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Fact Sheet

Icon DP
A positioning product from Rolls-Royce

Icon DP
is a range of dynamic positioning (DP)
systems from Rolls-Royce. The systems
comply with the IMO requirements to DP
Class 1, 2 and 3. Poscon joystick is another
system in the Rolls-Royce positioning
product family.

Icon DP operator station.

Positioning range design principles

Common control platform
hardware and software are the base for
the Rolls-Royce control and automation
products. The platform defines a common
approach to user interaction, physical
appearance and system architecture.
Common components across products
simplify maintenance and reduces spare
part stock.

Icon DP graphical user interface - specially designed for intuitive touch-screen operations
Icon DP systems
comprise one or several operator stations,
control cabinet, network and power supplies.
The cabinet contains computers and input/
output (I/O) modules for interfacing to
sensors, position reference systems, thrusters,
rudders, power system and other DP related
Unique operator station flexibility
in bridge integration is possible because of
the design of the main components:
A pair of space effective operator devices
A touch-screen display
From the operator devices important and
most common DP functions are accessible
at hand - including system activation,
command transfer, silence alarms, selection
between automatic or manual heading and
position modes. New heading set-points are
generated by the heading wheel and relative
position changes are generated by the
small joystick lever. For safety precautions,
all operational changes require two-step
action by the operator (e.g. double-press
or accept).
The compact operator devices provide

flexibility in arranging the DP system into

consoles or articulated arms to obtain the
best possible ergonomics. By moving all
vessel specific variations into the graphical
user interface, the benefit is 100%
standardised operator devices - an important
contribution for enhanced operational

Icon DP console
DP on bridge wings
can be obtained by adding an extra operator
station. A compact version is available where
the large display is replaced by a 10 display.
Icon DP in operators chair
is a popular and ergonomic solution for many
vessel types. An additional 10 touch-screen
display can be mounted on the armrest.

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Simplicity and proximity

are unique design principles incorporated
in the Icon system design. The goal is to
simplify DP operations and to bring the
system physically closer to the operator,
thus increasing both operator performance
and overall operational safety.

Fact Sheet

marine conditions it is vital that information

is clearly presented and the operator can
effectively take the correct actions. A focal
point in the graphical user interface is the
the 3D representation, where an outline of
the vessel shape and its thrusters, propellers
and rudders clearly indicate how the vessel
is moving relative to the desired position or
track. The view-point and zoom level is
adjusted by the virtual camera control.

Icon DP integrated in the operators chair.

Triple redundant solutions
are standard for Icon DP2 and DP3 systems.
The two-out-of-three voting principle ensures
enhanced safety and reliability compared to
basic Class rules.
Effective and functional interfaces
on bus communication are used for seamless
integration of Rolls-Royce products, for
example Icon DP and Helicon-X3 thruster
control systems. Copared to hardwired
thruster interfaces, commissioning is simplified and reliability is improved. Icon
DP communicates with most third-party
marine equipment through standard interfaces (NMEA serial lines, CAN bus or
Ethernet) or hardwired I/O.

Heading indicator

in the 3D representation. Track modifications

is presented online prior to the operators
final accept.
Eco positioning
are modes of operation where the system
prioritises low dynamic thrust variations and
minimum fuel consumption over precise
positioning accuracy.

Factory-tuned systems
are delivered by carefully configuring each
Icon DP delivery with detailed vessel
parameters, thus avoiding time for trial and
error during sea trials.
Standard Icon DP functions
cover all basic modes of operations that are
expected from a modern DP system. Optional
functions for more advanced DP operations
are available, see below for examples.
Icon DP capability plot.
Follow target
is an advanced DP function where the vessel
tracks a target object (e.g. remotely operated
vehicle or surface vessel) by maintaining a
relative distance and bearing to it. If two or
more relative measurements are available
(from one or two individual sensor systems),
the Icon DP vessel can track the objects
Way-point tracking
is the function for steering the vessel along a
path defined by way-points. Way-points can
be defined on the DP system or imported
from a data file or data link to a navigation
system. The planned track is clearly indicated

Capability analysis
is a decision support function that computes
the vessels positioning ability in different
environmental conditions and failure scenarios.
Built-in trainer
is standard for all Icon DP systems, providing
an efficient way for onboard familiarisation
with the system. The trainer even includes
the vessel specific power system configuration,
i.e. generator, motors and switchboards.
Efficient thruster usage
is obtained by combining the Rolls-Royce
know-how on propulsion and vessel design with
sophisticated algorithms for thrust allocation.

The touch-screen user interface

is designed for easy operation of the Icon DP
system by using the finger-tips. In harsh

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Intuitive system operation

is obtained through a systematic approach,
thoroughly investigating vessel operations
and the operators interaction with the system.
A hierarchy of information is defined, where
only that which is necessary is presented on
the top level in dedicated indicator areas. A
standard set of symbols increases the
information perception. Any experienced DP
operator quickly and intuitively learns how to
operate the Icon DP system.

Icon DP vessel in way-point tracking

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