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Enlightenment, white smoke, and the Vicar of Christ…

For well over five thousand years, we, humankind, have struggled, scrapped, clawed,

groveled, prayed, pleaded, threatened, cajoled, pretended, and willed myriad sects,

communities, cultures, cults, empires, and civilizations within which to coexist with our

camaraderie. Some of these were better, some exceptional, some merely sufficient,

some were worse, some delusory, others detrimental, some destructive, others still

devastating, some lasted, others were short lived, but none, so far as I can tell were


When a pope dies, the cardinals enter a conclave for the purpose of electing a new pope,

i.e. (Vicar of Christ), from within their midst but those most specially known as the

praeferre or preferred. Each vote is cast by paper ballot, counted aloud, and then

recorded. If the conclave fails to reach a two thirds majority, the ballots are then burned,

(producing a dark or blackish colored smoke) in a small stove whose chimney terminates

at a point which is visible from St Peters square, and in this case the dark colored smoke

conveys to those waiting that the new pope has not been chosen, this process is continued

until the sufficient majority is reached, at which time the ballots are again burned, but this

time with an added chemical which turns the smoke white. At the moment when the

white smoke emerges from the stack, it is then that the faithful and anyone else who

cares, knows that a new pope is raised. This is how the oldest, contiguous, institution

currently in existence chooses its leader. A leader whom they claim, and believe, to be

Gods representative here on earth. Currently over one billion persons are members of

this organization, an organization which persists on the premise that God has granted

Devine power, wisdom, and authority to one man with a funny hat.
This is not enlightened, it is irrational. This organization, and others like it have had

millennia to prove their worth, make the world a better place, and to address the real and

certain issues which confront us as living human beings, (a claim which by the way they

sanctimoniously posit as the reason for which they have been contrived and exist), yet in

spite of all their power and opportunity, they have not at all done so. And since they, their

spiritual kin, and nearly all of the other existing entities of a societal nature, be they

religious, governmental, or some variant thereof, (and having been exposed to and

infected by this proto authority) are now confirmed, (as evidenced by the past and current

state of affairs) as ineffectual, incapable, and seemingly averse of achieving their stated

ends, I have decided,… to fire them, until and unless such a time comes that they can

prove and demonstrate, beyond any doubt, their ability and resolute will to, perform and

thus carry out their stated claims and proper functions, or such time comes that God

himself commands me to reinstate them, (and at which time I will no doubt have my

head examined for hearing voices). In the mean time however I shall turn all critical

decision-making and authority over to ADEM, the autonomous, dynamic, ethical,

motivator AI-computer which I have created for just this purpose.

ADEM can and will do what we/they could and should have already done. ADEM will

dispassionately and objectively, (to the extent that is desirable, necessary) make all major

decisions concerning humankind so as to effect the greatest good for the greatest number,

while simultaneously preserving individual rights, and personal autonomy. But how will

it do this you ask?

Let me tell you. ADEM is, a super computer, absolutely state of the art in design,

material, and manufacture. ADEM also possesses the latest in AI (computer artificial
intelligence) software with advanced algorithmic reason and logic protocols embedded in

its programming, making it capable of learning and improving itself at a logarithmic rate.

It also has both internal and external adaptive shielding and protections, (soft and hard)

which make it impervious to any attack or attempted corruption. ADEM will never

deviate, lose focus, or fatigue. ADEM will never be to busy, preoccupied, or indisposed.

ADEM will, with singular purpose do what it is meant to do; assess, adjudicate, arbitrate,

administer, and allocate, all extant resources, decisions, and necessary instructions

required to ensure the highest good for all persons in any and every given moment and

circumstance, i.e., in real time.

ADEM has at its core one inviolate rule, the good of the many out weighs’ the good of

the few or the one, as long as the few or the one retain their base natural rights, (both

positive and negative) and prerogatives‘. This principal will ensure that no person or

group are exploited or victimized for any other. ADEM will have access to all records

and information; i.e. all available resources, stockpiles, inventories, capital, stocks, and

future dividend yields. ADEM will use this information to calculate distribution

protocols, plan future ventures, ensure continued education and research, and maintain

optimum quality of life and living standards for every person.

