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Easy installation

DR4200 Series DigiReader

Digital proximity readers with award-winning design
and long read range

The award-winning design of NexWatchs DigiReader is

merely the most obvious of the features that sets this
powerful card reader apart from its competition. When
used with NexWatch controllers that support digital
technology and with NexWatchs digital access
credentials, the efficient and innovative technology inside
each DigiReader provides some of the longest read
ranges in the industry. DigiReaders advanced digital
technology is reliable, difficult to compromise and
exceeds the most demanding low-power US, European
and Asian Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) regulations.
And, like all of NexWatchs access control products,
DigiReader is built to last. Robust construction makes
DigiReader nearly impervious to inclement weather and
vandalism. Regardless of the environment, demands and
budget of an installation, DigiReader provides an
impressive array of solutions for any access control
application. All DR4200 Series DigiReaders provide
features like: hands-free proximity for convenient access,
audible tones and programmable three-color LEDs for easy
access status, advanced engineering for easy installation,
and a design that is so attractive it won "Excellence in
Design" awards from Business Week and Applied
Manufacturing. All the readers are RS-485 and Wiegand
compatible in addition to support the following NexWatch


controllers: NEXSENTRY Star Series, Alto 818 SC and SE422

Series Controllers.

DR4205 Series
The DR4205 Series brings an assortment of featurepacked DigiReader digital proximity readers into the
affordability range of any organization. Manufactured by
the company that invented proximity access control
technology, the DR4205 Series DigiReaders offer the
latest advances in proximity Smartcard technology at a
price that is competitive with less secure technologies,
like magnetic stripe. Flexible options in the DR4205
Series include a proximity reader with an integrated
keypad, weatherized version, glass-mount version, switchplate version and a Wiegand proximity version. The
DR4205 acts as the eye of complete access control and
security management system solutions from the leading
single-source manufacturer in the access control industry.
From powerful security management software to advanced controllers, readers and ID credentials, all essential elements of NexWatch's systems are designed tested
and built to work as synergistic components of a single

Installation time and cost have been greatly reduced with

the advanced technology offered in the Star controller.
Switchable selectable baud rates and addressing can now
be done directly on the panel rather than through a
laptop or terminal. In addition, twisted-pair wiring (RS-485
data) greatly reduces the cost and difficulty of installing
an access control system and allows up to a 4,000-foot
distance between Host and NEXSENTRY Star Series
Controllers. It also provides the same distance between a
Controller, MIROs, WIUs and readers. Common power
supplies and batteries can take advantage of the
controllers built-in charging circuitry for low power
installations. While providing an advanced access control
solution, NEXSENTRY Star controllers are also economically
priced so any organization can implement an advanced
multiple technology system at a cost similar to less secure
single technology systems.

Key Features

Fully integrated, distributed access control system

Advanced digital technology with embedded Intel 32-bit microprocessor

provides fastest response time in the industry

Support for multiple access technologies:

- Digital Proximity, Magnetic Stripe, Smart Card, Keypad, Biometrics

On-board integrated Monitor Input Relay / Output Devices (MIRO) 16/4

Star I Controller can monitor 32 inputs and control 16 outputs with

additional MIROs

Star II Controller can monitor 256 inputs and control 96 outputs with
additional MIROs

Modular MIRO options for easy customization and expansion:

- MIRO 16/8, 32/0, 64/0, 2/24, 4/2, 4/8/4

Switch selectable Baud rate and address for ease of installation

Key code capacity: 50,000 (Star I) and 100,000 (Star II)

S-Net dual twisted-pair wire installation

2 Wiegand ports on-board

Can be wired to accommodate a Wiegand physical interface

Modular architecture allow for easy upgrade to future technologies

Independent PIN codes

Elevator control option (standard on Star II Controller)

Available as a UL-294 listed system

Hard/soft anti-passback with forgiveness

- Building modes (open, closed and limited) for Star I
- Utilizes up to 16 user-defined zones for Star II

Manual lock/unlock from terminal or host

Normal and reverse lock operation

Printer interface

Built-in battery charger for low powered systems

Host Communications:

- RS-232, RS-485
- Dial-up

WIRO 4/8/4
Upgrade Wiegand systems to NexWatch digital with
NexWatchs new open-system architecture

NexWatch introduces the

WIRO 4/8/4, a new
peripheral device for the
NexSentry 4100/Star Series
of Controllers, aimed at combining
both the Universal Wiegand
Interface as well as the
I/O capabilities of our MIRO line
into one device. This new merged
component permits the connection
of four Wiegand readers to a single
S-Net board, while allowing for 8
monitor inputs and 4 relay outputs,
thereby eliminating the need for two
devices, as was previously the case.
By combining two WIRO 4/8/4
devices into one enclosure, 8 fully
programmable Wiegand inputs, 16 monitor inputs and 8
relay outputs are available on the same footprint as an
existing MIRO! This winning combination provides a
tremendous takeover tool at virtually the same price as a
MIRO 16/8.