Tarot Version 3.2 Copyright 1987 By Robert G. Howard

This program provides you with a working example of the ancient Tarot oracle. In one sense it is rather simplistic considering it does not have all the features of Tarot-Pro. It however should not be dismissed entirely out of hand. Tarot32 can provide some thought provocative insights into your problems and questions of today. The Tarot deck of cards is composed of seventy-eight cards divided into the twenty-two cards of the Major Arcana, and fifty-six cards of the Minor Arcana. The Minor Arcana is divided into four suits; Swords, Wands, Cups, and Pentacles. Wands may also be called Batons, while Pentacles may sometimes be called Coins. Any number of fascinating books are available at the public library, or a book shop specializing in New Age books. Two such bookstores in Phoenix Arizona are: Jan Ross Gifts & Books 3425 W. Thunderbird Road Phoenix, AZ 85023 602-863-9166 Alpha Book Center 1928 E. McDowell Phoenix, AZ 85006 602-253-1223 Tarot32 can also be used as an interesting party diversion and amusement, but as in any activity what you expect is what you get. The program is invoked by simply typing Tarot32 followed by the enter key, the same as you would invoke any .EXE program. Control C, or the break key on your computer system will immediately stop program execution. The querent's name is truncated to eight characters if the write text file option is invoked. Just answer the questions during the program for your personalized Tarot reading. The author, and publishers, of this program make no claim to the efficacy or suitability of this program for any purpose other than entertainment and diversionary value it may provide. # #REGISTRATION

This program is published as shareware and may be duplicated and given to friends so long as both files (TAROT32.EXE and TAROT32.DOC) are copied and transmitted in any copies made. The program may be registered by sending your name and address and $10.00 to: Hyperion PO Box 11445 Phoenix, AZ 85061 This will ensure getting future news of upgrades and other products as they occur. The source listing is available by registering with a $30.00 fee. # We hope you enjoy the program, and will support the shareware concept by registering your copy should you choose to retain and use

it in the future. #New Features # Tarot32 contains all regard to the readings book, "The Metaphysical faster with the spread and of the "Celtic Cross." new synthesis, i.e. interpretations, with and contains material from the forthcoming Philosophy." Tarot32 is also smaller and interpretation based on the ten card layout Robert G. Howard Hyperion Records 21 November 1987#