall plan, part of
the ancient blueprint, to enslave humanity: a stepping stone to greater

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