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hybris/SAP Solution Integration

The hybris/SAP Solution Integration provides a standardized, ready-to-use integration framework

that connects the hybris Commerce Suites omni-commerce capabilities with SAP products, including
their ERP, CEI, and CPQ applications. This means that implementation partners no longer need to build
integrations from scratch. And with fewer custom configurations, the integrations can be implemented
faster and at lower costs.


type impex

type Odata

hybris Data Hub



Single HANA Instance

type IDOC
SAP ERP System

The hybris/SAP Solution Integration architecture overview.

Business Requirements
Industries across the globe are investing in commerce and back-end
systems to meet the demands of todays increasingly sophisticated
customers. Companies from all sectors are seeking back-end
systems that provide an integrated view of their core business
processes. With ERP systems tracking business resources (cash,
raw materials, production capacity), and the status of business

commitments (orders, purchase orders, and payroll), organizations

gather enormous amounts of data about their customers. They want
to make use of the data they already have, or receive in real-time,
to offer customers products that are in line with their past shopping
behavior and current needs.

hybris/SAP Solution Integration

The hybris/SAP Solution Integration provides a standard way of
integrating SAP back-end processes with hybris Commerce Suite
omni-commerce functionality. It offers integration options in the
following areas:
Transfer of master data, prices, stock level, order documents
between hybris and SAP ERP using hybris Data Hub and web
services communication
Supports following scenarios:
Asynchronous order management integration,
recommended for B2C and simple B2B projects
Tightly coupled B2B process integration via synchronous
order management integration
Pick & Choose flexible scenario via combination of
synchronous and asynchronous integration
Solution and services configuration, featuring the SAP Configure
Price Quote run time engine
Integration with SAP Customer Experience Intelligence
functionality (SAP ADT), for segmentation and personalization
including predictive analysis
Integration with SAP CAR to access point of sales data gathered
in hybris Commerce Suite Additionally, shopping data will
be available for online buyers through their accounts in the

Solution Features
Standard, ready-to-use, integration to SAP back-end products
Asynchronous or synchronous information exchange between
Support for both legacy and latest versions of SAP products
Assured best possible response time to end customers

Support for complex pricing, availability information, credit limit

utilizing existing investment in the SAP ERP
Complex configuration of products, services and solutions
Integration with hybris WCMS Module for customer targeting and
product configuration features
Real-time data analysis via powerful HANA Enterprise Cloud
applications (on premise version available as well)
Data aggregation between shopping data (POS transactions)
in addition to the shopping data from hybris Commerce Suite

Reduced total cost of ownership due to:
Less effort for systems integration and initial data
migration through fully integrated toolset and pre-built
data mappings
Lower cost of maintenance through standardization,
effective execution, monitoring and escalation of recurring
data import and export operations
Increased resource availability and simplified training of IT
Faster time to market through ready-to-use integrations
Predictive, experience-driven commerce strategies with accuracy
and consistency for a successful, future-ready customer
engagement platform
Access to ERP and other back-office tools for a modern customer
Better ability meet the demands of the market and industry with
one best-of-breed system architecture

Supported in ready-to-use B2B and B2C Accelerator storefronts

About hybris software

hybris software, an SAP Company, helps businesses around the globe sell more goods, services and digital content through every touchpoint, channel and device.
hybris delivers OmniCommerce: state-of-the-art master data management for commerce and unified commerce processes that give a business a single view
of its customers, products and orders, and its customers a single view of the business. hybris' omni-channel software is built on a single platform, based on open
standards, that is agile to support limitless innovation, efficient to drive the best TCO, and scalable and extensible to be the last commerce platform companies
will ever need. Both principal industry analyst firms rank hybris as a leader and list its commerce platform among the top two or three in the market. The same
software is available on-premise, on-demand and managed hosted, giving merchants of all sizes maximum flexibility.
Some of the worlds most innovative telco providers have chosen hybris, including Three, O2, Telia and Brightpoint. Telcos can also benefit from our experience
serving over 500 other companies, including global B2B brands W.W.Grainger and 3M, as well as consumer brands Levi's, Nikon, Galeries Lafayette and Lufthansa.
hybris is the future of commerce. For more information, visit
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