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Roman-Jacobson, No. 210E53 Bar eggy )o,,gJas Lirde, State No. 217584 Bar A. L Allen, StatcBa No. 234922 LindelawFirm SunsEt Blvd., Suite1025 n Angeles, CA90069 10)203-yJ33



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forPlaintiff VID KIM, an individual

7 I 9

DAVID KIM, an individual Plaintiff, vs.

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I. L 3. 4. 5. 6, 7, 8. 9.



) ) l4 LINDSAY LOIIAN, an individual; ) PRODUCTIONS, CROSSHEART INC., A ) l 5 corporation; DOESI THROUCH50, ) and INCLUSIVE, ) r6 ) Defendants, ) t7 I ) l8 ) ) l9 ) ) 20 ) ) 21 )




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The court haspcrsonal jurisdicrionover rheDefcndanebccause aus rhey ,i*ia"rro and/q doingbusiness inrhe Stare Califomia. of

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4 5 6 1 8 9 l0

with 395(a)of theCalifomia Venueis properin this countyin accordance Sec'tion (l) residein los Angeles Countyrnd (ii) of Civil Rocedurebocause sone of thedefendants harmsoccunedin l-os AngelcsComty.

P[.AINTIT'T 3. Plaintiff and al1 is, at Plaintiff, DAVIDKII\[ ("Plaintiff') anindividual. is

hereinwas.a residont theStatcof Californiq Countyof L,os of tirnesmentioned Angeles.
all relevant times herein, Plaintiffentered into an employment agreementwith Ms.ISllAN to

ide personal seauity senricerexclusively her,for which Ms. LOTIAN agrccd pay to ro oompensation. Plaintiff wasemploycd Ms, LOIIAN from October13,2006to Marctr by

11 0, 2007during which timc Mt. LOHAN conrrolled manncrandmeans rvhichPlaintiff the by

tg 74 '1 5 t6 t7 l8 l9 20 2L 22 23 4.

thc work. Plaintiff duly perfonned theconditionsof the contact to bc all by him. Notwithstanding, IOHAN failedandrefused payPtaintiffany Ms. to ion for his wotk or reirntnrseanycostsincunedin conjunction with thc performanoe of job duties.

DETE}TDANTS Defcndant UNDSAY LOHAN is anadultindividual, Dcfsndant andatall is,

times mentioned herein was, a residentof tbe Statcof California, County of Ins Angeles.

is a well-knownaclress whohasperformed televisionandin motionpicnrres.At alt on timesnrentioned herein.Dcfcndant theemployer Plaintiff andcontrotled was of the andmeans vhich Plaintiff accomplished work. by the 5. DefendantCROSSHEART PRODUCTIONS, INC. is a corporation existingunder

e lawgof thestateof Californiawith its principal place business NewYork ar 125Vf. SS'h of in 8i Floor,New York, NY l00lg. 6. Defendant DOES I tbrouglrSOinclusivq arcin eomeway rqryonsiblc the for

sufferpd by Plaintiff. The tnrc namesand capocitiesof defendantsnaryredhcreinas DOES lhtough 5O' inclusive, whother individual, oorporate,associate,or othrnnisc, arc unknown m

intiff who thercforcsuessudr defendants suchfictitious names by Fnsuantro C.C.p.[474.

I 2 3

whenibcy havebeen and will amend Complaintto showtnrenames capacities this and and Plaintiff is infiormed believes, on thebasisof suchirtformationandbalief responsiblc thc wrongfulconduct for manner DOE hereinis in some that eachDefendant
damagcshcrcin alleged.


