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Managing people (MGT702) Md.

Ashiquzzaman ID: 1029993




1.0 (Sub-Tusk 1)-Communication Exercise – (Scenari.1)

---------------- 1
1.1 (Sub-Task-2)-Memoranda Communication Exercise – (Scenario.1) ----- 2-3

2.0 (Sub-Task 1)-Communication Exercise – (Scenario.2) ------------

------------ 4

2.1 (Sub-Task-2) Memoranda Communication Exercise – (Scenario.2) — 5-6

3.0 (Sub-Task-1) Communication Exercise – (Scenario.3) ------------------

- 7

3.1 (Sub-Task-2) Memoranda Communication exercise – (scenario. 3) — 8-9

4.0 (Sub-Tusk-1)--Communication Exercise – (Scenario.4) ------------

--------------- 10

4.1 (Sub-Task-2) --Communication Exercise – (Scenario.4) ------------ 11-12

Managing people (MGT702) 1 Md.Ashiquzzaman ID: 1029993

Managing people (MGT702) Md.Ashiquzzaman ID: 1029993


1.0 (Sub-Tusk 1)-Communication Exercise - Scenario 1 (Words 284)


Ms. Head Hun Ter (Trainer) appreciate Mr. Man Han Dler
Human Resource Manager Leadership recently in encouraging our staff to participate in
my twin tasks of

(a) Reviewing and assessing their performance.

(b) Establishing the reasons for their discontent and hostility at work.
In achieving my tasks, I have made two assumptions.
• All staff has the prerequisite qualifications and skills to perform their assigned
• Until recently, they have worked together as members of different teams to
achieve set group and organization production and sales targets.
My focus was on employees’ productivity and their “biographical characteristics,”1 i.e.,
personal characteristics such as age, gender and tenure. From our HR records and the data
collected during my oral interview with the staff over the last one month, I found that the
staff was able to work together because many of them have known one another for no
less than a decade. The average age of the staff, with more than ten years of service, is
45. The average age of the staff with five and less years of service is 30.
Most of our 100 employees, however, are males. There are only 25 females or ¼ percent
of the total number of employees. Until I was appointed as the “training manager,” they
are mainly in administration and secretarial functions, despite some of them being at the

Managing people (MGT702) 2 Md.Ashiquzzaman ID: 1029993

Managing people (MGT702) Md.Ashiquzzaman ID: 1029993

same job for an average of 8 years, with no staff turnover. And in this circumstances,
most of all are not mindful their responsibility
• Low, Staff turnover problem for unsatisfactory.
• Simple phenomenon for staffs long-time sustain in organisation but no motivational

1.1 Sub-Task 2 Communication Exercise – (Scenario)-1

(Words 378)

Pro-Marketing Sdn Bhd

To: Mr. Know See All


From: Ms. Head Hun Ter


Cc. Mr. Man Han Dler

Date: 1st December 2006

Ref: Observations of Unsatisfactory Performance

During our recent performance review and assessment exercise, I have communicated
with our Human Resource Manager through the submission of an official Memorandum
Report dated 30th December 2006.
You remained non-participative during team discussion and strategic planning sessions,
including brainstorming sessions. Your lack of involvement in the team-exchange
processes, and your silence are not adding any value to building team cohesion and group
productivity. On the contrary, you have created an easy atmosphere at work and training
which is negatively affecting team esprit d’corp.
I have no doubt that you have your own reasons for showing your dissatisfaction. But
unless you attempt to break your silence, your increasing number of leave applications,
and indifference on several occasions at work will tell badly on your commitment to our

Managing people (MGT702) 3 Md.Ashiquzzaman ID: 1029993

Managing people (MGT702) Md.Ashiquzzaman ID: 1029993

company. Also, as a supervisor, your exemplary behaviour and leadership will not be
effective without communication and appropriate action.
Suggested for improvement:
• It is therefore in our company’s interest, and for the effectiveness of improving
team productivity in marketing and sales, I am writing to you to seek your
explanation for what I believe is not your typical productive and long-service
behaviour. I am confident that open communication between you and I, and a
frank discussion of how we can overcome your lack of enthusiasm and apathy,
can benefit all of us.
• I believe the sooner we try to settle these issues we will be able to concentrate on
our tasks at hand, i.e., to jointly provide training for our marketing and sales staff
to add and create values for our company. Your contribution is very much needed,
and so is mine.

And as a team, we can not only resolve our differences if indeed they are of our own
making ourselves. You have the age, experience and patience to help overcome our
difficult times together so that we can set exemplary behaviours for our subordinates.
We can only succeed if we are able to communicate together.

I shall avail myself to meet you at your convenience.

