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Social Science (Std. X)

Name : _______________________________________
Roll No. : _________ Batch : ____________

Time : 3 Hours] [Total Marks : 100

❐ The objective questions given below from 1 to 15 carry equal marks. Select the
appropriate alternative from the alternatives given below each question : [15]
(1) Which mountain has been a part of Indian heritage since ancient time ?
(a) Girnar (b) Vindhyachal
(c) The Himalayas (d) Cardemum
(2) Which form of art involves both singing and playing ?
(a) painting (b) dance (c) music (d) Dramatic art
(3) Where is Dholavira located ?
(a) In Bhuj (b) In Khavada (c) in Aliabet (d) at Khadirbet
(4) Which was the biggest temple of ancient India ?
(a) Kailasnath (b) Brihadeshwara
(c) Mahabalipuram (d) Konark
(5) Who is considered to be the father of Mathematics ?
(a) Aryabhatt (b) Bhaskaracharya (c) Charaka (d) Brahmagupta
(6) Which is the main festival of Tamilnadu ?
(a) Bihu (b) Pongal (c) Onam (d) Gangora
(7) By what name is the black soil useful for cotton cultivation known ?
(a) Bangar (b) Regur (c) Regolinth (d) Khadar
(8) Which bio-reserve is spread over the states of Tamilnadu, Kerala and Karnataka ?
(a) Madumalai (b) Shabarimalai (c) Dachigam (d) Nilgiri
(9) Which region of Gujarat is famous for the production of cotton ?
(a) Kanam (b) Charotar (c) Vakal (d) Coorge
(10) Where was the first oil well of Gujarat drilled ?
(a) Katosan (b) Lunej (c) Bharuch (d) Ankaleshwar
(11) Which National Highway passes through Gujarat ?
(a) N.H. No. 35 (b) N.H. No. 15 (c) N.H. No. 8 (d) N.H. No. 10
(12) Where is the headquarter of World Trade Organisation ?
(b) Paris (b) Geneva (c) New York (d) Delhi
(13) Which certification mark is used for agricultural products ?
(a) ISO (b) AGMARK (c) BIS (d) ISI

(14) Which year was celebrated as ‘Women’s Year’ ?

(a) 1975 (b) 2001 (c) 2002 (d) 2005
(15) Where are railway coaches built ?
(a) Varanasi (b) Jamshedpur (c) Bangalore (d) Patna
❐ Questions 16 to 30 carry equal marks. One mark for each question :
Answer the following questions in one-two sentences each : [15]
(16) Who are the most ancient inhabitants of India ?
(17) Which three stupas have been found in Gujarat ? What is architecture ?
(18) Which renowned book was composed by Thiruvallavur ?
(19) In which city, did Swami Vivekananda attend the World Religious Conference ?
(20) What was the speciality of Dhaka Muslim ?
(21) In which region of Karnataka, does coffee grow in plenty ?
(22) What are Reserved forests ?
(23) Which cities are connected by ‘The Golden Qudrilateral express highway ?
(24) Which canal was constructed in year 1882 ?
(25) When are Zaid crops grown ?
(26) When is the Consumer Protection Day celebrated ?
(27) Which is the least corrupt country of Asia ?
(28) In how many categories are industries classified on the basis of ownership ? Name the
categories ?
(29) What is meant by smuggling ?
(30) Where did the Naxalite movement start in India ?
❐ Questions 31 to 42 carry equal marks. Two marks each. Options are internal.
Answer as required : [24]
(31) Which are the physical characteristic of the Nishad People.
(32) What do you know about Buddhist literature ? OR
Write a note on Ellora Caves.
(33) What can citizens do for the preservation of our heritage ?
(34) Explain the ‘clay work’ as an art.
(35) How many types of soils are there ?
(36) Explain – “Charotar region is known as Land of Golden Leaf”.
(37) What is meant by rainwater harvesting ?
(38) What are the uses of Manganese ? OR
Why is Mica used in electrical goods ?
(39) Which economic activities are incorporated in the primary sector ?
(40) What is globalization ? OR What are the limitations of socialistic system ?
(41) What is the chief aim of the ‘Consumer Protection Act’ ?
(42) What is the contribution of schools in Social Development ?
❐ Questions 43 to 49 carry equal marks. Each question carries 3 marks. Options are internal.
Answer as required : [21]
(43) Write a note on ‘Kuchipudi’ and ‘Kathak’ dance forms.
(44) Give information about the ‘Sanchi Stupa’. OR
Write a note on – The Mathura School of Art
(45) Explain the importance of forests.
(46) Why should we protect wild life ? OR
Name the regions producing Bauxite in India.
(47) Where are marine fields of India situated ?
(48) Differentiate between Anthracite and Bituminous Coal.
(49) State the adverse effects of castism. OR
State the effects of terrorism on society.
❐ Questions 50 to 54 carry equal marks. Each question carries 5 marks. Options are internal.
Answer as required : 25
(50) Discuss the Ramayana and the Mahabharat as great epics.
(51) Explain – “There is Unity in Diversity”.
(52) Write in detail – Cotton Textile Industry of India.
(52) Fill in the following details in the given map of India :
(1) One region growing wheat
(2) The Sardar Sarovar Project
(3) One centre of chemical industry (with name)
(4) One centre producing copper
(5) The railroute from Mumbai to Chennai.
(53) Show the difference between Economic Development and Human Development.
(54) What is ‘women-empowerment’ ? Why is it necessary to give importance to it ?