7 I 9 l0 ll 12 13 t4 l5 t6 17


is, Plaintiff is informedandbelieves therconallegcsthat eachDefendant andat on

of or was,the agent,crnplo)€e, rep'resentadve cactro0pt Defendant.Each timesmentioned or in was within in doingtheacts, in omittingto actar alleged this Complaint, acting acts or au0rority thealleged andomissions each or scope ofhis orher actual apparent of were by asagentsubsequently ratifiedandadopted eachotherDefeudant principal. as notedotherwise hereinthetermDefendanre nran artdreferto LINDSAY I-OHAN shall CROSSHEART PRODUCTIONS, INC.,andDOESI tluorgh5Q coliectively eadrof and

FACTS COMMON TO ALL CAUSESOF ACJTON In eatlyOctobo, 2006,Defendants Plainriff to work exclusively tbem, recruited for thecapacityof providingpersoul security scnicesin excbangc compensatiorr. for Defsrdants pcr to payPlaintiffs rates, $4,000.00 wcekfar A hourservicesnd$2,800perweckwhcn

plus 18 limiredto everrings, rcimbursdnent all costs expenses. of and 19 20 2l 22 73 9. Plaintiff undentoodandagroeil dueto the exclusiveernployment that agreement,

would noi be ableto providesecuritysenviccs anyotherclientsarrdfrrrtherthat for thc would contnol manncr mcans whictrPlainriff accomplished work, and by rhe directinghiru vhen to work onddetermining nattrre work to be performcd. the of 10. Plaintiff accepted Defendants' offer of emplolmentandoommenced workon


+, 6"

13' 2006. Duringhis cmployurent, Kim proridedthefollowingpersonal Mr. secgrity exclusivelytoDefendanrs, withoutlimitation:(t) errsuring LoHAN's phpical Ms. from fansandthe peparaza; aoconrpanying ro indusrrycvents;(3) obtainingVIp (2) her (4) at ctubsandconcerts; ensr:ring stalfat venues that received gratuitics his expense); (at
a:ranging for VIP parting at venueEartd ensuring that valets reoeived gratuiries (at his

(6) arrangingandpayingfor (athis expense) additionalsccuriryto vgriousconoerrs for 3

(7) suchastheTure Tao"clubin LasVegas; providingdoorto doordriving evenr asneeded to and to Ms. I-OHAN andherfriendsuponrequest; (8) providingpersonrlsecurity hcr wbenprcsent. I l. to exclusively otherservices) Plaintiff plovidedtheabovcscilices (arnong four ' for a periodof approximately months(October13,2006'March10,2007t. To as x than$55,0m[calculated follows:$2,800 wages Plaintiffis owcdrnore alone, in unpaid


of requests payment his fm repeated PlaftrtifPs x 7 l? weeks/ $4,000 2 weeksl. Notwithstanding, 8 9 l0 11 t2 13 L4 l5 l6 t7 l8 l9 20 2l 22 23 13. whatsocver. to Def,endants failedandrcfuaed payhim anycompensation eamed, 12. of In mnjunction with theperfonnancc hisjob duties,Plafutiff alsoincuncd

to coslsfor mileagqtlppingvalets,andhiring of additionalsecurity protccl un-reimburscd assigned driver, 2006,Defendans' LOHAN, Additionelly,in or about Novembcr late "Iazz" with PlaintiJPs anillegalright tum in front of Plaintiffto avoidthepaparazzi collided and
vehicle. Plaintiff incunri $1,468in repair causingsubstantialdamage tohis personal The total amount of the$ecostsare approximately$10,000. Notwithstanding Plaintiffs

requests forpaymcntof 0u abovc costs, Defcndants to failed andrefusod payhim any

As a rcsultof Defcndsnts' refusal payPlaintiffwages or indemnify to due Plaintiff

with theperformaneof his job duties,Plaintiff wasforoedo coslsittcluredin conjunction his employment Thereafter, Plaintiff mnde frrthq dernand payment no avail. a for to
rcspondedto PlaintifPs detnandby falscly denyingthat shelm€w Plaintiff, falsely

ing thatshgeveremplopd Plaintiff,falselydenying Plaintiff pcformedsecurity 0rat scrvices her andfalselydenyingthe amounts andowingto Plaintiff and*rc validity thereof. due

lu 7r' po
27 28 14. setfoilh herein 15.

