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Social Science (Std. X)

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❐ Select the correct alternative from the given alternatives and answer the
following questions. (1 mark for each) 15
(1) What has provided opportunities for the all round development of India ?
(a) Social progress (b) Cultural progress
(c) Economic prosperity (d) Natural features
(2) Which volume did Pandit Ahobal write for Northern Hindustani Music ?
(a) Sangeet Ratnakar (b) Sangeet Parijat
(c) Sangeet Gandharva (d) Sangeet Makarand
(3) The shadow of which temple never falls on earth ?
(a) Konark sun temple (b) Kailasnath temple
(c) Brihadeshwara temple (d) Mahabalipuram temple
(4) Work composed in the ancient age describing administrative sciences is
(a) Milind panho (b) Ashtadhyayi
(c) Minander’s Arthashashtra (d) Kautilya’s Arthashashtra
(5) Which discovery of India brought about a revolutionary change in the world of
(a) Subtraction sign (b) Fractions and whole numbers
(c) Zero and decimal system (d) Square and square root
(6) Which is an important cultural city of south Gujarat ?
(a) Saputara (b) Champaner (c) Bharuch (d) Daman
(7) On what are all of the main economic activities based ?
(a) sea based (b) forest based (c) land based (d) mineral based
(8) In India centrally administered regions which have the largest percentage of the
land area is forest area ?
(a) Dadra Nagar Haweli (b) Pondichery
(c) Lakshadvip (d) Andaman-Nikobar
(9) Which oilseed is the most important in India ?
(a) Copra (b) Groundnut (c) Til (sesamum) (d) Mustard
(10) Which type of coal is not used in factories ?
(a) Peat coal (b) Lignite coal (c) Bituminous coal (d) Anthracite coal
(11) Where was the first iron plant of India established ?

(12) Which of the following economic activities belong to secondary sector ?

(a) fishing (b) production of nuclear arms
(c) banking (d) cattle rearing
(13) In which country is the head quarters of the World Trade Organisation situated ?
(a) Newziland (b) Iceland (c) England (d) Switzerland
(14) Which tribes live in far off forests and hilly regions ?
(a) scheduled tribes (b) hilly tribes
(c) girijan tribes (d) scheduled castes
(15) From where did the makers of our Constitution get inspiration about the rights of
citizens ?
(a) Charter of Freedom (b) Charter of Rights
(c) Charter of Atlantic (d) Charter of Kind
❐ Answer the following questions in one sentence each. ( I mark for each) 15
(16) Whom had Akbar given patronage to, in Fatehpur Sikri ?
(17) What has Varahmihir mainly discussed in Bruhadsamhita ?
(18) What is Gandhar style of architecture ?
(19) What is the speciality of India in woodwork art ?
(20) Which book is written by Chand Bardai ? What is described in it ?
(21) Who was Amir Khusro ?
(22) What is Natural heritage ?
(23) Explain : the term Bio Reserve Areas.
(24) Why is the use of water increasing ?
(25) By which different routes is transportation carried out in India ?
(26) Why does the problem of scarcity arise in each country’s economy ?
(27) What is globalization ?
(28) What is the main objective of human development ?
(29) Which is the largest challenge against the unity and oneness of India ?
(30) Define corruption.
❐ Answer the following questions briefly (as required ) (2 marks for each) 24
(31) Describe Dravidians as an ancient tribe of India.
(32) Give short information about the caves of Elephanta.
(33) Write in brief about the chariot temples.
(33) Give some information about ancient India’s medical surgery.
(34) Write in brief about Ramayna and Mahabharata as epics.
(35) Soil erosion comes in the way of growing crops. Why ?
(35) Hydro electricity is a perennial source of energy. Explain this statement.
(36) What are the reasons for storing foodgrains in India now ?
(37) How can rain water be conserved or harvested ?
(38) State the measures to conserve minerals.
(39) Give three informations about primary sector’s contribution to Employment?
(40) To encourage privatization, which steps have been taken by Indian Government since
1991 ?
(40) What is the National Policy for Women Empowerment ?
(41) Insurgency has flourished in Tripura. Give reasons.
(42) What role can school play in the ‘social development’ ?
❐ Answer the following questions as required (3 marks for each) 21
(43) Explain clay work as an art of India.
(44) Write a short note on : Drainage system of Mohen-jo-Daro. OR
(44) Describe the progress made by ancient India in Chemistry
(45) Give some information about Tajmahal among the monuments of India ?
(46) Explain the economic importance of forests. OR
(46) State the uses of copper.
(47) Mention the technical reforms in the agricultural sector.
(48) Write short note about Natural Gas.
(49) What is meant by human development ? Explain its aim. OR
(49) State the social effects of terrorism.
❐ Answer the following questions as required (in detail) (5 marks for each) 25
(50) Our “duty” as a citizen to protect the cultural heritage. Express your views on this
statement and what are the economic advantages of heritage ?
(51) Write in detail about Transport Equipment Industry of India. OR
(51) Measures to control environmental degradation.
(52) Show title following details, at their correct locations, in the given outline map
of India.
(1) A state producing rice on a large scale.
(2) Area of Damodar valley project.
(3) A state where limestone is found.
(4) A centre of woollen textile (with name)
(5) Delhi-Mumbai rail route with one junction.
(53) Write a detailed note on poverty, eradication programmes about wagebased
employment programme.
(A) Write short note about Industrial Unemployment. (3 marks)
(B) Why is regulation of prices necessary ? (2 marks)
(54) Which factors (reasons) are responsible for exploitation of consumers ?
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