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Social Science (Std. X)

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❐ Question 1 to 15 carry equal mark. Choose the correct option from those
given below and rewrite it. (1 mark for each) [15]
(1) Who teaches us the way of life ?
(a) Nature (b) Literature (c) Culture (d) Religion
(2) The combination of all art forms is _______.
(a) Dancing (b) Dramatics (c) Music (d) Drawing
(3) Which style came into existence due to influence of the Greeks ?
(a) Mathura Style (b) Dravidian Style
(c) Indo-Greek Style (d) Gandhar Style
(4) Who is the world famous writer of Sanskrit literature ?
(a) Bana Bhatt (b) Kalidasa (c) Bhavbhuti (d) Magh
(5) Which book had Brabhavya Panchal written ?
(a) Ashwashastra (b) Visalkashyyana (c) Maansar (d) Hasti Ayurveda
(6) Which is the largest door of the world ?
(a) Gumbaj Darwaja of Bijapur (b) India Gate Delhi
(c) Gateway of India of Mumbai (d) Buland Darwaja of Fatehpur Sikri
(7) The soils which have upper layers washed away or eroded are called _______.
(a) Laterite soils (b) Bad lands (c) Banger (d) Khadar
(8) In which type of forests is cultivation or grazing cattle not prohibited ?
(a) Unclassified forests (b) Classified forests
(c) Reserved forests (d) Protected forests
(9) Which kind of methods of farming is necessary efficient management and technical
knowledge ?
(a) Wet framing (b) Shifting agriculture
(c) Plantation agriculture (d) Mixed farming
(10) Which energy sources are called non-commercial energy sources ?
(a) Geothermal energy (b) Wood charcoal
(c) Brown coal (d) Tidal energy
(11) Which type of textile mills do Dhariwal Ludhiana and Amritsar have ?
(a) Woolen textile (b) Silk textile (c) Cotton textile (d) Synthetic textile
(12) Economic development is associated with people’s _______ and living standard of country.
(a) Poverty (b) Financial income
(c) Per capita income (d) Unemployment

(13) Several countries of the world have taken steps to reduce the proportion of _____
in the atmosphere.
(a) Sulphur dioxide (b) Hydrogen (c) Nitrogen (d) Carbon dioxide
(14) ________ is achievement while economic development is a tool.
(a) Social development (b) Human development
(c) Religions development (d) Political development
(15) What is the factor bringing change in Indian society ?
(a) Public opinion (b) Social traditions
(c) Expansion of education (d) Social beliefs
❐ Question 16 to 30 carry equal marks. Answer each of the following question
in one word or in one sentence (1 mark for each) : [15]
(16) Which belief do the words “Om Shanti....Shanti....Shanti....Support ?
(17) What is meant by inlay work ?
(18) Explain the term : Toran (arch).
(19) Where are the world renowned shaking minarets situated ?
(20) How did script come into existence ?
(21) Which scholars have discussed various aspects of mathematics in their works ?
(22) Of which four places do the people of India go to pilgrimage ?
(23) What is Global warming ?
(24) Why is the level of underground water going lower in India ?
(25) The islands of Oceania are located in which ocean ?
(26) Which two things co-exist in mixed economy ?
(27) What is economic liberalization ?
(28) What is the true wealth or capital of any nation ?
(29) Which are the negative elements hindering peace and progress in India ?
(30) What is anti-social activity ?
❐ Question 31 to 42 carry equal mark. Answer the following questions briefly.
(2 marks for each) [24]
(31) Describe landscapes as a part of Natural heritage of India.
(32) Describe the architecture of gopuram.
(33) Describe about the great literatures and their books, during the reign of Akbar.
Write on the scientific heritage of ancient India.
(34) Give introduction of Brahminical literature and Upanishads.
(35) Which are the factors responsible for soil erosion ?
Which coal is used in factories and why ?
(36) Dependence of such a number of people on agriculture create many problems, why ?
(37) What is a watershed area ?
(38) State the use of manganese.
(39) Which economic activities are included in secondary sector in India ?

(40) Why did the necessity for India arise to implement New Industrial policy ?
Why have the people of the scheduled tribe remained economically backward ?
(41) Explain the statement : No country can achieve economic development ignoring women.
(42) Mention the names of constitutional measures for child development and safety.
❐ Question 43 to 49 carry equal mark. Answer the following questions as required.
(3 marks for each) [21]
(43) Describe about the dance is an art form of the family of fine arts.
(44) Write on India’s contribution to astronomy.
Write short note on the cave temples of Ajanta were like an art school of India.
(45) Give information in detail about the “Red Fort” of Delhi.
(46) Mention the steps to nurture wildlife.
State the properties and uses of mica and the areas from where mica is found in India.
(47) What are the favourable conditions for agriculture in India and name the types of
agro-products ?
(48) Distinguish between Natural gas and Gobar gas.
(49) What steps should be taken to eradicate communalism ?
Give details of the factors encouraging gender discrimination.
❐ Question 50 to 54 carry equal mark. Answer the following questions in detail.
(5 marks for each) [24]
(50) What role can the people play for the protection of our heritage ?
(51) Write in detail about the Iron and Steel industry in India.
Measures to control environmental degradation.
(52) Show the following details at their correct locations, in the given outline map of India.
(1) A state producing rubber on a large scale
(2) Area of Kosi Project
(3) A State where bauxite is found
(4) A Centre of Sugar industry (with name)
(5) Mumbai - Chennai rail route with one junction on it.
(53) State the causes of Poverty.
(1) What should be done to reduce unemployment in India (State four measures)
(2 marks)
(2) Which steps are taken by Administered price mechanism to control the price
rise. (3 marks)
(54) Describe the duties of the consumer.
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