FIRSLCAUSE OF ACTION BREACH OF ORAL CONTRACT (By Plainittf AgalnstAII llefendants) Plaintiffhcrebyincorporateo rcference allegarions thisComplaint if by alt of as Plaintiff entffod into anernployrnent agreement Defendant$ heretofore with as

I 2 1 4 5 6 7 8 9 t0 ll t2 l3 l4 l5 l6

to agreeil to pufsuafl to which hc agreed wolk fqDefendanu andfor whichDefendants with Defendants, Duringtheerrtirecou$eof Plaintiff s emptoyment Ptaintiff compensation. but included, wasnot limited to thefollowing tcrmsand at thedme of Plaintiff's discharge, to securityscrvices her wouldhirc Plaintiff to providepersonal Defcndants basis; on oncxclusive B. of in !o agreed payPtaintiff compcnsa$on theamount $4'00O Defendanrs per woekfu 24 hourseniceand$2,800per weekwhenlimited to evenings. C. 16. rgreedto reimbursePlsintiffforcostsexparded. Defendmrts


and by wag This employnentContract evidenced variousoral rcpresentatiotts tpxt

ageil$ or cmployecs,aridby the panic$'Gntir to plaintiff by Ddendants and,/orher of conduct..


Plaintiff duly with Defendants, of througbout the course his employm€nt

and and his job dutiesasa goodandfaiihful employee performcdall conditions of A$ to as utder theContract rcpresented hirnby Defendants. a result all requircments to reasonably expestandto rely on thepromise Plaintiff carne actionsandre,?rrescntations, alleged.Plaintiff, in goodfaith' as Defcndants hc wouldbe paidcornpensation herctofore that uponthescrepresentadons belicvcdthcmto be true. urd
18. in Plaintife relianceon, belicf in, and acceptance good faith of all the assurances,

r7 r8 r9
2A 2l 22 23

his as with or reprcs€ntations allcged hercinled plaintiff ttuoughout employment compsosation his work. In additionto for to reasqnably believethat he wouldreceive dutiee anemployee Defendmts, as Plaintiff,asfurthcrconsideradon, his rcgular of ftom seeking accepting otlreremployment. any and
19. Plairuiff undertook and continuedemploymmt with Defcndrrts and duly all thc oonditions of the contract to be performcd by him. Plaintiff was at all tirnes

had to , willing, andableto perfono arrd offered pcrform,all of theonditions of tlre
to be performEd by him. 20. By the abovc describedacts and omissions, Defefldanrs failed to c'arryout their 5




with agreement Ptaintiff. Plaintiffis informed underthetermsof theenploymorrt for to that alleges Defendants'refusalpayPlaintiffcompcruation work and belicves thereon with of wereunlaurfrrlin natureandin bneach Plaintiffs aErecrnent Defendants 21, agltem€nt, bleachof the enploymenl As a directandlegalresultof Defendants'

and loss to hassufferedandcontinues suffersubsmnrial in eamings, otheremploymcnt plus said not had whichhe wouldhavereceived Defendants brcached agccment,
incurred in obtainirrg substitute ernploymerrt,all to his damage in an amount accorrding

E 9

to employmat in an effon to pnoof.Plaintiff hastakcoreasonable $teps find comparable hisdamages-

It L2 t3 l4 l5 22. SECOND CAUSBOr AgrrQN VIOLATICI\ OT LABOR CODE S 203 (By Plaintift AgpinstAll Defendanh) Ptaintiffherebyincorporates refercnce allegations this C.omplaint if by all of as

setforth herein. 21. CaliforniaLabc CodeSection provides pertinantpart 203 in
If an employet willfullyfails to pay, witho.rt abaternentor reduction in rc.cordancs with Scctions20L,?01.5,202 and 202.5,any wagesof an employeewho js disdrarged or wbo quits, the wagesof the employee shall corriinue m a1rcnalry from the due darc fiereof at dre samerate uruil paid or until an actiomtlrcrcfore is comrnonced;but thewages sholl not continue fir morc than 30 days.

r6 t7

19 20 2l 22 2t

Flaintiffresigncdhis ernployrnent Mardr lO, 200?bocausc on wiltfully Dcf,endants

andcontirnres rduse to payPlainiff wages to due. By wiltfully refirsingro payPlaintiff duewithin 72 hoursof his resignation reguired LaborCodeSecrion?fiL, as by Eefcndanrc
liable for pe.naltiesprsuant to Labor Code Section 2Cf3, an arnounteqnal to tlrirty driysof in


prwailing wagerate. These penalties, a sumto be prcvenat trial, areowedand in

Ezs t:r

H,6 n


Plaindff is attitledunderlaborCodc$ 218.5 rccov€r to reasonable anorney's fees

costsin additionto penaltyitself.



