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Social Science (Std. X)

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❐ Choose the correct option to answer each of the following : (1 mark each) [15]
(1) What is the living example of the fact that India is a land of peace and tolerance ?
(a) Sectarianism & Civilization (b) Harappan Civilization
(c) Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam (d) ‘Sat’, ‘chit’, ‘anand’
(2) In which place in Gujarat is jardosi work found ?
(a) Valsad (b) Palanpur (c) Jetpur (d) Surat
(3) In which state is the Sun temple of Konark situated ?
(a) Orissa (b) Tamil Nadu (c) Gujarat (d) Madhya Pradesh
(4) The well known book by Abdul Fazal is ______.
(a) Tarikh-e-Firozshahi (b) Babarnama
(c) Ain-e-Akbari (d) Tawarikh-e-Gujarat
(5) Which famous book was written by Bhaskaracharya ?
(a) Lilawati Ganit (b) Kalawati Ganit
(c) Chanpawati Ganit (d) Shilawati Ganit
(6) Which is the main festival of Assam ?
(a) Bihu (b) Onam (c) Ganagor (d) Ganesh Chaturthi
(7) What type of resources are forests and wild life ?
(a) Non-renewable (b) Man-made (c) Renewable (d) Afforestation
(8) Which area of Gujarat is known for its good production of cotton ?
(a) Charotar (b) Halol (c) Kanam (d) dang
(9) Which form of vegetation is mineral coal ?
(a) Ashen (b) Wooden (c) fossilized (d) Earthen
(10) In which state of India was the first iron-steel plant constructed ?
(a) West-Bengal (b) Tamil Nadu (c) Orissa (d) Bihar
(11) With the collaboration of which country was the Durgapur iron & steel plant
(a) USA (b) Britain (c) Russia (d) Germany
(12) Which of the following economic activities belong to service sector ?
(a) Education (b) Electricity
(c) Forest conservation (d) Factories
(13) What is the advantage of economic liberalization ?
(a) Government debt has increased
(b) Inequality has decreased
(c) There is progress in development of agriculture
(d) None of these
(14) What percent was literacy rate in Gujarat in 2001 ?
(a) 69.97 (b) 65.40 (c) 66.82 (d) 65.38
(15) Which is the least corrupt country in Asia ?
(a) Sri lanka (b) Honk Kong (c) Singapore (d) India
❐ Answer the following questions in one sentence each : (1 mark each) [15]
16. What is the distinguishing feature of mankind ?
17. In which art forms had India expertise in ancient times ?
18. Which two stupas are the best specimen of Dravidian style ?
19. For which monument have the art critics used words’ Poem carved in marble’ ?
20. What has made modern world very small ?
21. In which state is the town Pushkar situated ?
22. Which state of India has a large forest cover ?
23. Name the main oilseeds grown in India ?
24. Which state in India enjoy more facilities of irrigation ?
25. Which metro cities are to be connected by Golden Quadrilateral Express highway ?
26. What does ‘progress and development’ mean ?
27. Explain the idea of ‘Sustainable development’.
28. Which schemes has the government formulated to increase literacy among women
in Gujarat ?
29. Which magazines and periodicals are published to create awareness among the
consumers ?
30. What is meant by Communalism ?
❐ Answer the following question as required : (2 marks each) [24]
31. Introduce the Australoid (Nishad) people as the most ancient people who came
to India.
32. Write a note on the great poet Kalidas.
33. Write a note on the literature of the Mughal Period. OR
Describe the contribution of Varahmihir in the field of astronomy.
34. Write a note on the Buddhist literature of ancient times.
35. Mention the special features of laterite soil. OR
How do people damage or vandalize our heritage ?
36. Why is there variety in the agriculture products of India ?
37. What is water shed area ?
38. How is pig iron obtained from iron ore ?
39. Explain two features of developing economy.
40. How can it be said that illiteracy and exploitation are roots of poverty ? OR
Why is price-control necessary ?
41. When does social tension rise ?
42. Explain the meaning of social development ?
❐ Answer the following question as required : (3 marks each) [21]
43. Write a note on the underground drainage system of Mohen-jo-daro.
44. State the special feature of Ellora Caves.
Describe the progress achieved by ancient India in Mathematics.
45. State the causes for the destruction of forests.
46. Write a note on the Sugar industry of India.
Write a note on Industrial pollution.
47. What are the effects of technical and institutional reforms in agricultural field ?
48. Write a note on tidal energy.
49. Mention the social effects of terrorism. OR
How is India facing terrorism ?
❐ Answer the following question as required : (5 marks each) [25]
50. Show the importance of ancient memorial, archaeological sites and remains in the
preservation of ancient archaeological heritage.
51. Describe the various advantage of transportation.
Write a note on the classification of Industries.
52. In the outline map of India, show the following details with proper signs or symbols.
(1) One region producing paddy
(2) Kosi project
(3) One state where bauxite is obtained.
(4) One centre (with name) of cotton textile Industry
(5) Rail route from Mumbai to Delhi (via Ratlam) and one junction in route.
53. Discuss various forms of rural unemployment.
Mention various steps taken by the government for the protection of consumer’s
54. What is woman empowerment ? Discuss its form, factors obstructing it and its
present position.
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