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Social Science (Std. X)

Name : _______________________________________
Roll No. : _________ Batch : ____________

Instructions : (1) Maintain the sequence of the questions.

(2) Begin a new Section on a new page.
❐ Choose the correct option : (1 mark each) [15]
(1) _______ control is laden by culture with growth.
(a) Social (b) Religious (c) Economical (d) Political
(2) _______ dance style has developed with ‘Shrungar Bhakti’ of Vaishnav community.
(a) Kathak (b) Bharatnatyam (c) Kathakali (d) Kuchipudi
(3) Tanjavur was the capital of _______ dynasty.
(a) Pallava (b) Chalukya (c) Chola (d) Chandela
(4) _______ was the great poet of Urdu language.
(a) Muhmmad Kazim (b) Khafikhan
(c) Ghalib (d) Sujanrai
(5) The festival of Gangaur belongs to _______.
(a) Tamil Nadu (b) Rajasthan (c) Assam (d) Madhya Pradesh
(6) Lyngdoh Grove is situated in _______.
(a) Meghalaya (b) Jharkhand (c) Rajasthan (d) Assam
(7) Panchmadhi area is a _______.
(a) National park (b) Reserve (c) Sanctuary (d) Marine Park
(8) The irrigational zone in India has increased by _______ after independence.
(a) Two times (b) Three times (c) Four times (d) None of these
(9) _______ is the largest Thermal Power Station of Gujarat.
(a) Uttaran (b) Wanakbori (c) Sikka (d) Dhuvaran
(10) In India the road from _______ is constructed on the highest altitude.
(a) North Kashi to Srinagar (b) Manali to Ladakh
(c) Leh to Srinagar (d) Manali to Leh
(11) Market system, socialist system and mixed system are the deciding factors for
(a) Development of the nature
(b) Economic decision and resources distribution
(c) Development of an individual
(d) None of the above

(12) Monetary policy refers to _______.

(a) Government decision relating to demand and supply in the market, regulating
it and distributing it among various field of economy.
(b) Government strategy in respect of public expenditure and revenue
(c) Raising capital to reduce poverty
(d) None of the above
(13) There were _______ unemployed in Gujarat in 2002-’03.
(a) 21 lakh (b) 121 lakh (c) 12 lakh (d) 33 lakh
(14) Growth is a _______ process.
(a) fast (b) dynamic
(c) very slow (d) None of the above
(15) Corruption is the result of _______.
(a) public (b) limited (c) dishonesty (d) cheating
❐ Answer the following questions in one sentence each : [15]
(16) Where did Indian culture develop from ancient times ?
(17) What is Kumin ?
(18) In which art is there a combination of all arts ?
(19) Explain what is ‘Mandap’.
(20) What is the Treasure Trove Act ?
(21) Which factors are responsible for less agricultural production ?
(22) For what is Indira Priyadarshini Tree Friend Award given ?
(23) Which fruits and flowers are cultivated in India ?
(24) Where are the centres of the Hindustan Copper Limited ?
(25) State two features of Market Mechanism System.
(26) What are the features included in the new Economy Policy ?
(27) Define : Skill Development.
(28) Differentiate between hoarding and black marketing.
(29) State the three aspects of HDI.
(30) “Inspite of growth in GNP, some countries have not shown required human
development” – Why ?
❐ Answer the following in short (2 marks each) : [24]
(31) How can it be said that Indians love nature and animals since ancient times ?
(32) Explain what is heritage ? OR
Give details on Indian Inlay work.
(33) Why is India called a country of fairs and festivals ?
(34) What is our role in maintenance of our heritage ?
(35) Write a note on Red Soil.

(36) Today, why has the need of patent registration arisen ?

(37) Mention any four objectives of rain water preservation.
(38) State all the uses of manganese. OR
Why will the need of solar energy increase in future ?
(39) State the factors of production.
(40) State the economic impact of terrorism. OR
Corruption enhances criminal mentality – Explain.
(41) Under which circumstances a consumer can sue an insurance company ?
(42) How does bearishness and bullishness of the trade cycle create unemployment ?
❐ Answer briefly : (3 marks each) [21]
(43) Write a note on Chariot temples in India. OR
Write a note on Tamil literature of ancient times.
(44) Prepare a list of famous Indian Forts.
(45) Which reasons are responsible for destruction of forests ?
(46) What is the contribution of agriculture in the Indian Economy ? OR
Mention the advantages of Roadways.
(47) What is Geothermal Energy ? Which thermal plant in India runs through this energy ?
Name the countries of the world which obtain this type of energy.
(48) Large scale ups and downs adversely affect the economic balance whereas 3% price-
rise is beneficial to the country.
(49) Child labour is a blot on the Indian society – Explain. OR
Differentiate between terrorism and revolutionary movements.
❐ Answer the following questions as required (5 marks each) : [25]
(50) Write a note on the development of Sanskrit literature.
Explain with illustrations about the Unity in Diversity of India.
(51) Give an account of the achievements of ancient India in the science of medicine
and surgery.
(52) Write a note on the Transport Equipment Industry and its important centres in India.
(53) Show the following details on an outline map of India :
(1) One region producing groundnut (2) Bhakhra Nangal Project
(3) Place where the first blast furnace to melt iron ore was established.
(4) One major ship building centre of India
(5) Rail route from Delhi to Chennai with two junctions on the way.
(54) Write a note on steps taken to control price rise. OR
Write a note on efforts to reduce unemployment.
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