(By Platntiff Agninsn Detendants) Nl 26. of by Plaintiff hcrebyincorporates refaenocall allegations this Complaintasif

2 3

y setforth heroin. n. pncvides pedinentparl: in California tabor CodeSection226(a) of shall,scrnimonthly at the timeof eachpayment wages, or Everyemployer part cachof his or hercmplolces,eitherasa detachabte of thechect,.draft, furnish are paying ernployeewageE, separatcly whenwages paidby the s c or voucher in personal statcment writing[.| checkor cash, acc.urate an ircmized 28. whatsoever for to Defendmtswillfully failed andrchrsed payPlaindff 6nywages

5 6 7 I 9 10 ll t2 l3 14 15 l6 l7 18

camed, performed failed to provideanyitemizedstatement writing of wages in and ratespaid or anyotherinformationre,quired underCal. I-aborCodc$226. By refusingto providePlaintiff with an a@uratc iternizcdwagestatement, and Defendants
lated labor Code Section 226.


of As a resultof theviolation labor Code$ 226,Plaintiff seeksall remedies

in LaborCode $ 226(e), includingattomeysfe€s,oosts, damages and/orpenalties, is entitledto greater aeual damagxor fifty dollarsfor the initial paypcriodin whicha of pay dollarsper unployeefor eadrviolation in a subaequent occur$andonehundrcd
penaltyof four tbousanddollars per employee. Plairrtiff is also , not exceedingan aggregate to an award to an awsrd of costs and rcasqnableattomey's fees.

r9 20 2L

FOURTII qAI'SE ()4 ACTION VIOLATTON OF LABOR CODD $1194 @y Plainttff AgainstAll Defendants)

'y '7zs
f3 @o F n



Plaintiffhereby incorporues reference,all by allegations this Complaint if of as

setforth herein. 31. California LaborCodeSeetion providcsasfollovs: 1194(a) Notwithstanding agrccment work for a lesser any to wage, emplotae any receivins lesstbanthc legalminiururnwagegr the legalovcrtimc-oomp-ensaiiod appticable io theemplofee entitled recover a civil actiontheunpaiilbalance thefull is to in oi -amount this minimum of wage-or overtime comperuatbn, including inrcriii thereon, reasonable auorneylfees,andcostsof iuit

I 2 3 4
5 6 7 I I l0 ll 12 13 l4 t5 l6 l7


whatsoever work pcrformedfor Defendants. for Ptaintiffreceivedno Payment Plaintiffrcceived lessthanthelegalminimurnwageandhe is entitledto racovetthe

of balance the full amountof this minimumwage' 33. wages,Plaintiffis As aresultofDcfeodants'failuretopayPlaintifrminirnrln

attomefs feesandcosu of suit prsuant to Cal.l:bo' entitledto an awar€of rcasonably Sec.1l94(a),

@y Plainfiff AgatnstAll Defendants) 34. Plaintiff herebyirrcorporatcs referencc altcgations thie Complaintar if by all of

y setforth hercin. 35. Californialabor CodeSection providesin pertinentpart "An employer 2802(a)

indemni$ his or her cmployee all ueccssary for expenditures losses or incumed the by in ditect qooseguenct thedischarge his or her duties,or of his or her obedieoce of of to directionsof the employer[.]" 36. As described herein,Plaintiff incurred cxpenditures losses hcretoforp and ai


egedin dircct consequence thedischarge his dutiesand/orat thc dircclion of Defendants. of of his requests reimbursert€ntf for Plaintiff wasneverreimbursed Defendants the by for andlosses incuned.Defendcnts haveknowingly withheldfromplaintiff for suchexpenditures losses incurred Plaintiff. In violationof state and by law. haveknowingly andwiilfully refused pwforn their obligationsto failed to properly to andreirnburse Plaintiff in violationof LaborCode92802(a). 37As a proximate resultof theaforementioned violations in addition and to for expenditures, Plaindff is entidedro intcrestat the same ratc asjudgmciltsin il actionsaccrued from the dateon whichtheanployeeincurrcdthe necessary expenditure or prusuant Cal. Labor CodeS2802(a). to
38As a furtherpnoximate result of the sfcrrementioned violations, plairriff is ehthted

20 2l 22 23 t*

f* gs


t?cover all rcasonably costs, inctuding. without limiration atlornry's fees and costs inarrrod

1 2 3 4

to Cal. LaborCode$2802(c).

