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Assignment 1 for Annajiat s CSE110 Thoery students

Early Submission Date for 20% bonus:

Monday, October 20 to Student Tutor (ST). Find ST at your own responsibility for
early submissions.
Regular Submission Date:
Wednesday, October 22, in class to ST.
Late Submission Date (50% mark will be deducted):
Monday, October 27 to ST. Find ST at your own responsibility for late submission
ST will check and return assignments just like quizzes.
Submission instructions:
1. Submit on plain paper. Staple before coming into the class. You can staple fr
om DCOs room.
2. Write date of submission, name, ID, section, course, assignment number
3. Do NOT use an extra coversheet / front page for writing name, id etc. Write i
n upper right corner.
4. You can use pen or pencil or both.
5. Everything must be hand written / drawn. Printouts will not be accepted.
6. It is optional for you to include a trace table of your flowchart with your a
ssignment paper.
7. You are not allowed to use && and || in your flowchart for this assignment.
You are not allowed to use && || before midterm.
In midterm and after midterm, you may use && and II.
Solution Style Guideline:
1. Your flowchart should use, proper variable names
2. Do not forget to prompt before you take input in flowchart
3. Do not overwrite, you may strikethrough and write at side.
4. For flowchart, use connector/junction as necessary. All boxes will
have one inward arrow and one outward arrow. The decision box can have
one inward arrow and two outward arrow. The connector/junction will
have maximum 3 inward arrow and only one outward arrow.
5. Test your flowchart as well by going from start to end for many
different inputs like what do we for trace table. Trace Table is a
table with variable names and output as a columns. We record value
changes for all variables as well as output in that table.
I will show usage of trace tables in class. Examples are available at
and at,_Programming,
Inclusion of tracetable in your solution paper is optional and no marks
will be deducted if the table is not shown. However, you should use
tracetable to check for correctness.
6. If you do not understand the question, please click reply and ask
for clarification.
7. Use only one condition inside a decision box. you can NOT write "
6>= hour >=4"
8. Try to complete this assignment with minimum number of decision
boxes. I think you will need at least 10 decision boxes for Task 1. You can use
as many decision boxes you need. But you should use minimum number of

decision boxes that results in a correct solution. A correct solution

means, it gives correct output for all inputs.
9. You can add another page if you cannot finish in one page. In
class, you were shown how to connect flowcharts across multiple pages
or different parts on the same page.
It is simple. It is called "on page connector" which is a small circle
and inside that, there will be a label to identify the connector.
Illustrated example is available at
Do NOT use the "off page connector".
Assignment01 Question:
Draw flowchart for the following problems.
Question 1)
Take hour from the user as input and tell it is time for which meal.
User will input the number in 24-hour format say 14 to mean 2pm, 3 to
mean 3am, 18 to mean 6pm etc.
Valid inputs are 0 to 23. Inputs less than 0 or more than 23 are
invalid in 24-hour clock.
Input will be whole numbers. For example, 3.5 will NOT be given as input.
Inputs : Message to be printed
4 to 6: Breakfast
12 to 13: Lunch
16 to 17: Snacks
19 to 20: Dinner
For all other valid inputs, say "Patience is a virtue"
For all other invalid inputs, say "Wrong time"
For example,
If the user enters
If the user enters
If the user enters
If the user enters
is a virtue".
If the user enters
is a virtue".
If the user enters
is a virtue".
If the user enters
is a virtue".
If the user enters
If the user enters
If the user enters









1, your program should print the message "Patience

18, your program should print the message "Patience
23, your program should print the message "Patience
24, your program should print the message "Wrong Time".
-1, your program should print the message "Wrong Time".
27, your program should print the message "Wrong time".

Question 2) Assume all first semester students have 4 courses: CSE110, ENG091, M
AT110, PHY111.
Credits for these courses are 3, 0, 3, 3 respectively.
Take the grades of four courses from the user (out of 4.0 scale) and then print
the GPA

= summation of (multiplication of grade and credit of each course) divided by su

m of credits
= (grade1xcredit1 + grade2xcredit2 + grade3xcredit3 ....) / (credit1 + credit 2+
credit 3 ....)
Question 3) Ask the user for a year and the number of times to print that year.
If the user gives 2014 and 5, then the output should be,
Question 4) Ask the user for a number and print times table times table for that
number. Ask the user upto what to print to. For example, if the user enters 3,
11, then the output should be:
3 x 1 = 3
3 x 2 = 6
3 x 3 = 9
3 x 4 = 12
3 x 5 = 15
3 x 6 = 18
3 x 7 = 21
3 x 8 = 24
3 x 9 = 27
3 x 10 = 30
3 x 11 = 30
Question 5) Ask the user for first value, change and last value of an arithmetic
series and then print the series.
If the user gives 10, 20, 134, then your program should print 10, 30, 50, 70, 90
, 110, 130.
If user gives 0, 100, 1234, then output should be 0, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 60
0, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1100, 1200.
Question 6) Same as question 5 but solve it for geometric series. If user gives
2, 10, 20000, then output should be 2, 20, 200, 2000, 20000.
Read Chapter 2 of How to solve it by Computer by R G Dromey for the following qu
For question 7 to 9:
Read Chapter 2, Article 2.1
from: Page book: 42 (PDF:63)
to: Page book: 47 (PDF:68)
Question 7) Assume there are two variables a and b. Take Values of these variabl
es from the user.
For example, user gave following two values.
a = 721
b = 463
Then exchange / swap values in such a way so that
printing the variable a gives 463 and b gives 721.
Sample Input
Sample output:
Before Exchange:

a = 721
b = 463
After Exchange:
a = 463
b = 721
Question 8) Solve supplementary problem 2.1.2 in page 47.
Take value of a, b, c from the user. Then print in such a way that
value of a goes to b
value of b goes to c
value of c goes to a.
Input and output will be similar to Question 7.
Question 9) Solve supplementary problem 2.1.3 in page 47.
Input and output will be similar to Question 7.
Question 10) Take a number from user and print its absolute value. If user gives
minus five, print positive five. If user gives positive five, print positive fi
ve. No need to print plus sign.
Question 11) Ask user for mark, currentScale, targetScale and then convert the m
ark from currentScale to targetScale. If user gives 5, 10, 30, that means quiz m
ark 5 is out of 10 (currentScale), convert it to 30 and print 15.

Those who did not understand the question or need further help, you can take hel
p of the ST
or you can ask in the group by clicking reply to this email (instead of composin
g a new mail)