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What Is A Twin Flame? Humans start out in a dimension known as Hypervernia. As they descend to earth, their bodies become denser separating hermaphroditically into male and female forms. This is designed to experience your female side while living in a male body and visa versa. This is your first incarnation while entering the 3 rd dimension of planet Earth. Through your many life’s, you are always consciously or unconsciously searching for your other self.

Mythology of Leumiria There is an mythological story from Leumpira, the continent of Mo. It was said that people there had four arms, four legs, two heads and rotated on their axis. They became so wise that they began challenging the Gods. Instead of the Gods dispensing of them, they decided to cut the individuals in half in order to keep them from disturbing the Gods and thus keep then searching endlessly for their other half.

Experiencing the Connection Many have found their twin flames while experiencing a past life regression where they are able to recognize them in their present life. When you first see your twin flame, you recognize them through their eyes, as the eyes are the mirror of the soul”. There is an immediate connection, as you feel like you have known each other forever. You actually light up as your combined connected energies magnify a 100 times over. The surge of energy electrifies your body, opening connectors that have never before

opened. It’s like you plug into the other side of yourself. The bond you experience is the purest that you could ever image. When you hug, it feels like your two bodies are form fit for each other. You would expect your breathing to speed up, but instead it becomes shallower with the taste of a cool clear breath of air. When your twin flame enters a room, both of you light up and is noticed not only by you, but by all those around. I mean, you really light up like a light bulb. When you talk, the information and energy flows with a rhythm as you both recognize and catch up from many past life’s experiences together.

Purpose of the Connection When you reach that point of growth when you can recognize and receive your twin flame, they will appear. The purpose is not to remain with that individual but rather to love them as they are your other side. They are your complete yet opposite, like looking into a mirror and seeing your self but in reverse. They are everything that you are missing. The love that you feel is in creditable, a complete connection, the emotional needs that you are missing. The purpose is to not only love that individual, but also to give them 100% of all the love that you posses. Don’t hold back, the only way for you to experience your love is to give your love to another individual, then as a mirror, recognize that love that you have always had, but never before experience. When you are totally enmeshed, as if blended into one, then you need to separate. You will feel and recognize the emotional needs that you are missing due to the absence of the

separation. Here you will make yourself whole without the needs from your twin flame. If you would stay together, you will be feeding off one another’s needs and stagnate your individual growth. The vibration that you have just experienced is met to be only the recognition of the love that you have just experienced, knowing that love is the love that you have for your soul self. Your next step is to love yourself as much as the love you have for your twin flame. When you have experienced the totality of all your love, then you will become a whole and complete individual. The pain of leaving is an indicator in order to locate and understand what emotional needs you are missing. Then your work begins, as you re- experience, by yourself, those connections of emotional needs (pain) that you have just lost. You now know what you need to work on to complete your spiritual path of wholeness. Thank them for allowing you to love them as you complete your paradigm shift into the next dimension. “It Is Better To Have Loved and Lost Than To Never Have Loved At all”.

The Separation You will want you to stay with your

twin flame but your meeting was meant only to experience the knowing and feeling of completeness. You will feel as if you have arrived to a state of perfection. As you become complete on your own, you will meet your twin flame again as we all shift enter the 4 th and 5 th dimension at 2012. Spiritually grow with purpose every moment of your life and become whole once

Keep the Faith.!