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Social Science

P A P E R Social Science Name :   Roll No. : Batch : Instructions
P A P E R Social Science Name :   Roll No. : Batch : Instructions
P A P E R Social Science Name :   Roll No. : Batch : Instructions

Name :


Roll No. :

Batch :

Instructions :

There are 54 questions in this question paper. All questions are compulsory.


Choose the correct option to answer each of the following questions (1 mark each) :



The only difference between human and animal society is of



(b) culture

(c) religion

(d) spirituality


was a wellknown poet during the rule of Allaudin Khalji.




(b) Chaitanya Mahaprabhu


Aamir Khushro

(d) Narsim Mehta


What is meant by ‘Dhai-din ka Jhopda’ ?




(b) Mosque

(c) Palace

(d) Church



is a grammar book written in Tamil.



(b) Tolkappiyain

(c) Silappadikain

(d) Manimekhlai


Which book gives laws of gravitation ?



Brahma Siddhant


(b) Aryabhattiyam



(d) Boodhayan


Planting of thorny bushes and tree in a belt prevents the spread of




(b) Deserts

(c) Mountains

(d) Plateaus


Which famous National Park is situated in Assam ?



(b) Corbett

(c) Kaziranga

(d) Bandipur


Rubber is cultivated as




(b) Kharif

(c) Plantation

(d) Intensive


The first public sector oil refinery was established in



(b) Mathura

(c) Barauni

(d) Mumbai


Where are the railway coaches made ?




(b) Jameshedpur

(c) Bihar

(d) Bangalore



Which economy is known as Free Economy ?



Socialist economy


(b) Market economy (d) None of them



Imperialist economy


When was World Trade Organization established ?



(b) 2001

(c) 1995

(d) 1999



Which state of India stood second highest in the rate of poverty ?


Uttar Pradesh

(b) Karnataka

(c) Bihar

(d) Arunachal Pradesh


The Tenth Five Year Plan (2002-2007) amis at


growth in GDP of India.










Which country is least corrupt ?




(b) Pakistan

(c) China

(d) Singapore




Answer the following questions in one stencence each (1 mark each) :



Give the physical characteristics of Australoids. When was Patola weaving started in Guajrat ? Which temple is known as the Black Pagoda ? What are Sangamas ? Who are the great pioneers of medical science ? Where was Khajuraho located ? What is meant by Land Degradation ? What is fallow land ? When is wildlife week celebrated ? Where was Bauxite first found ? Give names of four international airports in India. What is meant by Economic activity ? What is meant by Fiscal Policy ? Which insurgent tribal organizations are active in Manipur ? Who can be called literate ?



















Answer in short (2 marks each) :




The Dravidians were one of the developed ancient tribes of India. Wrtie briefly about temple architecture. Write about the famous work of Tamil literature. Black soil is also called ‘self polughing soils’. The ‘kanam’ region of Bharuch district in Gujarat is known for its high quality cotton. Till this day we have been able to make use of only 37% of the groundwater.








Mica is exported from India. Write a brief note on Bio-gas. Write in brief about the futures of Developing Economy. Write difference between Multiple Usage and Optional Usage. What steps are taken to promote Globalization ? Which steps should be taken to encourage privatization ?









Answer the following questions (3 marks each) :



Write note on Wood Art of Ancient India. OR


Write note on Clay Work.


Write a note on India’s Contribution to Astronomy.


OR Which major discoveries were carried by Aryabhatta ? Describe Fatehpur Sikhri in detail. What are the effects of deforestation or destruction of forest ? Mention the technical reforms in the agricultural sector.




Write a note on Geothermal Energy.



Which concessions the Government has announced for backward classes to fulfil 27% vacancies.



Answer the following questions as required (5 marks each) :



Write a short note on “Museum”. Write a detailed note on Agro based industries. OR Write a detailed note on Mineral based industries. Give detailed information about poverty eradication programme (Poverty Alliviation Programme) PAD. Describe the steps taken to control price rise. OR





How are consumers exploited ? Show the following details in the map of India :


A state in south producing Maize


Delhi to Madras - railway




Hirakund Project


Rice producing one region

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