You may protest or fear this will stifle or impede progress, innovation, or competition, it

will not. Let me tell you why; while all persons are ensured minimum levels of support

and disposable monies, the levels of support and disposable monies will vary, (in rational

degrees so as not to effect diminishing returns) based on value and contribution to the

whole. For example, an elementary school teacher is in fact more essential and valuable

to any society, (this is true regardless they recognize or acknowledge it) than a
professional basketball player, it is an axiomatic fact. ADEM will compensate each

based on this principal, neither will be compelled to be one or the other, or neither, each

will be free to choose and follow their own course, but the reward in terms of resources

and monies will be commiserate to the value each contributes to the society which has

consequenced and sustained them. Following this line of reasoning one quickly sees a

pattern, where reward(s) have rational connections to real world values. People will still

have incentives to strive, innovate, and produce, competition and market forces will still

function as they had previously but minus the derivative toxic effects and residuals so

inherent to these functions and processes before, (for examples, I need only refer you

again to myriad current and historical conditions and outcomes so already glaringly

evident). This new equation will inherently result in similar, highest good, throughputs

and outcomes in all rational real world situations and will very quickly affect not only

advantageous quantitative results, but more importantly qualitative ones as well. As a

result, once equilibriums are attained all persons conditions and living standards will

improve,……. whom I ask you would object to that? I envision only one congregate or

class of persons who would have reason to object or protest, they are those who currently

benefit from the status quo, and rely on the currently established protocols and quid pro

quos so as to maintain the current distributions of entitlements, wealth, power, authority,

resources, opportunities, and prerogatives. … This is somewhat confusing to me

personally, being as how it is usually the members of one or more of these tribes that

howl so sincerely and mournfully about the ills of entitlement programs for the poor,

predicting dreadful and dire outcomes should they continue, or god forbid be increased,

while at the same time unscrupulously, and with, at times lethal force volitionally applied,
defend their entitlements, of which nearly all having been derived, obtained, and are

maintained at the expense and exploitation of others whom by either chance or

providence are not as randomly fortunate, privy, or privileged as they. …..

To this I say let them howl, rant, rave, nosh their teeth and what ever other palsy may

possess or appeal them. They are truly fortunate we do not follow precedent and take

their heads in addition to adjusting their status, as payment for this foul joke their

combined efforts compel, past and present upon their fellows.

ADEM will also handle all legal issues; laws will be analyzed, adapted, revised or

eliminated as necessary to comply with the prime directive, i.e. the highest good. No

longer will attempts be made to legislate morality, personal choice(s) will be respected so

long as they do not harm others. A crime will be defined in relation to its direct,

immediate and proximate effect. Jurisdiction-ality will be compensatory in nature;

justice will be restorative, not punitive in character. No longer will society be compelled

to squander its resources in some vain pursuit of deterrence, or some illusionary

balancing of scales. However to be clear and so there is no doubt or mistake, in some

severe cases restoration may not be realistic, in which cases ADEM will have the

authority and means to apply punitive measures, including that of the permanent and

extreme prejudicial variety.

At this juncture I wish to explain my future state and place amongst you. Because I have

not attempted, nor the truth be told, even considered taking this action with anything akin

a position of informed consent on your behalves, I feel it only fair to enlighten you in this

regard. Upon assuming control ADEM will assign to me the minimum levels of support

and monies, having been equation-ally derived post its inception, and based on the above
goals and criteria. I will have no special status, nor any further access to ADEM or its

operations than anyone else. I will however have all the same benefits, responsibilities,

and privileges, and will be free to swim where I would naturally swim, to climb or fall as

I might naturally do and come and go as naturally as anyone else. I will have all the same

potential dis-motivations and motivations as any others, including that which might

improve my conditions and enhance my quality of life. Now however, just like you, I can

only lift mine-------- when it lifts yours as well, and visa versa.

Sincerely, Weshouldof Knownbetter