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P A P E R Social Science Name :   Roll No. : Batch : SECTION–A
Social Science
Social Science
P A P E R Social Science Name :   Roll No. : Batch : SECTION–A

Name :


Roll No. :

Batch :


Choose the correct option from those given below and write the answer :



The only difference between human and animal society is of




(B) Culture

(C) Religion

(D) Spirituality


The terracota vessels found at clay work in ancient India.

in Rajasthan tell us about the existence of



(B) Kalibangan

(C) Rangpur

(D) Lothal


Which pillar is the best example of stone edict



(B) Sarnath

(C) Nandangadh

(D) Sanchi


The language of Buddhist literature is




(B) Prakrit

(C) Sanskrit

(D) Pali


Which industry is thriving on our cultural heritage ?



(B) Tourism

(C) Leather

(D) Cement


Which bio-reserve is situated in W. Bengal ?



(B) Panchmadhi

(C) Nilgiri

(D) Periyar


When was the ‘Grand Anicut’ canal constructed


5 th Century

(B) 3 rd Century

(C) 2 nd Century

(D) 1 st Century


Where is the biggest Solar Power of India ?



(B) Chennai

(C) Rajasthan

(D) Modhapur


Which of the following can be considered as on economic activity ?




(B) To take part in School drama


Child upbringing

(D) To take care of poor patients


About what percentage of child labourers are girls ?




(B) 40%

(C) 45%

(D) 48%


Who was the first Indian to address world religious conference at Chicago.



Dayanand Saraswati

(B) Ramkrishna Paramhansa


Swami Vivekanand

(D) Swami Ramdas




Answer these questions in one sentence each :




What are the two chief heritages received by us ?


What differenciates the Indian Music from music of other countries ?



Which regions of India are known for their art of wood carving ? Which temple is known as Black pagoda ? Why ? Why is the Tajmahal losing it’s whiteness ? Give examples of biotic and abiotic resources ? What is Jhoom agriculture ? Who started the Bhoodan Yagna ? Which is heavy inorganic chemical industry ? In which state of India there is no insurgency ? Which countries of the world have least corruption ? Where did Naxalite movement spread ?














Answer these questions as required :




How has the varied landscapes of India influenced the people ?

(25) Why was the art of drama so popular among the people of ancient India ? What


is the opinion of Bharat Muni about art of drama ? Give brief information about pattadakal monument. OR Describe the development of Vedic literature ? ‘Heritage is the reflection of identity of the people and the nation’. Explain the statement. Soil erosion comes in the way of growing crops. OR

How can we conserve rain water ? What are the favourable conditions for sugarcane cultivation ? Himalayan rivers are perennial. Explain. What is meant by minerals ? In what different categories can the minerals be divided ? Insurgency has flourished in Tripura. Explain.







(33) What provisions has the Indian constitution made for protection and development


of children ?




Answer as required :



Give brief information about the Khajuraho temple ? Describe the roads of Mohen-Jo-Daro ? OR

Write a note on Red Fort. What are favourable conditions for sugarcane cultivation ? Which are the different types of coal ? OR





Write a note on wind energy. Into how many types are the Indian forests distributed according to their density.





Write a note on development of Persian literature.



Write a detailed note on India’s contribution in Mathematics. OR Discuss ancient India’s Medical Science and Surgery. Fill in the following details in outline map of India :




Any one region growing sugarcane.



Bhakhra Nangal project.



One region producing coal.


One centre of Cotton Textile industry.



A place with maximum forest area.


Write a note on distribution of fertilizer industries in India. OR Write a note on Iron and Steel industry of India.


Part-II : Economics



The following should be written on a different suppliment and should be submitted

separately. (There is no need to use a main supplement for this part.)



Choose the correct option from those given below and rewrite the complete sentence :



The contribution of service sector in national income the year 2001 has been



(B) 25.8%

(C) 29%

(D) 28%


Digging of Raw material comes under


Primary Sector

(B) Secondary Sector (D) None of these



Service Sector


Alternatives to germicides have been discovered in




(B) Brazil


China (D) All of the above



Privatisation means withdrawal of




(B) Capital

(C) State

(d) None of these


Answer the full questions in one or two sentences each :



What do you understood by ‘Economic activity’ ? What incentives are offered to labourers to motivate them ? Why is regulation of prices necessary ? Who is called the father of consumer movement ?





Answer the following questions briefly :




What are the strategies adopted by the government for protection of the interests of the consumer ? What is meant by Economic Liberalization ? What are the benefits of market Mechanism system ?




Answer the following in detail :




What are the duties of Consumer ? (Mention atleast 6 duties)



Write a note on the following :



‘Poverty Line in India.