STXTII CAUSEOF ACTION VIOLATION Otr'I.JNFAIRCOMPEIITION LAW (Bus.& hof. CodeWm et scq.) (By Plstntifi AgainstAll Defenrlants) 39. of all by Plaintiffhereby incorpo(ates rcference allegations this Complaintas if

6 7 8 9 l0 1l

lly sct forth hcreio. 40. of The comduct all Ddcndantsss allcgedin this Complainthasboenaodcontinues

to be unfair,unlawful, andharmfulto Plaintiffand ihe generalpublic. Plsimiff seeks enforce within the neaning of Cal. Codeof Civ. Prcc.Sec. rights affectingthc prblic interest

t2 1021.s.



Plaintiff is a 'trcrson' within thc mcaning Bus. & ftof. CodeSectionl720l, of

has suffqod mqnctarylocsee a resultof Ddcndants'failure to payhim, aodtherefore as to b,ringthis c*useof aaion pusuautto Bus. & Prof. CodeSection17204for injrmcrivc cquitable ief, rcstiurtion,andotherappropriatc rclief.
42. Defendauts and each of them are e "p6son" as defined under Businessand

r5 t6 t7 18 l9 20 2t 22 i*3
a ,'' ,t

ions Code

43. Bus.& Prof.Code$17200, seg., providcs *unfaircompetition et tbat strallmean

includeanyunlawful, unfair or frandulentbusiness or prac{icel act 4, Wagcandhour laws express fundamental public policies. Promptpayment of

to the ernplolrce upsn ieparationfiom employment, wag€ failwe to keepaccurate failurc to reimburscPlaintiffnecessar), erpenditures losses inourrcdby the u in direct oorreguenc€ thedisctrarge his or hcr dutiesandrefusalto paywages of of after
detnandhas been madeis a fundamentalpublic poticy of the Stateof Califomia to enforpe


minimum labor standardg, prrevent to against ernploy'er fraud andabuse bargaining of andto ensure that employees not requircdto work undcrunlau/firlconditions. are 45. Defendants haveviolarsd statutes publii policies.Throrigh conduct and the aleged 9

t-lro l t


*..1t:^ ---.--. +^ r,.^ra public to acted have -^ r conuary these of and Dcfefldants, eacn them, rm Complairrt, flin 202, to, :" ------::t::" but codc, including notlimited scctions of provisions theLabor specific violated z frrave practices in businpss and untawful uufair in engagcil other and 2802, havc r fZoa,216,,226,194, and Plaintiffof rightr'bencfits' et 1720o, s€e.tdepriving section of Bus.& hot Code + fiviotation
' qlt rrnder lnwemployccs guaranteod all amnlaw:rc undcrlaw' --n,^ to lnrivileecs hereinabovg constitutes as uniawfirl urd unfairconduct, alleged 45. Defendants' 6[






I ]

1?200, Bus.&prof.codeseaion z pnr"i.*rpgririoninviolationof
g ll 47T contracts rcqufuing cxecutionof uncomcionable the 9 flfrwailinB w€6, faihng ro gaybenefits, tO


