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Social Science

P A P E R Social Science Name :   Roll No. : Batch : Note
P A P E R Social Science Name :   Roll No. : Batch : Note
P A P E R Social Science Name :   Roll No. : Batch : Note

Name :


Roll No. :

Batch :

Note : (1) All the questions are compulsory. (2) There are 54 questions in this question paper.


Choose the correct option and write your answer :




Indian culture was not only beautiful but also





Utilitarian and Prosperous



Based on Religion only


There was no religious ideology existing



Who wrote the Sanskrit drama “Pratigya Yogandharayanam ?



(b) Bhavbuti

(c) Bhas

(d) Nagarjun


In which district of Gujarat is Harappan town Dholaveera situated ?




(b) Banaskantha

(c) Junagadh

(d) Sabarkantha


The oldest Institution established for the preservation of wildlife or forest animals is


Mumbai Natural History Society

(b) National Museum



Indian Museum

(d) Wildlife Advisory Board


Preserved forests occupy how much percentage out of the total forest area ?



(b) 30%

(c) 43%

(d) 16.4%


To which class of endangered animals does the cheetah in India belong ?




(b) On the verge of extinction



(d) Vulnerable


In which river valley of Madhya Pradesh are a large number of ravines found ?



(b) Shon

(c) Ken

(d) Chambal


What amount of the national income of India is obtained from agriculture?




(b) 26%

(c) 62%

(d) 22%


Which area of Gujarat is known for its good production of cotton ?




(b) Halar

(c) Kanam

(d) Dang


In which river is the maximum navigation done in India ?



(b) Godavari

(c) Narmada

(d) Hugli



The main characteristic of a developing country is




(b) rising prices (d) low per capita income



increase in population



Which day is celebrated as the Environment Day throughout the world ?


10 th December

(b) 12 th March

(c) 5 th June

(d) 21 st October


With the help of which country is Durgapur iron-steel plant built up ?




(b) Britain

(c) Russia and Germany


Which year had India declared as Women Empowerment Year ?



(b) 2002

(c) 2001

(d) 1975


Which one result in corruption ?




(b) Poverty

(c) Temptation

(d) Cheating




Answer the following questions in one/two sentences : [15] Which monument of India was a sea port in ancient India ?



What did Aryabhatta prove ?



Who brought Sanskrit the worldwide acceptance as an important language ? What is agate ? What is carved out on the Mahrab of the Tajmahal ?






Which are the main sacred groves in Rajasthan ? Which kind of places has the Indian Government declared as national monuments ?


(23) Which are factors important for soil formation and development of its fertility ?



Why is the underground water level going down ? What is the difference between National Highway and State Highway ? What was the main objective of Air Pollution Control Act ? In which groups, can industries be classified on the basis of ownership ? What is the weakest link of our planning ? What is the main aim of Public Distribution system ? When is social change possible ?











Answer the following as required (2 marks each) Describe India in context with its culture. Describe the wood carving as an art of India. Write a note on Gujarati prose and poetry. OR Describe Varahamihir’s contribution in the field of astronomy. Describe the temples of Khajuraho. Why is coal called ‘black diamond’?











OR Railways are the lifeline of India, Explain this statement. What are effects of globalization on agriculture ? Explain what is a watershed area ? State the measures to conserve minerals.






There is ‘growth sans development’ in many countries of Asia, Africa and Latin

America? How can it be said




What is an Essential Commodities Act ? OR Describe the impact of globalization on Indian economy. Mention the features of market system. Explain corruption as an antisocial activity.







Answer the following questions as required. (3 marks each) Explain clay work as an art of India. Write a note on Red fort (Delhi).








Write about Kutub Minar.



Describe the ancient Indian Hertiage in Science.


Explain the differences among National Parks, sanctuaries and Bio-reserve areas.




How can it be said that the distribution of forests in India is uneven ?



What are the effects of technical and institutional reforms in agricultural field ? Write a note on hydro-electricity.



Mention the social effects of terrorism. OR



How is India facing terrorism ?



(Five marks each) Discuss the benefits of roadways.






OR Write a note on electronic industry of India.



Describe briefly the ancient Indian literature. In the outline map of India show the following details :



One region producing wheat



Kakrapar Project


One place (with name) of chemical fertilizer


One state where manganese is obtained



Rail route connecting Mumbai to Kolkata (via Nagapur) and one junction enroute.


Write a note on Sampurna Gramin Rojgar Yojana. OR Discuss various forms of rural unemployment. Explain factors responsible for the exploitation of consumers. OR Explain: Why it is inevitable to increase the awareness among consumers ?