HackBBS v0.

2 COM ONLY Version (c)1993 By Virogen 06-29-93 ----------------The Ultimate In Board Hacking Software Disclaimer : Naturally, this software is not intended to be used in any state or country in which it may be illegal. This creator of this software can not be help accountable for any damages, loss of data, or anything else which may result in the use of this program. All responsibilities lie with the operator of this software. If you do not agree to the above terms then don't use this software. HACKBBS - The Concept ---------------------A while back I was looking at a few text files which describe how to infiltrate bulletin boards thru backdoors and bugs in the software. I saw some good ideas for hacking SOME bulletin boards. HackBBS will allow you to hack nearly any bulletin board in existence using no bugs in the software, etc.. So, welcome to the latest in board hacking technology. Yea, stupid phrase, I know. How it works ------------This is a COM Only version of Hackbbs. I had a few problems with memory with the EXE version, but I do still expect to release it soon. I separated the versions so that the file size could be kept to a minimum. Anyway, what hackbbs does is install itself, along with a specified batch, com, or exe file, onto any COM file. The file you append to the COM file will be called the activation file from now on. This file CANNOT exceed 32k. If it does, then it will not execute properly once activated. I'm working on fixing this. ALSO, make sure that the infected COM file does not exceed the 64k boundary. The infected file will function normally until the key is located anywhere in the command line. At which time, hackbbs will take control and write the batch, com, or exe file which it attached to the program. It will then execute this file. HackBBS writes the file to disk as EXACTLY the same name you specified when infecting the file. If you used a path such as : "C:\TEST\RUNME.COM" then HackBBS will write the file to that directory and filename upon activation. If you did not specify a directory name, then hackbbs will write it to the current directory on the victim's computer. Confusing enough? Good, why make it simple when you can completly screw things over? Command Syntax for HACKBBS : HACKBBS [COMFILE] [COM_EXE_BAT] [KEY] -COMFILE is the name of the file you wish to infect -COM_EXE_BAT is the name of the activation file -LESS THAN 32k! -KEY is up to 8 characters which, when found on the command line, activate hackBBS. If you specify a key longer than 8 chars, only the first 8 characters will apply.

How to use it -------------To use this program to hack into a board, simply run hackbbs on the COM file you wish to infect, using the above parameters. The activation file you create can do anything you wish. I'll leave it up to your imagination to think of the possiblities. One thing you MUST remember though, this program is not designed for re-entry into the executable. Therefore, once the batch file is run don't plan on returning to the COM file and continuing the process. I'd suggest removing all evidence and then rebooting his system. Anyway, an example of hacking a board would be : 1) Create the batch file TEST.BAT containing : CTTY COM1 (substitute the appropriate COM port) 2) Extract the latest version of DSZ into a temporary directory. Infect DSZ.COM with a command line something like : HACKBBS C:\TEMP\DSZ.COM TEST.BAT ACTIVATE 3) Be friendly, and upload it to the victim's board. (be sure to talk it up in the description, to make sure that he'll use it on his board) 4) Call back whenever he's got it installed and upload him the file : ACTIVATE.ZIP using DSZ. Bam, boom, smack.. as soon as DSZ is run with "ACTIVATE" in the command line your batch file is written to disk and executed. Thus, redirecting standord I/O to COM1. You just got access to his/her DOS. You need to remember to delete all evidence of your infiltration. HackBBS will not return to the infected file and continue running. I suggest you reboot the victim's computer. Ofcourse, you could just write a batch file to format his HD, send his users data file, etc.. No limits. The best part is that HACKBBS can install itself onto any COM file, protocols, compression utils, upload processors, etc. The EXE version will be even more effective. Details & Warnings ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - DO NOT USE AN ACTIVATION FILE LARGER THAN 32k! - ALWAYS CHECK AND MAKE SURE THAT AN INFECTED COM FILE DOES NOT EXCEED THE 64K BOUNDARY. - HackBBS was written in assembly, compiled by TASM v2.0. - When executing a batch file, hackbbs uses the command line : C:\COMMAND.COM /K [filename.BAT] Where [filename.BAT] is the filename of the file you appended to the COM. - When executing a COM or EXE file, hackbbs executes it directly. - No, I haven't tested it extensivly. - Nowhere Man's CRYPTCOM utility was used to encrypt the original executable (HACKBBS.COM). I then made a few unsignificant changes to deter debugging. (here CCh, there a CCh, everywhere a CCh) How to tell Virogen what a great program he wrote, or what a shitty piece of crap this thing is ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Simply leave me a message anywhere, and everywhere and eventually I'm bound to recieve it. You can leave a message to me on Fidonet (Virogen), Virus Conference, but I only scan it occaisionally. ��� �� ��� �� �� ����� ���� ���� ��� ���� ����� ��� ��� � �� � �� � ��� �� � ��� ��� ��� ���� ���� ��� �� � �� ���������������������� ��� ����������������