by hereinalleged, failing !o payapplicable in by Defendanrs cogaging theconduct

the provisions conditioning provisior of work visasonthe and illegal panalty fico,ntai*og haveknown of careshould eitberknewor in theexercise reasonable of t I lexecution illcgpl oontrscts, l tZ tlre conductwasunlarrful, As sudr, it is aviolatisn of Bus. & Prof. CodeSection17200. [Uat of tTM provides a pivate ca,rse action for CodeSection & 48. Business hofessions 13 fl ll exclusively a in that *[alctions for anyrelief pursumrro this dupter shall be pm$ecuted t+ [staUnC jurisdiction ...uFoothe complaintof anyperson... actittgfot theinterests of lS $counof mmpererrt I or lO ie members tlre gencralpublic." fliusetf, provides themurt with available 172Q3 Code Section 49. Busincss Professions & tt t in to in or 1Sllrcmedics statingthar*lalny pe$on whocngagpd, proposes engage unfair competition tl jurisdiction. The court maymakasuchorders or be enjoyedin anycoun of competent tl llnaf to in any or 20 liudgrnents asmaybc noc$safyto r€storE anypetson inrerest money Ploperty.-. ,.. I havcbcenacquiredby mqans unfair competitio'n." of 2f lwhiclr The mlawftrt andunfairbusinesg practftrs of Defendants described 22|| 50. hereinprqsent

threat rnemb€rs $republicin 0rat to of to oontinued engage.in the Dcfendants .# Ir continuing hereindz+ [*"auct described
5I. Defendants havewrongf,ully rctainedmoniesbelongingto Plaintiff rhatit mayhave i$tt I means unfair andunlawful busincss of pacrices. B6 fiacquired.by L3 tl 52. Plaintiff alleges Def€Ddants that p€,rsonally participated, authorizcd, '-W n instnrcted 28 thc aforcsaid scfprre in inducingPlaintifFserrploymanlscwices, land/orratified Urilcssrestrained this Court,Defcndants oominuero engage theunlawfirl tr. by will in ll


I ll



t 2 3 4 5
6 7 I I 10 11 t2 l3 l4 l5 l6 17 l8 l9 20 2l 22

aftera dernand *'hcn dueandpayable to asaltegedabove.Thewitlful rc,frrsal paywages
been made and the falsc denial of the amount due s validity thereof is a misdcmeanor

Code$7100,andother and to ishable fine for eachviolationpursuant Business Profcssions by contirnring ongoingunlawfulactivitiesprohibiledby Busiress and The actsconstitute to of and Codeg5 17000 seq. justify thcissuanoe injunction et Professions Pwsuant 817293. or makcsucJr orders judgm€nts, to tlreBusirrcss Prrofessions his Counshould & Codq of to the by udingthc aptrnintment a recciver,esmayberrccessary pteveDt useor ennploymcnt, practiceprohibited the their agents ernployqes, ury unlawfuldcceptive or of by iness& Professkms of Codc,and/orirrcludingbut not limitpd to, disgorgcment profitswhich be necessary rcstorcPlaintiff to thc moneyDefendsnts' to haveunlaurfrrllyfailedto pay.

SEVENTXT CAUSEOF ACTTON FR"AT'D @y Plaintitf fueinst All Defendants) 54. Plaintiffhereby incorporates refer=nce.all by allegations this Complaint if of as y setforth herein.
55. As describedherein,Dcfendants madefalse prornisesto Plbintiff with knowledge

such promises wer€ false at the time whe,nrnade,to pay compensation in exchangefor

iding her with personal securityscrvices anexclusive on basis.Suchpromisqrwert falsc whenmade. OncePlaintiffprovidedsuchservioes cnclusively Defendants, to refirsed honmher agrecrnent. to Defendants tbereby induccdPlaintiff, wirb false
to pay Plaintiff oornpcnsationrpecified in groaterdetail above, to induce plaintiff to

, ?3 t.Eu

cxclusively forher. OncePlaintiffbegan employment Eefendanrs, promises his for the rhat his agreernent wcrc disregarded. Defendants madeverbalrnisreprcscntations pay to compensation theamount S4,000 weekfor 24 hourservice $2,800 week in per of end pcr
limited to cvenings.