Yours sincerely

Ms. Head Hun Ter

Trainer Mark

Managing people (MGT702) 4 Md.Ashiquzzaman ID: 1029993

Managing people (MGT702) Md.Ashiquzzaman ID: 1029993

2.0 (Sub-Task 1)-Communication Exercise - Scenario 2

Words 232
Mr. Goh Sip Man (Marketing Executive)
In trying therefore to arrest this negative behaviour that can only injure our total
organization image and your own professionalism, I am willing to meet with you (and
your collaborators if any) to discuss the root of your dissatisfaction at work. I am quite
sure that you have your own reasons to behave the way you do.
Issues: 1
Unless you are willing to communicate and discuss openly any issues of discontent then I
shall be compelled to take appropriate actions to redress the situation. some noticeable
absenteeism among his lunch colleagues who are part of his team began to surface while
a spat of rumour-mongering started spread.
• I was a “terror trainer” with a “pretty face” and a “desirable body” with “peanut
brain” looking for avails life companion! In addition.
• I had encouraged some of our long-service female administrators to advance their
career and remuneration prospects in marketing and sales, I was branded a
“lesbian promoter” of women’s rights!
Issue: 2
I have also discovered, with evidences that some poison - pen letters have been
circulating inside our company. And during our staff-input sessions recently, I
confronted Mr. Know and some of the suspected rumour-mongers about the contents of

Managing people (MGT702) 5 Md.Ashiquzzaman ID: 1029993

Managing people (MGT702) Md.Ashiquzzaman ID: 1029993

the said letters, mainly directed at questioning my professionalism at work and loyalty to
our company.

2.1 (Sub-Task 2) Communication Exercise – Scenario 2

Pro-Marketing Sdn Bhd
To: Mr. Goh Sip Man (Words .371)
Marketing Executive
From: Ms. Head Hun Ter
Date: 1st December 2006
Ref: An Unhealthy Practice - Rumour-Mongering

It has come to my attention that there is a widespread unhealthy practice among our
marketing and sales staff. This practice has negatively affected staff morale, group
productivity and work ethics, and employee discipline. More significantly, it is
unprofessional and personal.
Our organization cannot tolerate personal and character assassination. It will not tolerate
derogatory and slanderous gender-bias remarks. And especially when such personal
attacks tend to create conflict-generating situations insofar as individual and team
contributions and productivity are involved. Dysfunctional outcomes arising there from
can only affect all of us especially out total organization.
I refer you to the spat of gossips and name-calling directed at the female trainer.
Apparently, you may not realize the consequences of rumour-mongering. It is not only

Managing people (MGT702) 6 Md.Ashiquzzaman ID: 1029993

Managing people (MGT702) Md.Ashiquzzaman ID: 1029993

unhealthy but it is selfish behaviour, even amounting to childish pranks that can only hurt
people and their reputation. Of course, the credibility of the rumour-monger is also
questionable and his motive is anything but negative.
In my investigative session with all the staff recently, I have gathered evidences that
point to you as one of the persons responsible for spreading malicious rumours that tend
to disrupt team cohesion and our critical marketing and sales training sessions. I
certainly belief that no issue is difficult to resolve; and rumour-mongering is one of them.
Without your willingness to come forward to help eradicate this unhealthy practice, we
will not be able to quickly arrest this problem.
Consequently, at my organized training sessions to improve productivity and bottom-line
performances, the atmosphere is tense and hostile, with irrelevant questions raised,
apparently to disrupt the sessions
I have worked very hard to remain professional even though I am aware that Mr. Know is
gender-bias and has an axe to grind for failing to be in my shoes, being the most senior
supervisor in our company. Understandably, during my probation under him, I did not
receive the recognition or reward I deserved.

My appeal to you is to resolve this problem, not to punish or penalize anyone.

Thank you.

Managing people (MGT702) 7 Md.Ashiquzzaman ID: 1029993

Managing people (MGT702) Md.Ashiquzzaman ID: 1029993

3.0 (Sub-Task 1) Communication Exercise – Scenario 3

Words 221

My appointment is the first for our company because I am a 33-year overseas-qualified
female with a Master of Business Management, with 5 years of working experience in
human capital training in London. Initially, when appointed, I continued with our
existing HR policy as part of the orientation-learning process to familiarize myself with
the status quo of our staff and company, and partly, to get to know all the staff and assess
their training needs in concert with our company mission, goal, and values.
ISSUE: But I assess. Loyalty and ethic and culture very vital role play of in the
organisation one of the strength pat for the organisation .Per half reactive personality
always does not bring the positive out come for organisation .Emotion flay mind in over
the ocean ,sky-sometime and some circumstance unexpected hazard occurred by the
emotion .
• Let this be a learning lesson for all of us, rather than make an issue of questioning
my loyalty to our organization.
• This is a demonstration of how we can utilize interpersonal conflict
• Skills to understand and resolve a conflict-generating situation.

Managing people (MGT702) 8 Md.Ashiquzzaman ID: 1029993

Managing people (MGT702) Md.Ashiquzzaman ID: 1029993

Also, let this be an example of “miscommunication” especially a misperception of a

vague communication, where team and group11operation can settle the issue amicably
and effectively.

