Velasco Pg 1. a2 When it comes to getting married there are certain factors that take place.

By this i mean the basic reason behind why you do or are or plan on getting married. Now that we know marrige isn't just a simple commitment , we start to look behind why people plan to get married.if we go way back to the renaissance period "Love was rarely an issue as marrige meant sharing a lords property or a noble name." ( Having this in mind love wasn't a priority and most of the time wasn't even thought of. The social standards of people were most important at the time. marrige was either a way to improve your position in society or to maintain your position. Such as kings often when felt it was time to start looking for who would replace them after they could no longer remain king they seeked a someone inside their circle of course For most this meant a son. there for mot married to have children as i said in preference a boy to maintain the family's name alive. Though since sex wasn't allowed till a women was married, they had to go throuhg the ceremonial process and other preparations which include a wedding. marrige before sex has been an issue from the renaissance period until now. In most"most of worlds religion tell couples they should marry before having sexual intercourse."( Depending on your religion sex before marrige wasn't accept. This i was very important as through time the matter faded. For some people this remained and others took different decisions facing their own consequences. b1 As we know sex before marrige was not accepted. Therefore this is one of the reason marriages began to take place alot along with other reasons. though how exactly did weddings and marriages come about. During the the renaissance weddings came about in order to produce children a simple marriage between a man and a woman starting a family. Through time different types of marriages began to take place such as arranged marrige , same-sex marriages and marrige based on religion. it no longer became so simple. "In some cases the parents would be ready to enforce arranged marriages because of cultural tradition or for some other special person."( In an arranged marriages parents would choose who you married based on the race, religion or any type of interest amongst the family. These types of marriages go on still as i speak in different parts of the world. Such as Thailand, China and also in the United States. As young as the age of 12 you can already be arranged for marrige. Age is not a discrimination towards arranged marriages no matter your age you can be arranged with your approval or without it. It doesn't really matter if you are over or under age. Although in "many countries regulate the age at which one can get married".( d1

"renaissances marrige ceremonies and celebration's depended largely on social class of the bride and groom." ( the wedding during this period were extravagant and classy. from the attire to the feat the attire for the bride was a very old fashion type of Victorian dress. The dress wasn't whats so ever provocative just simple. which was the main theme of weddings. traditions were also part of the wedding during this period ." a renaissance tradition was that small pieces would be given to guest to put under their pillow that night , those who were single would d ream of their future mate." ( another tradition would be "the bride would be blessed under a "pall a silken cloth traditionally carried by four unmarried persons." ( . The reason for these the traditions are unexplainable and have just become common over time. thee weddings were impeccably

rich and extravagant. although this also depended on your wealth either way with money or no money it was done with class. d2 some of the celebrations from before became some what confusion for some. Which is now why we have a wedding and before the wedding the church which in renissance period would be the bretoral. the brethoral could aslo be such as aengament party since the brethoral to refresgh your memory was the annoucemtn of the wedding and both sides of the familyl paticipate in. this is also where they share their vows ,now that would be the church ceremony . Only the vows would take place in the bretoral the actula celebration wudnt be till later the wedding . you see where the confusion begins to take place. Now weddings are all in one day the church always come first where the bride and groom share their vows to eahcother . Then you can just go on about celebratin the wedding. Though one thing the sharin of vows can be done in any place depeding your religion and your on point of view on a wedding. During the renissance there was only one way about having a wedding. aswe move on to diffret part we go to traditons. every aspect of traditions ha changed this is all because now we creat our own or just seem to cathc one on. such as the bouqet of the bride. At any wedding the bride usulall faces all the women at the wedding party backwards and tosses her bouqet as a symbol of futture wedding for the woman who cathces it. As for the male is the same as the bride but with the garter its is a ___ thing whcih the bride were by her leg and the man takes of with his teeth some somewhat too erotic for this to happen during the renissance and therfore it didnt . You can say now one has the option of how they want thing to go . weddinsg can be simple outrages . crazy and even insane . You can make your own them for your wedding such as all goin nude , or in costumes you deicde. weddings now can be very expensive or not . this all depdnds only on what you can and cant afford. e1 after all the celebrations we go about the financial things between a couple in today society we often divide our money between another and help each other financially by sharing our belongings and putting things under ones name or the others. that wasn't exactly the same during the renaissance it was either all for the husband or wife depending the circumstances. when the marriages started families of both would gather into a meeting and decide on who would take complete ownage of the property. since "renaissance marriages were often held at the bride house" ( they would gather mostly there and decide most of the things there. Also since at the time of the renaissance there was a type of arrangement called a Dowry they would go through a process where all the brides belongings became her husbands. she no longer owned anything and was called his property. in some cases the bride had to pay their no so called husband for marrying her depending on the marrige circumstances this can also be vice-versa. this is a confusion because unlike now the reasons behind marrige where those other then love or any emotion but just for economical standings. "in some cultured today , dowries and bride prices are still demanding." ( f1 the sweet life of marrige . what happens when it becomes not so sweet then comes divorce. this usually happens when marriages don't work out for whatever reason it may be. divorce can come about when their is infidelity in a marrige lack of interest or economical struggles which tear one or the other apart . In this the renaissance period and now are the same