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Cover Feature • Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry
The Art of the Life Itself
By Margaret Girle

acred Geometry, fractal Egyptians, Incans, Mayans, the Early trunks, octopi tentacle, the end of
geometry and the Mandelbrot Greeks and many more understood a clouds (fractals), and even the spiraling
Set form the science that fundamental truth of life – that nothing galaxies. The sacred geometric
describes the entire natural universe. is random or detached. Everything patterns have been evidenced in
For millennia, Sacred Geometry was in the Universe evolves from a ancient cultures on all sides of the
the conceptual truth through which magnificent and precise mathematical planet. The geometric forms such
ancient cultures lived their daily lives, equation, and a repetition of patterns as the circle, triangle, spiral, golden
built their temples, and plotted their inseparable and ever evolving from square and rectangle were believed to
astrological calendars with absolute the whole. Even in the very heart of be sacred and formed the core design
accuracy up to 2,000 years in advance. a rainforest, in the seemingly chaotic of all spiritual structures and art.
growth and tangle of plant stems,
Although sacred geometry and fractal trunks, vines and rotting vegetation, Patterns based on the flower of life
geometry have long been recognized, if untouched by man, all grows and (précis vesica, or two intersecting
even as part of the math/science evolves to a precise pattern. In chaos circles), spirals, and pyramids graced
curriculum in schools, it is now re- there is order. temples and sacred buildings and
emerging as a deep understanding formed the basis for spiritual symbols
that the human race needs if it is to The Ancients knew and could see and designs. Temples were not
move to a new level of growth and the magnificent universal patterns only decorated with these universal
harmonious relationship with the repeated in the world around them - designs, but also built in the geometric
planet. the spirals of the conch shell; tendrils of forms. Forms and shapes included the
Ancient cultures, such as the a vine; the patterns in trees, elephant five platonic solids (cube, tetrahedron, 
Sacred Geometry • Cover Feature

octahedron, dodecahedron, Julia first glimpsed this from the the Mandelbrot. Interesting that
icosahedron), the Golden Spiral, discovery in 1917 of Julia Sets. These the name Mandelbrot stems from
Golden Rectangle, Golden Square, were sets of swirling designs, organic Mandala or sacred symbol. Perhaps
Pyramid, Sphere, the tesseract (4 in shape and formed from simple Benoir Mandelbrot chose to bring
dimensional cube), and the Merkaba mathematic formulae. this to the world, but the pattern of
(2 conjoining tetrahedrons). his destiny was already in place.
The Mandelbrot set was discovered
Ancient cultures knew that spaces by putting the original mathematical The beauty of these repeating patterns
created within these shapes radiate equations such as Z = Z2 + C into the are recognizable to the collective
an energy of harmony. Some spaces computer and repeating this many unconscious. Carl Jung, co-founder
- such as in the great Pyramid and times. The resulting drawings and of modern Psychology, first theorized
Stonehenge - have been known to designs perfectly repeated natural the concept of this well of symbols
harmonise with sound as well as and imagery that is available to the
light. human mind. When viewed, these
universal images inspire feelings
Beginning with the very core of harmony, peace and love. To
of Sacred Geometry is the see these patterns and to feel the
mathematical constant, the Golden connectedness of the universe, it
Ratio, Pi (Phi) ratio, also known only takes a moment of living in
as the Golden Cut, or the Golden present time, truly observing the
Mean, is this simple equation now.
– when a line is dissected, the
smaller section is equal to the larger Eckhardt Tolle in his latest book, A
section in the same ratio as the New Earth, and Deepak Chopra in
larger section is equal to the whole. Ageless Body, Timeless Mind both
The mathematical number for Phi is speak of truly living in the moment.
1.6180339887. This, used by great It’s in that present moment, in that
artists, inventors and builders, is space between thoughts, you can
the fundamental truth, which forms connect with this divine essence.
the entire universe. Leonardo Da In this moment, you can create
Vinci used this equation in his art your destiny, because every
to give beauty and balance to his moment is your destiny. In every
artworks. Enclosed in every section moment you have choice.
of a natural form is the blueprint
for that form to constantly repeat It is in seeing the patterns of the
its pattern on to eternity. Some universe that an artist connects
forms are repetitive, others have with this essence, and it is in seeing
a variance of shape, colour, size, these patterns of the universe that
and are seemingly random, but life’s purpose is understood. Time
all are an echo of the original. The stops, and healing takes place. In the
magnificent patterns of a butterfly words of Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Chung:
are encoded in a simple formula in “be empty... be still, be aware of the
its DNA. It is one of the millions Source... in this is the fulfillment of
of perfect examples of the micro forms, trees, mountains, landscapes, your destiny!”
design carrying the formula for the giving rise to the thought that there is
macrocosmic vision. a Divine Design, a God or intelligence The magnificent patterns of the
which allows for choice within that universe are creativity and art in
You only have to look at a pineapple, perfect design. its highest order, and similarly the
pine cone, the segments of a monsterio artist, when recognizing these
delicio plant fruit and a myriad of plants The tiny Buddha/creature shape patterns, uses this formula to make
and flowers to see the magnificent at the very base of every cycle of drawing simple. An example is when
patterns, the geometry repeated over fractal design is mimicked throughout drawing a pineapple or pine cone,
and over again. Sacred Geometry and nature and is the main design known the artist recognizes that the base
the swirling forms of the Mandelbrot as fractals. Fractals are a part of of a pineapple is an oval with two
set is nature showing us formless the patterns that repeat into infinity opposing spirals forming a grid, into
reality and eternity. It shows our true and give a new understanding of the which the pineapple sections are
essence. universe. This gives rise to the new then quickly drawn. The pinecone is
understanding that clouds, trees formed by one spiral shape on an
It was in 1980 that mathematician and nature are not simply circles, oval base. When recognizing the
Benoit Mandelbrot discovered the cylinders and cubes but magnificent patterns within nature, drawings are
unforgettable shape of the Mandelbrot constantly repeating patterns, at not only given life and beauty, but
Set. French mathematician Gaston the base of which is the pattern of each drawing captures the essence,
Cover Feature • Sacred Geometry
the uniqueness of the subject. The The understanding of the sacred physics, mathematics, art and
same is used for life drawing. Every geometry is an understanding of the spirituality - bringing together the one
human form has a rhythm of line and, magnificent consciousness which we truth out of the chaos of a universe
when recognized by the artist, gives are part of. It is the new awakening. of concepts. Art is an expression of
a lyrical quality to the finished work. Just as the infinity of the universe life and sacred geometry is the art of
unfolds in a myriad of repeating life itself. It echoes the beauty and
The act of creating is an art in itself, forms and patterns, so too is the infinity of the universe.
and the artist is an instrument through human consciousness awakening

“Art is an expression of life and sacred

geometry is the art of life itself.”
which source flows. When the artist in a state of egoless enlightenment. Margaret Girle is an artist and
becomes aware of the moment and Just as the universal life cycles, we educator running seminars on
empties the mind of all pre-conceived are returning in understanding and Sacred Geometry, Visualisation and
ideas on how to draw, he/she will create conscious thought from where we Art. For more information visit www.
a clear mind space from “whence will came.Never before has there been or email info@
flow art which breathes life.” the combination of science, quantum n