Ll.tz. ka s,



Defendants commined fraudby means the falserepresentations of specified above.
representationswerc false as evidenccd by Ddendantc' refirsal ta pay Plaintiff any

for work perfenredatrdthc falscdenialof 0reanounr andvalidity of wages drr. 11

lo t
I rcfusalto cvidencd by Defcndants' arefurtlrer t llfne falsity of Defendanb'reprtsentations lt and hcr that shelnew audhiredPlaintiff notwitbstanding verbalacknowledgment in 2 lacnaowledgc wercduc' that telephone tnessages thewages text 3 llnumerous



4I 5I

57. 58,

were knew As allegedabovqDefenrdants hal therepresentationc falsewhenmade. rhe to made representationsPlaintiff with an intentto defraud rhe Defendants

6 llphintiff, tbar is, Defendants madethe teprcseilations for the pupose of inducing the Plaintiff to



lt 10 lcontractuat obligations upon demandby Plaintiff is further evidenceof Dcfendants' intent to

ttrat thereon evidenced therequiremenr Plaintiff woik for as by uponit andro act in relianoc flretf ur failureto perform based thc verbalandcontractual A ho cxclusivclyandDcfendants' I at was rcfusalto perfotmherverbsland 9 fireprescntationsthetirneperformancc due, Defendants'

tt [oerraud.
59. Ptaintiffwasunaware thefalsityof therepesentations lrereasonably l2 I of and relied ; promises 13 from Defendants. Plaintiffreasonably reliedon thercpresentations the of luponthc t+ flOcfenOants the sofepurpose performing for of the under agreement. Underrhecirsumsranccs, I wasjustifiedin relyinguponthereprcseilrarions. f llfUintif 60. As a dircc,t legalrcsultofPlaintiff'sreasonablerelianceonrhe 16 I and l7 Plainriff hassuffer,cd conrinues suffergcnoral consequential and ro and lmiseOresentations 18 lldamagcs at amorntsubjecr proofat riat. in to


tl 19 | 61. As a frirther dircct and legal result of the actsand conduct of Dcfcndann, and eaclr i 20 them, as aforesaid, Plaintiffhas been caused and did suffer and continues to sr:ffer $evere to ilof zl fiernotional mental disbess. The exactnahrE, durationand extent of said injuries is presently and

to Plaindff, but he is inforrned believes thereon and and alleges somcif notall of that lluntnown cenain bepermanent character, to in ;p3 lltheinjuriesarewasonably iFt 62. Addirionally,asdircct aodlegalresultof Dcfenrdants' tp+ | fraudulent actions and



Plaintiffhasincunedlossof earnings, Further, because actsin guestion tbe were ffS [sdcmes, oommittcd Defendants, acted by who with malioe,oppression frarrd,6 werc or P6 lPersstally wilful andacted conscious z7 in disregard theprobability causing of of injuryto plaintifr, fldeliberate, prmitivedamagas 2E lsf,eseeks against Defendants drderto ileter thern'fromsrrch in conduct the in I Cal.Civ. Code93294 fituture.



1 12

I 2 3 4 5 6 7 I 9 l0 l1 t2 l3 t4 l5 l6 11 l8 l9 20 2l 22 23 68, 66. 63.

EIGITTII CAUSEOT ACTTON CONVERSION (By Plainttff Against Nl Dcfendants) of all by Plaintiff herebyincorporates reference allegations this Complaintasif

setfodh herein 64. and to wages iefused wrongfirlly wittihcldeamed Defendants' above, As allegcd

of of incurred Plaintiff in directconsequence thedischarge by mbuse Plaintiff for expenditwes qr her duties. In partiorlm,Dcfendants' or forwotk pcrformod failed to payanycompensation
Plainriff for any csts incurred in the dischargeof his job duties or in dirrcctobedicnce

the directionof Defendants. 65. had to At all relevant times, Deferdants andcontinues havea legalobligation

wagcs o$er compensation to him. Sucb and due by stetnteto payPlaintiff all carned werepiovidedto andcompcnsation belonged Plaintiff at thetime the laborandservices to suchwagcsandcompensation thepropertyof Plaintiff, not andaccordingly, arc

Defendans knowingJy intentiortally md to faiLcd payPlaintiff all dulyeamed

andun-rcimbursed expenditues convertedthem Defendants' and to own useandbenefit, 67Plaintiff hasbeeninjurcdby Defendants' intcntionalconversion suchwagcs of and possessiorr all amounts . Plaintiffis entitled immediate to of convertedby with interest, well asanyandall profitsthat Dcferdantsacquirrd by tbeir unlawful as

