CellJammer® discovery technology

● Our Aim: To develop novel antiinflammatory biologicals by targeting endothelial surface glycan structures for the first time. ● Relevant Targets Relevant targets share property of binding to glycans (GAGs). Initial focus is on chemokines but with wider applications. ● Process Design and development of protein-based GAG antagonists, taking 6 months from start to in vivo characterisation. ● Advantages Faster development of specific therapeutics than with glycan-based drugs, easier manufacturing and specificity more easily achieved ● Business Model ProtAffin works with partners to co-develop therapeutics with usual milestone payments and royalty entitlements ● Collaborations We are currently collaborating with leading universities and are seeking Pharma/Biotech collaborations
Model of an IL-8 monomer bound to a GAG oligosaccharide

ProtAffin Biotechnologie AG has developed the novel CellJammer® discovery technology for developing anti-inflammatory and other products. We will work with Pharma/Biotech companies to apply our technology to their targets of interest.

ProtAffin uses the CellJammer® discovery technology to create proteinbased GAG antagonists. We use structural bioinformatics for rational design of mutants, followed by proprietary assays to select optimal therapeutics. We achieve an increase in GAG-binding affinity, without changing the specificity of GAG binding. Secondly, we “inactivate“ the target protein, e.g. by knocking-out the GPCR activity of chemokines. Following in vitro and cell-based characterisation, we work with partners to characterise the pharmacology of the proteins in ex vivo and in vivo disease models.
Discovery IL-8 CellJammer™ PA04-001 Chemokine 2 CellJammer™ PA05-008 Chemokine 3 CellJammer™ PA05-017 Target 4 CellJammer™ PA06-001 Partners Undisclosed Target Characterisation: Various indications In vitro studies In vivo models Pre-clinical development Phase I Disease indication I/R injury in transplant RA, others

ProtAffin‘s co-Founder, Prof. Andreas Kungl is a leader in the field of protein-glycan interactions. Over the last 10 years, it has been shown that protein-glycan (i.e. Protein-GAG) interactions drive many acute and chronic inflammatory processes. ProtAffin has developed the CellJammer® discovery technology to create proteins with improved binding to disease-related GAGs, thereby acting as potent, targeted antiinflammatory products (ref.1).




A number of companies have developed monoclonal antibodies to GAG-binding proteins. This complication in target biology provides the chance to create superior therapeutics to mAbs when dealing with this significant class of complex proteins. ProtAffin offers a new, fast track way to target protein-glycan interactions, avoiding the need for complex carbohydrate chemistry and expensive manufacturing scale-up.

Chemokines rely on protein-GAG interactions for efficiently driving cellular inflammation in diseases such as ischemia/reperfusion injury and rheumatoid arthritis. ProtAffin is initially applying its discovery technology to chemokines for the development of anti-inflammatory products (ref. 2).

1) Gesselbauer & Kungl, Curr. Op. Mol. Therap. 8, 521 (2006) 2) Potzinger et al., Biochem. Soc. Transact. 34, 435 (2006)
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