3.1 (Sub-Task 2) Communication exercise – Scenario--3

Pro-Marketing Sdn Bhd
To: Mr. Fiery Singh
Sales Executive
From: Ms. Head Hun Ter
Date: 1st December 2006
Ref: Loyalty Issue

It is often easier to accuse someone of wrong-doing than to actually prove that the wrong
act has been committed. Also, it is so much easier to become angry and frustrated when
one is accused of doing something one isn’t aware of or has not even done it. And, most
often, as human beings, in any tense situation that is aggravated, tempers can easily fly
and words said that can offend and hurt.

Recently, I have had an occasion where a regrettable incident has taken place because the
issue is mistakenly interpreted. A misunderstanding has occurred which, if it remains
unresolved, can lead to further discontent even conflict. I refer specifically to what I
have perceived you and your colleagues have questioned my loyalty to our organization
over a remark I made during our training session.

Managing people (MGT702) 9 Md.Ashiquzzaman ID: 1029993

Managing people (MGT702) Md.Ashiquzzaman ID: 1029993

I meant, in jest, that “We often feel rejected and therefore couldn’t care less if our
organization fails and suffer the consequences it deserves, if it neglects us”. I was trying
to demonstrate to all of you that our organization can only neglect us if we – you and I –
neglect the obligations of our work and social contracts in our work place. The emphasis
is not on “the couldn’t-care-less” attitude, and I certainly didn’t mean to promote this
negative attitude as a trainer.

I am sending you this memorandum to correct the wrong done and to apologise for an
inadvertent error which should not have occurred in the first place. If there is a need for
all of us to have a brainstorming session, including a fire-fighting discussion over this
unhappy situation, feel free to arrange such a session immediately in the interest of our
team and organization unity.

Thank you,

Managing people (MGT702) 10 Md.Ashiquzzaman ID: 1029993

Managing people (MGT702) Md.Ashiquzzaman ID: 1029993

4.0 (Sub-Tusk-1)--Communication Exercise – Scenarios 4

Case: Words 192

According to my centre distress in this organisation Ms. Head Hun Ter (Trainer)
Management trainer HRM department and official Memorandum Report dated 30th
December 2006.

It has been almost a year now since I last join your Pro-Marketing Sdn Bhd

I have already completed my probation period of six months but I have yet to receive any
news about my confirmation. With a long journey with this company, I didn’t get any
such of motivational that may refer to impression in my mind for the organisation.
The organisation crisis time we were through absolutely hard work if I had a trainer of
the organisation.
Organisation now reputed and renowned position and most of staffs had proved their
performance but matter of fact, Still I are the slowdown position
Having checked with the HR Department, I was told that you have yet to submit your
evaluation of my performance for review by the HRM Board. I have had a strong believe
that you will attend to this matter at your earliest convenience.

Main Issue: Confirm him to cold stored report evaluate and finalize the result

Managing people (MGT702) 11 Md.Ashiquzzaman ID: 1029993

Managing people (MGT702) Md.Ashiquzzaman ID: 1029993

4.1 (Sub-Task-2) --Communication Exercise – Scenario. 4

Pro-Marketing Sdn Bhd

To: Mr. Know See All
Senior Division Supervisor
From: Ms. Head Hun Ter
Trainer HRM Department.

Cc: Mr. Man Han Dler

Human resource Manager
Date: 1st December 2006
Ref: Acknowledgement or Recognition
I am enjoying my work and learning experience as a trainer. And I look forward to a
confirmation assessment that will enable me to progress in this company. We may have
crossed swords over the last year, but I am sure that all this is in the spirit of carrying out
our duties to ensure that we achieve our targeted performance. In the process, we could
have touched on one another’s sensitivities, but we should not let emotions egt the better
of our professional judgement.
In this regard, as a believer and practitioner of “effective communication,” I am confident
that your delay in sending my report is an oversight rather than a deliberate attempt to
prolong my probation period. No matter what our differences are, and we have had a few
over your indifference and leave throughout my training sessions for the marketing and

Managing people (MGT702) 12 Md.Ashiquzzaman ID: 1029993

Managing people (MGT702) Md.Ashiquzzaman ID: 1029993

sales teams, I am sure that you will not allow personal biases prejudice your assessment
of my contribution and potential to our company. Your evaluation report will certainly
complete my file which is currently in cold storage. I am quite sure that you must have
overlooked it due to your busy engagements. But I am confident that you will make an
effort to fill the missing link needed to initiate a total review of my current status with our

I return home from overseas to serve our country, and I hope to continue growing in our
organization, with your assistance and other members of the marketing and sales teams,
including the female-dominated administration department. I also understand that the HR
department will liaise with you soon.

Yours sincerely

Ms. Head Hun Ter

Trainer Mark

Managing people (MGT702) 13 Md.Ashiquzzaman ID: 1029993