Defcndants'actions constituting conversion wsre oppressive, malicious, and and wereconcealed Defendants, eachof thcm,from named by and Plaintiff andas
alleged. Plaintiff hasbeur injuredby Defcndants' opprcssiv!, malieious, i.nttntional

Y ps
Ftz6 27 28

fraudulent actions, cntittingPlaintiffto punitiveandexernpluydamages pursuant Cal.Civ. 1o $3294.


t oo
I l|

il (By Ptaintiff AgpinstNl Dcfcndants) II I of plaintiff herebyincorporares reference allcgations this Coffiplaintasif all by 69. 2[ I lln uy sotfotth herein. ll -r-^ ^^,:- n^--thar Complairn througtrorrtthis as in baveengaged corrduct described Dcfcndants 70. 4 [ were decency.Sucbactions of the rnd cxtremeandoutrageous bcyond bounds common S flwas I of disregard thepmbabilityof causing in or €nBaged with a corucious 6 lintendedto cause, wetre I the withort limitrition includes conductbyDefendants disuas to Plaintiff. Such emotional 7 fisevere r' e ftonowing:




to to rnadefalse promises pay cornpensation Plaintiffdcsigned Defandants without intentto pay to inducePlaintiff 0owork exclusivelyfor Defendants

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Plaintiff anycompensation whatsoever. on directed and Plaintiff to incurexpenditures losses her behalf Defendants to but hasheretofore willfully refused indcmnifyPlaintiff for such experrditures violationof law, Defcndants in krrewthat strewouldrefuse to reimburse at and Plaimifffor suchexpenditures tre time shedirecred or approved suci expenditures.

?1. Asdir€ctandproximatctesultof tlieDcfendants'acts,Plaintiffhassu$tainedand [ to emotional general for l8 llcontinues sufferseyere disress. Plaintiff seeks damages his sev€tre l .tf darnages anamountnot lessthanur amount distress ortrerconsequeotiat and io within fiemotional of Z0 llthe;urisdiction this oourt, exact rhe to arnount beproven trial. at tl ,t 72. Plaintiff allegcs Defendants that personally participarcd, aurhorized, instructed ll Z}flandtorratifiedthe aforesaid in PtaintifPsemployment acheme inducing sorviccs. T n. Further,because actsin question tbe werecommittcdby Defendane, including ,/3 ll Htl directorsand/orrnanaging agents, actcdwith rnalice,oppression fraud,or ]vere who or ffa fiofficecs, wilful andactcdin onseiousdisregard theprobabilityof csusingmjuryto ptaintiff, of fr25 fdchberate, punitivedamages seeks against Defendants ordcrto derer in themfrom sudrconduc-t ttre in Pa lt" Zz lfirturepursuanr Cal.Civil Code$3294. ro tl


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and Defendants, eadtof thern,as PLAINTtrT praysfor judgn€ntagainst WHEREFORE"

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to according proof; damagec For compensatory pusuanlto l-sbff Code$ 203to thcPlaintiff in An awardof wuting time panalties rate equal 30 timcshis regular of pay; to an arnount to damagcs aceording proof; For punitivc andexennplary .5,226(e),1194(a), pursuant Cal.LaborCodc$$218 io and For attomeys'fees oosts autltuity; or 2$O2(cl,Cal. Code Civ, $lff21.5andanyothercornract statutory 4, 5. interest,at thelegalrate; includingp,rejudgment For ar awardof intsrest, tro the injunctionorderingDefendants cease For a prcliminarymd permanent practices heretofore alleged, as unlawfulandunfairbusiness insofarasit is necessary to ofa and For appointment receiver fot an aocounting thc those unlawfully retained rcstorc determine amounts theunpaidwages due and amounts Plaintiffsandotheremployees. to For restitutionto Plaintiff in ananountto beprovenat tial.

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just For sudr otherandfurthmrcFefastheC-ourt maydeem andproper.

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April4, 2008

Auorncp forPlaintiff DAVID KIM


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pEMA,r{pEOR.rIrRYTRIAL hereby demands byjuryonall claims. PlaintiffDAVIDKIM a trial


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